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Found 12 results

  1. Hi guys, seeing as the limit of uses per portal before the location changes and time of them being around, i thought i'd make a thread that would help out those looking for the portal. so if you are aware of any portal pos, feel free to post uses left/time left/location and dofus time of the portal in the state of which you found it (for example; [58,-23] 13 uses left, 21 hours found at 8:00 dofus time) hope this helps and saves you time! edit: spread the word! EDIT: as thread gets updated (must be in brackets ;; for example [-1,21] ;; a site will be updated automatically to save people from checking the thread ( posts here are still vital for the site to work!) http://dofusportal.net/ site cred; happida
  2. Omg guess who is back with new cheap resources :^) Come and check ,,Japper" merchant at [0,0] aka Kanojedo!
  3. I need someone to carry me through King Nidas (preferably doing 1 chall on the way to get the monster achievement as well). Level 200 Agility Eca. Ankabox me at Snoggy.
  4. Merch at [0,0] Siegfate. Pic is tiny IK,just click and you'll see what I'm selling. can't fix cuz I sux :[
  5. -Siegfried-

    B> Kamasterisk Amulet

    Buying Kamasterisk Amulet any stats,paying 4mk.
  6. As the title suggests. I'm selling x2 qot hat's The stats are: Queen of Thieves' Headpiece (1) - 22mk 401 / 400 Vitality 74/80 Strength 74/80 Agility 44/50 Wisdom 1/1 Summon 15/15 Neutral Damage 15/15 Earth Damage 15/15 Air Damage 25/25 Critical Resistance 10%/10% Earth Resistance Queen of Thieves' Headpiece (2)- 18mk 398 / 400 Vitality 78/80 Strength 76/80 Agility 43/50 Wisdom 1/1 Summon 14/15 Neutral Damage 14/15 Earth Damage 14/15 Air Damage 25/25 Critical Resistance 10%/10% Earth Resistance Pm me -- Erah or Over-here
  7. Hey i'm looking for ~45mk for this ring. You can contact me here or pm me in game (sir-awesome). edit: sold for 42mk on rushu
  8. As it says in the title. I'm selling srambad daggers The stats are as follows Srambad daggers 383/400 Vitality 63/70 Strength 66/70 Chance 31/40 Wisdom 1 Range 18/20 Neutral Damage 18/20 Earth Damage 20/20 Water Damage 24/25 Critical Resistance 10/10 Fire resistance. I'm Looking for 25M for them. I can negotiate. Pm me in game @ Erah ---- @ Chasm Edit : Sold for 20mk. Please Close.
  9. Hello, I'm looking to buy the following items.. Golden Hispanic Shield (200mk) Hispanic Shield (50mk) Escudo Epico (100mk) Boarhog (80mk) Vulbis Dofus (859mk) Cloudy Dofus x2 (125mk ea) Razorbuck (18mk) Dofusteuse (60mk) Nidas Ring (8mk) Geins Set (85mk) Vortex Belt/Boots (35mk Each) AP Inky (85mk) Nidas Crown (10mk) Ochre Dofus (45mk) QoT Headgear (30mk) Multi-Res Croums - (2.5mk ea) Caschoygan (20mk) Owlhat (30mk) Bzzzinga Headgear (3.5mk) Maxed Bworky x3 (1m ea) Cra's Burnt Wig (3mk) Black Jack's Headgear (3mk) Another Dofusteuse (50mk) 1k AP Runes (Idk gimme a price) Any Elemental Fragments (1.5mk Ea) Inky Veils (12mk Ea) AP Bearb Ring/Bands (35mk) Raydi Shield (10mk ea) SP Scrolls (150kk ea) ~ Thanks
  10. Vortex and Whale gear requirements were lifted this update, so im gonna sell some of it :) I have enough mats to make about 0 Vortex items (30mk ea), 3 Whale items(20mk ea) and 7 Nidas items(12mk ea), and they'll be unmaged. I also have already made a Plumoblie (30mk) ea that i can sell instantly Pm me ingame (Beehiveone) or on here. thanx
  11. Got a merch setup on rushu Selling Goult gear got a few exos, and some crit res items in there for any questions pm me here on imps :o Tend.
  12. I would like to Rec some ppl for Nidas Dung run here I will go with my 200lvl agi sac, and my guildie can bring 1-5 chars to group if must Contact me here or ingame name Painlover OR If someone has a team and knows how to do it I would gladly pay for that dungeon run since im just a soloaccounter Painlover~~

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