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Found 14 results

  1. pm me ingame Immortalis for more details, price 45m negotiable
  2. Hi, as title says i'll buy empty black dragoone 400kk ea
  3. Several days ago, we were talking about it on social networks: DOFUS Pets, the new mobile game from Ankama, is getting ready to land in 2017. To find out everything about the project and to follow its development, we invite you to immerse yourself in the heart of its production! What is DOFUS Pets? If you're an Ankama regular, these few images certainly won't be unfamiliar to you: it's the first DOFUS Pets teaser. Released on Twitter, Facebook and at the Toulouse Game Show in November, it briefly reveals… Well, alright, it doesn't reveal a lot, but that's why we're here t
  4. Hi. I'm stuck at 53 wis (I fed it from 0) - same as @Monology Welp.
  5. Hello, I am selling 3 (4) pets at this moment, 3x Nomoon and 1x Red Piwin. Nomoons have 90 PP, all 3 of them, and Piwin is 80 int. only. Contact me in game on Gio-Xx or here.
  6. Freshly raised 6 3 elioms with 440 vit (each :P) Looking for 9m 7m each negotiable Leave a message here or pm me in game /w Colombo-ll
  7. Looking to buy 3 Elioms for 1,5m each (any stats) Leave a msg here on find me in game (IGN: colombo-ll)
  8. As title say, I have 5 Elioms with 440 vit (improved) I'd like to sell. I have them in my merchant around village zaap ([-2,0]) right now for 12m (not really sure 'bout price since not to many around to compare with) so certainly negotiable. Leave a msg here or try to catch me in game IGN: Colombo-ll, Colombo-Bombs
  9. As title states we can negotiate prices ig. Contact me via ankabox or pm me when im online. ~ White-cell 4 instead of 3
  10. How much is a feanor worth now? i've a 3% one.
  11. As title says. They also have to be 26%. Pm me in game White-cell
  12. I've looked everywhere for this, but on the wiki site it says that a Scarakiri pet needs 60 kills of the lower mobs to gain stats. Now I've killed 7X of every mob, so I should have +4 flat dmg/resist. Yet nothing shows. The only thing I find is a question like mine that hasn't been answered, and this post in the patch notes on the dofus website: The number of monsters necessary to increase the bonus of the pets Treechster, Miniminotot and Scarakiri has generally been decreased. So does anyone have any clue? Thanks in advance. /Babu
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