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Found 22 results

  1. Gravestorm

    Unexpected maintenance thread

    As Ankama is doing quite a few of these lately I think it's a nice idea to keep track of them in one thread. Feel free to write here to notify others if a server cannot be accessed or any other useful information regarding server status or compensations. Not to be confused with Expected server maintenance that helps the servers stay fresh and backed up in case a bad day comes. Useful official information can be found on Dofus Discord, Dofus Twitter (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR, Server dev), Dofus Official Forums (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR), Server Status Page. The first is a juicy one: Due to huge stability issues after the update on May 23, 2017, all game servers will be restarted every day at 07:00, 15:00, and 23:00 DUT (restarting should take between 15 to 25 minutes), until the issue is identified and fixed. OF
  2. ErisenTheGod

    Buy > Cloudy Dofus

    As title says paying 60m+ pm me here or in game for offers /w Putin
  3. archieblacknwhite

    B> Vulbis Dofus

    Hi achete vuvu, I'm offering 260m for it tho my offer is fixed and can be negotiated so don't hestitate to shoot me message also if anyone knows someone who is or might be selling it I would appreciate if you let me know k thx EDIT: CAN CLOSE
  4. as title stated looking to buy both those things, idk what they really cost but for sake of mods not vaporizing thread, price range i'm looking to pay is 15-25mk idk Pm Baked or Yeonie. Edit: need vilgante cape too
  5. ErisenTheGod

    Buying Scampi 2/8

    Need fragment 2/8 scampi paying 1.5m for it
  6. Hi guys, strange sort of request here.. I've done quite a few kolosso runs + souls in an attempt to get the secret key without any luck, and I don't have any real desire to keep running the dungeon, so I was curious to see if anyone were interested in trading their kolosso souls (4 loot is fine) for some of the souls I have taking up space in my inventory. These include: 4L CB 6L Korriander 8L Korriander 8L CB 8L Tengu/Fuji x2 Could possibly buy them with kamas if the price is low enough, not entirely keen on this though. PM me here or ingame if interested, Thanks! 15 Souls later... Topic can be closed, thanks!
  7. For issues you can read about in the thread, server is cancelled!
  8. Update 21/11/2014: Lowered prices by 500kk-2m, added MP bear and AP Kring Update 28/11/2014; Updated prices again, refer to below, Sold glaci ring. MP Maged Bearband AP Maged Kringlove Stats: Sinistrofu Amulet (6M) [sOLD] Age-Old Amulet (10M) Cycloid Ring (4M) [sOLD] Glacial Ring (4M) - SOLD Cycloid Boots (6.75M) Sinistrofu Boots (6.75M) Sinistrofu Cloak (5.5M) [sOLD] Drhossil (Doctor Hossil)Hammer (10M) Bearbaric Band (MP) (50M) [sOLD] Kringlove (AP) (45M) [sOLD] merch located at [1,1] I can be contacted here via pm or ingame via Karalee / Cerebella / Sedona ok ty
  9. Gimpster

    Selling exos

    Hi I'm selling my exos Kring around 55mk the bearband around 60mk if you're on another server and interested let me know i will ship it off to you.
  10. Gimpster

    Goult rewards?

    Anyone have any idea whenever i get my goult rewards? my panda still has the same kolo tokens as it did the night before so just wondering e.e
  11. No idea how to kill this shit, need it for quest/achievs/equipment and shit. Not gonna create any new chars to do stupid dungs. Paying 40mk for each char. So total iop+enu 80mk. My only condition for this run is that you do queen first achiev. Pm me for more info. Thanks.
  12. Whale who buys lootboxes

    B> Father Whupper Boots + Ring

    B> Father Whupper Boots + Ring. Doesnt matter if maged or not. pm me here or ingame /w Seko
  13. All sold, close
  14. Selling a 20crit turq, it'll be on rushu this upcoming tuesday looking for around 85mk pm me if interested.
  15. As title says im buying a 17crit turq for 45-47mk, pm me on imps or in game, Gimp or rehab or Animuffin or reapersaurus
  16. Gimpster

    P/C on Feanor

    How much is a feanor worth now? i've a 3% one.
  17. Gimpster

    Gimp's Merch

    Come check out my merch on map under dojo buy everything svp turqs are 20 an 17 btw
  18. Im looking to buy a vulbis dofus I can transfer to diff server for it. Offering 475mk Pm on Imps or on Solar /w Itzmewtwo
  19. Buying a Hispanic shield, pm me on imps im willing to go get it paying 75-90mk
  20. Bought a +13 for 25mk :)
  21. Looking to purchase a Vulbis for 230mk (this is the highest offer) on behalf of a friend from a hispanic server. Leave a message here or contact myself ingame or send a message to the acc name FILVIC-ONE on ankabox.
  22. Looking to buy one with the following stats: 1MP 290~300 Vitality 46~50 Strength 46~50 Intelligence 46~50 Chance 3 Critical hits 8~10 Neutral Damage 9~10 Earth Damage -7 Dodge 10 Critical damage 10 Earth resistance Paying 60mk or so; idk the price of these.

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