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Found 3 results

  1. Kwismas island has arrived, wonderfull time to get new baby slayhounds. For that reason these mature, well trained and loyal slayhounds are looking for a new home. There's a total of 9 slayhounds with improved abilities (90 PP) and for your comfort, they all got 10 HP :) Looking for 4,5m each, negotiable /w Colombo-ll
  2. Looking to buy 1 of each, going to pay ~1,5mk/ea but we can always negotiate the price. Pm me ingame Phreed or leave a message on imps if I'm not online, thanks :)
  3. Hi, I'm looking to buy the Krosmaster petsmounts, Boarhog and Razorbuck. Stats do not matter, I will pay 50mk per petsmount. If you are from another server and have one for sale please do not hesitate to pm me as I will move to any international server in order to buy one. I am contactable on Shika as /w coopers (best time to catch me is 0500+ dofus time), or preferably via IV inbox. Thanks in advance, Coopers. Edit: Chances are I won't be able to find one but I'll also add that I'll pay 20mk for a feanor if anyone has one. Bought Feanor for 23mk thanks. Bought Boarhog