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Found 8 results

  1. As Ankama is doing quite a few of these lately I think it's a nice idea to keep track of them in one thread. Feel free to write here to notify others if a server cannot be accessed or any other useful information regarding server status or compensations. Not to be confused with Expected server maintenance that helps the servers stay fresh and backed up in case a bad day comes. Useful official information can be found on Dofus Discord, Dofus Twitter (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR, Server dev), Dofus Official Forums (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR), Server Status Page. The first is a juicy one: Due to huge stability issues after the update on May 23, 2017, all game servers will be restarted every day at 07:00, 15:00, and 23:00 DUT (restarting should take between 15 to 25 minutes), until the issue is identified and fixed. OF
  2. Heya guys, i got one problem. Last time i changed my laptop for new pc, and when I tryin to play multiaccounts i got disconets all the time. What is it? Internet connection? Cant play at 1+ accounts coz i got dc. PC is better than my computer before, alrdy got internet with wifi. Or i dont checked option for it? Maybe port? ... Halp.
  3. The Quest the birth of a kingdom asks you to take 3 soft gobbal war chief to a shoe maker in anakma [5,1] named bowisse however there is no option to give the rescources to him is this a glitch or am i not doing something right
  4. Guest

    Shadow Vulning Issue

    So today, Leonis, Bob-Skittle and I were attempting First and Tight Achieve in Shadow Dungeon. We were doing well and we got Shadow, the Orb and the Silhouette in perfect symmetry. They were in one line, with no spaces standing side by side and... Shadow did not Vuln. So Leo found on the forums this thread that the mods have responded to.. So just in case anyone is planning on a Shadow run.. i encourage them to wait until maintenance next week.. cuz it cld just be a time waster... http://forum.dofus.com/en/4-problems-solutions/311169-shadow-vulning-issue
  5. Hello guys, At the begging i want say that my english isnt good. I have problem with logging. When I am on university i can log when i'm connected by cable but when i'm connected by wifi i cant login. Could someone tell me why and how i can repair it? One guys told me that i have to use proxy. But i dont know how i should configure it. If someone know tell me please here :) Best regards Awesome Nozyk
  6. Dofus was uploading itself everytime I try to log in game and today I got an error the ways I have tried could not fix it.Well, then I tried to reinstall game but I keep getting this.
  7. I'm working on some quests in Srambad and I'm up to the quest called "From Hell". In it, you need to talk to an NPC named Didier Cash in order to progress the quest. However, he just stands there mocking me and I can't progress. Now I lurked around the French dofus forums and some people are having the same issue. Some people say that a possible solution would be to do the Toxoliath - Keep Moving! achievement, since that's sort of what this guy is alluding to. PPLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEEEE tell me there is someone out there that has done this quest without having to do that achievement, because I can think of many, many things I'd rather do that to complete Toxoliath without removing MP from anything.
  8. Hello all im new here. I bought 50 euro worth ukash for 1 year subscribe (48 euro) but whenever i tried to pay i had "Your transaction was identified as unusual and was denied. Please contact Ukash Customer Services." tihs message. I sent ticket to ankama 8 days ago and they didnt even say something. Im still waiting... Whats the porblem.??
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