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Register for the 4v4 'Echominator' PvP tournament! Registration closes on Friday, June 1st. [Click Here] for more information!

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Found 2 results

  1. G'day comrades, Tempest is currently a level 200 220-member strong guild who will be recruiting pvp-oriented players of only level 200 after the server merge. Whether you are brak, bont, neutral or simply love to kolo, take part in koths or hit percs/prisms we welcome all of these as they have and will continue to be our strength. Echo is our new home! Join the fray of our elite pvpers as we aim to crush other players in alliance wars and take control of the map. Before the merge we were a part of Iron Throne, the most dominant alliance on Rushu and so we look to continuing our momentum and place as we seek strong allies to join forces with, both from home and other international servers. What's the guild like? We're a core group of friends looking to rebuild in our new home and we're very excited to meet some new faces! We've built a chill place for people of all ages and walks of life to enjoy their downtime. Guild chat is frequently a flurry of purple. General rules - No drama & trolling (to an extent) - No toxic players - Come to koths on time, focused and prepared (healer, undertaker potions, bread etc.) - Be adequately geared for pvp; we don't recruit trash - Know your class/spec - Be respectful - Aim to improve yourself - Take constructive criticism Our leadership council currently consists of: Leader: Java SiCs: Zjuse Teign Dynamikey Carebear27 Zjava Erah Slyfer Distroya-cr Caitir Martian-Manhunter Please pm any of the above if you wish to join! Regards and see you when Echo goes live (in about 2 hours~) Zjuse
  2. Hi Everyone, Exciting news! We are starting a server-wide contest -- meaning that everyone on Rushu can participate! Each day, the team with the most points will receive a prize of 3 mk! Your team may contain any number of people (1 to 1000+). The prize money can be divided between the members. You can win points three ways -- from Twerk-a-Perc, Koth Kontest, or Headhunter Quest. Twerk-a-perc 1. Find and kill a CREW perc or prism 2. Take a screenshot of the final fight screen 3. Post your screenshot below, or pm it to anjulica via Imps Village Forum 4. Each prism is 5 points, and each perc is worth 3 points Update: the defense must be full for you to get points, so please attack at a time when you know you'll get a good defense Koth Kontest 1. Go to a koth where CREW owns the area 2. After preventing CREW from winning the koth, screenshot the "numerical advantage" message with the name of your guild on it 3. Everyone in your guild will receive 5 points for each area you take from CREW Headhunter Quest Also, many people have also been talking about how they wish that the Headhunter Quest was back in the game -- so we have added one for you! 1. Find and successfully aggro (win against) one of the "Extortioners" or others on the "wanted" list from the list below: Astrology - this feca is wanted for theft - he steals people's hearts faster than their hp (please no ddoss'ing as it's against Ankama's ToS) Tezar - known world-wide as one of the smexiest fecas on Rushu - be careful, this bad boy really deserves a spanking Kikn - this cra is known for his bloodthirsty nature - but as we know from mini-wheats, there's always a sweet side Please only 1 v 1 for the following volunteers who have asked to be added - no points will be given for ganging: El-Bacardi - this sram is deadly - he is responsible for kidnapping a very prominent letter of the alphabet Starchild - is NOT an extortioner, but beware - this smexy eca is one frisky tiger Black-Divel - is NOT an extortioner - this tall and dark stranger is playful and devilish, always full of fun El-Whisky - is NOT an extortioner - El-Frisky has incredible endurance when in close combat - girls, take note! Choda-Boy - is NOT an extortioner - this color-blind sram is ready to take on any challenge Ultrox - is NOT an extortioner - pm this bad boy if you'd like a 3 v 3 or 5 v 5 pvp match (no aggroes please apart from Koth) Melope - is NOT an extortioner - this sadi is a natural lover - go on a nature hunt to find this fabulous guy, but beware, he can be deadly Power-Clutch - is NOT an extortioner - this adorable Pikachu-Clutch can manipulate time, and women's hearts Thesus - is NOT an extortioner - more powerful than Lord Mova, the god of Rushu, the Greek god Thesus will destroy you in a single instant - pray to Thesus (via pm) if you'd like a 3 v 3 or 4 v 4 pvp match (no aggroes please apart from Koth) Mystic-Water - is NOT an extortioner - Mystic sacrifices his friends to keep them alive, but beware - he sacrifices his enemies to Lord Mova himself! Waluigi - is NOT an extortioner - this tough customer is related to the famous Mario Bros! He is the grandnephew of Luigi's sister-in-law's - cousin's - cow's - previous owner's - mother-in-law's - gardener. Waaa! Luigi (available for 1 v 1 or "even team" battles) 2. Take a screenshot of the final fight screen 3. Post your screenshot below, or pm it to anjulica via Imps Village Forum 4. Each successful aggro is 3 points Leaderboard A big thank you to Nychancer, Astrology, El-Bacardi, Tezar, and Kikn for volunteering to participate in our Headhunter Quest! Click on the image below to go to the original thread: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ This contest will be ongoing, until further notice. Looking forward to some fun and exciting fights! anjulica And thank you to all those who help me regain my positive fighting spirit today ;)