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Found 59 results

  1. Looking to buy ochre 35mk pm here or in the game
  2. Hello. The last couple of week i've been trying to open Kralove dungeon on Echo server without any luck, so now I thought i would try to write here and hope people would help. I'll be trying to open it this saturday (4/11-2017) around 19-21 (Paris time). If you would like to join you can write your ingame name here and i'll pm you on saturday. :-)
  3. Hello. I'm looking for the last souls for my Ochre. I need these: Step 26: Arachma the Greek Step 27: An Eternal Harvest Pandaltry the Unknown Step 28: An Eternal Harvest Rattle the Hummer Step 29: An Eternal Harvest Ghostabrava the Tourist Step 30: An Eternal Harvest Booty the Beast Step 31: An Eternal Harvest Piralhaka the Intimidator Step 33: An Eternal Harvest Edvushmunch the Screamer Price is hard to say, but comment here and we'll talk.
  4. B>Ochre dofus

    As title states, buying ochre dofus for 32mk. Reply here or Americancer in game

    Right as I post all this, literally 30 seconds later someone offers me one for 35mk. I am looking to buy an Ochre for a character of mine. I've never owned one so can't wait to get my nubs up to par. I am offering 30mk or whatever you price you seem fit. You can reach me in game on Dovahkiin, or Arleigh Thanks !
  6. I'm looking for anyone who wants to trade all the archmonster souls required for ochre (you) for an ochre + 5mk (me). /w Jaelia (*heikedi) if you're interested or have any questions, thanks.
  7. Kralove opening

    Hello, now that all the servers are together it should be a lot easier to get kralove open. So if anyone is interested in opening it leave a reply or pm me in game. Thanks. The-Archangel
  8. Hello, I'd like to sell Ochre dofus, willing to accept 44mk or tritun Ring AP Exo + Kamas Feel free to negotiate the price Get me IG : Tig , or leave msg on imps!
  9. S> Dofuses

    Selling: - Ochre Dofus (29m) - Dolmanax (20m) - Ice Dofus (20m) - Turq-/Crimson Dofus (8m) - Cloudy (68m) Got a few unlinked today so let me know asap while I have 'em. (Available on imps or in-game on Thefoq or Thefook, prefer imps for now since busy with Clash of Guilds)
  10. To start this off, thanks everyone on rushu for the amazing time I've had here the past 2 years. I've had a lot of fun with a load of people on here (whether it'd be kolo/percs/pvm), the last few updates have made me lose the 'nostalgic' feel even more which have made me come to this decision + not having time to play this game due to college/work. Secondly and lastly, I'll put all the gear I'm linking for the respective prices in the markets. If you wanna negotiate feel free to message me on imps as I will not be logging into the game at all most likely (enjoy the long post). I'm fookin' outta here. (PS: Sorry for my bad englanado) In order: MP Head Band: 14m. MP/1cha Bearbaric Band: 27m. AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring: 29m. AP Levitrof Wedding Ring: 36m. Treadfast Amulet: 7m. 30 vit + great stats Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet: 35m. 3% Earth Resistance Pathogastric Boots: 13.5m. AP Missiz Freezz's Boots: 12.5m. Ranged Bearbaric Sword: 10m.
  11. SOLD

    Hi, i have 440 archs for sale, 18mk for all // i have list but wasn't updated from few weeks https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vInmD32jXIoEmXZ2ANjj-yd3YrBh-XTwDRh9cNFhtts/edit?pref=2&pli=1#gid=0
  12. Bought.
  13. Topic can be closed, found all required arches.
  14. Selling Ochre Dofus

    27mk, /w Siegfried
  15. 26mk Kamas Only. Please pm in game, thank you.
  16. x7 Ochre Dofus - 28m each x6 Crimson Dofus - 7m each x3 Dokoko - 2.5m each x3 Emerald Dofus - 1.9m each x1 Cawwot Dofus - 1m Price is not negotiable, contact me over here or in-game.
  17. Kralove opening!

    Hello All, It's been months (I think) since the last giant kralove opening. I for one would like another run through the dungeon to pick up an ochre and some mats. Is there appetite for a kralove opening on Solar? I'm asking the question because activity on the server has been less, and potentially even more so with the rollback this past weekend. Reply here or ping Savage-Wind in game to let me know if a kralove opening is feasible. Thanks! -Fuzzy
  18. Sushi Party & Late-Night Horror-Grawn Movie Join us Dec. 18th at 20:00 DUT & Dec. 19th at 02:00 DUT as we invade the Lair of the Giant Kralove! If you need help completing the Eternal Harvest Quest for your ochre, please post here or on the INT thread above, and we will try to help you find a team! This event is open to all alliances who would like to participate, so feel free to post if you need help getting through the dungeon. Please also post if you can help people to run the dungeon to get their ochres -- and let us know if you can fill in one of the positions still open on the chart (click on the image of the chart to view the updated chart). Disclaimer: We are not liable for any pet fish that are eviscerated or eaten during this hunt. Please leave pet fish at home. Thanks, anjulica
  19. Buying Ochre Dofus

    Hello, Looking for x1 at 40MK each. /w Casino-Royal
  20. Buying Ochre Dofus

    Hello, I'm looking for x2 x1 Ochre Dofus for 45mk. If you are willing to sell for this price, please leave a PM in my Imps inbox or my Ankama box (Dollsumoner). You can also reach me in-game at /w Casino-Royal (I'll try not to be afk) on the Rosal server. Thanks m8s
  21. B> Ochre and Turquoise

    I am buying ochre and turq as name of topic says. willing to pay around 50mk for ochre and 13mk for turq. but price could be negotiable. IGN Pastipastipasticky
  22. Selling 2x Ochre 60mk pm me ingame: Verand / Alishia
  23. S > Ochre

    Heya I am selling Ochre Dofus 57-60mk Price is negotiable pm me on imps or in-game IGNS: Meeta, Meeti or Tui Thank you ^^