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  1. The official goodbye The reason Those that know me, know that I've quit quite a few times (to be honest I've lost count) but I hope this one is for real. Honestly there are quite a few factors that made me decide to quit and I'm not going to bother explaining all off them. Dofus just doesn't give me the satisfaction that it gave me when I started playing. Dofus ,once again, has become boring. Change after change I kept telling myself to be happy that they gave me something new to explore but it doesn't keep you busy for long. Giving back Some of you may have noticed I had put up my quitting merch (once again) as I wanted to sell my stuff and use the kamas to get a quick buck. But last night I decided to do something else, I decided to give back to those people that made this game bearable. All in all I gave away for over 1bk last night, which felt great. The shout-outs I started off with writing special thank yous for everyone but that shit's tiring and takes way too fucking long. Therefore I'll just name you guys and galls. It'll be hard to name everyone, but I'll give it shot. For rosal : Sneh,Tom, Kat ( aka katrina rainbow lover ), Topi, Lady, Joonas, Jeri, Nestor, Capn, Sjena, Ceci, Jeremy, Fiona, Area, Josh, Hope, Dest, Cruz, Lorn, Cula,Swing, Mour, Martin, Otto, Prosa, Uusi, Winged ... For rushu : Abood ( i obv luv u most <3 ), Brock, Coops, Gary, Bob, Lucky(barb), Gale, Monz, Radditz, Ragura, Jon, Sedona ( i dun h8 female version of me ) ... A few from back in the day : Kevin ( le big boss ), Shield-boy, Pinja, Achraf, Kevin, ... These are those I remembered from the top off my head, if I forgot someone I'm sorry. Also a shoutouts to all ma niggas on imps you know who u are. im so bad with 'emotional' shit. Some fun moments [20:27] (Group) Destinct: ok so you start doing her anal then when shes least expecting it u piunch her in the back of the head so her ass gets rlly tight [20:27] (Group) Bootiful: o,o [20:27] (Group) Cicada: anal D:< [20:27] (Group) Cicada: *skips* [20:27] (Group) Hendzorz: lol [20:27] (Group) Hendzorz: u skip the anal [20:27] (Group) Hendzorz: u go straight for the punch [20:27] (Group) Destinct: lol u should be more worried about the munch in the head then the anal xD [20:27] (Group) Cicada: LOL [20:27] (Group) Bootiful: loooooooool [20:27] (Group) Hendzorz: kat is into that SM [20:27] (Group) Cicada: LOLLL XDD [20:28] (Group) Cicada: handz man u are making me laugh too much edit: this pretty much sums up how I felt writing this [16:56] (Group) Cicada: he is writing and putting his ginger soul into his imps post [16:56] (Group) Idontevenusethisacc: He doesn't have a soul SHOUTOUT TO ALL THE PEAR
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