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Found 19 results

  1. Gravestorm

    Dofus Advent Calendar

    We've got not just one, but two pieces of good news for you as we start the week: the Advent Calendar you've all been waiting for is finally available, and Kwismas Island is opening its doors again! Ready to be buried under an avalanche of presents? Let's get started! The first snowflakes haven't even started to drift down, and already people are starting to hum Kwismas songs wherever they go. Luckily, it's only a matter of days until the World of Twelve welcomes all the magic of Kwismas for this wonderful season. Twelvians will be far too busy opening the loads of presents waiting for them in-game to waste time tickling their neighbors' ears with those holiday tunes! Starting on December 1st, you'll get a little taste of what's to come with the arrival of our traditional Advent Calendar! The rules are the same as every year: come up with the right answer to the 25 riddles we ask you, and you'll get all 25 gifts* contained in the calendar. Need a breath of fresh air? You've got from December 12th to January 9th, inclusive, to take in the refreshing (or even downright chilly!) climate on Kwismas Island! On the program this year: 3 zones, 3 dungeons (Itzting, Father Kwismas, and Father Whupper), and lots of achievements to unlock. Seasonal rewards like the Slayhound petsmount. A Kwismas dragoturkey And the famous riddle of the Slab Room that you can check out with your friends! Even if you hate the cold, you'll want to drop in for a visit this Kwismas season! * These gifts aren't compatible with mono-account servers Click Here to Advent Dofus Click Here to Advent Wakfu Click Here to Advent Dofus Touch
  2. Hiya! I recently started playing and I've come across some very informative posts that were hosted on this forum so I decided to make an account! I don't know ho much I'll be on here, but I'm looking forward to interacting with y'all! Cheers!
  3. SPOOKY SKELETON SOCIETY WANTS YOU! Who are we? The Spooky Skeleton Society is a brand new guild that was formed by a group of friends who have recently restarted playing again, and wanted to recapture the feeling of having a tight-knit community of people to play Dofus with. What do we do? A little bit of everything and nothing! This guild hasn’t been formed with any particular goal in mind, other than having a grand old time. With over a decade’s worth of Dofus experience under our belts, you’d think we’d be pros at the game by now, but you’d be wrong. Dead wrong. Dead, like a skeleton. Get it? However, we’re always up for a laugh and willing to give new things a go, so if you want a guild to explore everything the world of twelve has to offer with then look no further! (We also, statistically, have the best guild name currently available on Echo. Eat your hearts out, other guilds.) Guild Requirements: Currently the guild doesn’t have a level requirement. All we ask is that people have a decent sense of humour and don’t act like dicks. Also, since none of us paid much attention in school, we do ask that all members be English speaking. You seem like a decent group of chaps! Sign me up! Excellent! Just message either myself (/w Mexiah), Sam, our leader, (/w Gael, /w Ruairidh), or Dave, our resident dogsbody (/w Villainy). Alternatively, drop me a line here on the Imps forums and I’ll try and sort you out! We also have our very own Discord server, where we promise we’ll only post the finest in hand-crafted, gourmet quality, non-GMO, non-dairy, gluten-free, memes.
  4. Gravestorm

    Unexpected maintenance thread

    As Ankama is doing quite a few of these lately I think it's a nice idea to keep track of them in one thread. Feel free to write here to notify others if a server cannot be accessed or any other useful information regarding server status or compensations. Not to be confused with Expected server maintenance that helps the servers stay fresh and backed up in case a bad day comes. Useful official information can be found on Dofus Discord, Dofus Twitter (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR, Server dev), Dofus Official Forums (EN, IT, DE, FR, ES, PTBR), Server Status Page. The first is a juicy one: Due to huge stability issues after the update on May 23, 2017, all game servers will be restarted every day at 07:00, 15:00, and 23:00 DUT (restarting should take between 15 to 25 minutes), until the issue is identified and fixed. OF
  5. First of all, hello humans! :3 So in the past few years I've been playing dofus on and of over and over again. Sadly enough, I didn't ever achieve something worth mentioning. I always used to play with some friends, get leeched to oblivion and quit. Now, we decided to come back and give it a fair shot with our own efforts. Despite the fact that my friend already got a 199 account, that was an amazingly long time ago and has nothing to do with me really, sorry. x_x We finally hit out first milestone, level 100. Yay! No - no - no - no no no. Yes we were happy, we got here by our own sweat and effort. But.. No kamas. So hell, lets buy ogrines, which we did. Now I have to say, I don't mind doing this with every set I want to buy.. But.. I honestly don't want to, lol. It would take all the fun away. So after we bought our sets, I kinda felt wrong about it. Like cheating. Why didn't we had money? Why is everything so expensive? Is it normal to not be able to just buy a set? I've played tons of mmorpg's but never really had a problem like this. Did we do something wrong? Was it because we simply grinded our way instead of questing? Is it because we need professions for money? I literally am lost and want an answer.. I don't want to buy ogrines everytime a new set is available. I want to honestly play the game but how? I asked my guildies and they all said hard work pays off, or git good or.. go catch mounts and go breed them.. but this takes months?! There was one dude that actually explained alot to me, daily quests main quests and to not grind at all, but to just quest, and do dung achievements.. If I would need money -> prof. But he also mentioned to be able to make money, you need a prof high. But it already took ages? Is the best way for xp -> main quest -> dofus quest -> dung achievs? If yes, how do I follow this? Where do I start? How do I know what Im doing? lol And the best way for kamas -> 150+ profs? If yes, Isn't this a huge timesink? What about gear then? Honestly I don't even know what to ask anymore, I got way to much questions but don't know what I want to know, If that even makes any sense.. Would love to hear a detailed answer because honestly, Im brain farting, Im lost and don't know what to do lol. Don't be afraid to add some general information to it, Im open for everything I need to know honestly.. Sorry for these noob-ish emberassing questions. -- Im playing on Rushu, Multi logging a Sram and an eni.
  6. Gravestorm

    Dofus 2.41

    Update 2.41 is nearly here and all we can say is, it’s going to blow you away! Summer is still a long way off, but pull out your shades cos’ you’re gonna need ‘em! Check out two exclusive sketches of the new zone right now: Mishell Island. Mishell is a young Osamodas devoted to animal rights who is giving her all to protect every animal species in the world, which she shelters on her island. So don’t fall for that puckish, naive look! It will be thanks to her alone if your great, great, great grandchildren ever get to see a Plain Pikoko or a Royal Pingwin. This pure and innocent soul spends her time gathering up the eggs of every species and keeps them safe on an ark, remind you of something...? Noah’s Ark: that’s the major theme for this zone! The new update is going to cast a cheerful rainbow over the World of Twelve and there’s a strong chance that the creatures also come in a dizzying array of colors... Behind the good vibes and fluffy backgrounds – as if an army of multi-colored blops just regurgitated their last meal – lies the darker side of Mishell Island. In contrast to our young Osamodas, who strives to protect all of the Krosmic fauna and flora, the hunters are hell-bent on destruction and devoid of compassion and scruples. That’s right, the dramatic contrast between the devotion of one and the obsession with dumb trophies of the other, can only mean one thing: Mishell isn’t out of the sands yet! Visit us in April to explore this new zone!
  7. Recruitment is open Hi everyone, just me back with another recruitment post! Please regard rest of post on info why! Thanks ! Why am I opening my guild to Recruitment? Hi everyone, as some or most of you may know I am one of the more so 'elite' players of this server for the English community. Some of the reasons why I've opened my guild up follows; There are no more leader-like figures for the English community, the people that do play have no one to follow and learn from. My guild and I would like to expand and potentially make another English alliance as previously succeeded in the past. The English player amount is declining a lot, it is very rare to find an English player that is an actual English player, majority of the 'English' players I find now are French players and etc just trying to be sly and get into the guild for many different reasons. I am due to come back to this server after a break and have reminisced on all of the fun times I've had on this server, and those times being with a lot of many different English players that give you a bit of a kick every now and then while you're playing. I want to bring more culture into the English community. What do I ask of you while being in my Guild? There are a few things I really hope to see in a person, these things are; Hands go both ways, if someone is in my guild I don't like them to be asking for stuff all the time, give a little get a little, doesn't matter what you have, if you are able to make it easier for someone by sacrificing your last bit of a resource, do it, because most times people giving you resources are in the same boat. The generic ones, trust and honesty - don't need to break these down. You make an attempt to get comms - we've a Discord newly made and are populating it - you don't have to have a microphone and talk to us, if you could just listen to us while we're doing an activity it would make it alot easier for us to organize and do things together as a guild. What are the benefits of being in my guild? This is the topic that catches most peoples eyes. :P We have an array of HIGHLY useful paddocks and houses to help you get places a lot faster, and a lot more hidden, these tools can help you stay alive believe it or not! We have players with years of experience of playing the server that are more than willing to pass on some knowledge about the server. We have people experienced in PvP, making it a lot easier to kill people without having to suicide attempt it! We are very generous when it comes to resources and helping craft things, as it can be a struggle for some. One thing people can never do is mage gear safely, I have the ability to mage gear 100% safe, as long as you supply the runes and the house potion, I can mage for you. What are some goals I have for my guild? Some of the goals I have are: An active member base of 10+ a day, this may not be a big thing but it matters more than you think! A guild with members that sustain themselves well (ability to level up, craft gear) without having to ask for too much too often A member base that often PvPs, you do lose characters in the process but it is definitely worth the fun and chance at getting some good loot, the more members you have, the easier it is! Members that I can have 'on-call' for PvP, or to recover items if someone dies in PvM. The Comms we use The communication tools we use are Teamspeak 3 and Discord ( https://discord.gg/h9PzxQR ) We do currently have a Discord server(currently populating) and we are deciding whether or not to rent a TeamSpeak server. Eye Candy I know everyone likes a bit of eye candy :D Fights where I win some goodies: And of course, when I lose some stuff : This concludes the post :) Therefore, if you would like to have a dive into the Heroic world, my guild and I can help you. Find me in-game on Crunchiie or Crunchie-Profession Or on Discord, https://discord.gg/h9PzxQR
  8. Gravestorm

    Letter to the community

    Before you dive in oysters and chocolate, let's briefly review the year 2016. Tot also takes the opportunity to give you a brief overview of 2017. In short, because all the details will be given to you in Gamakna! Good evening everyone, I hope you are well and that you are already planning to enjoy the end of the year. First of all, I would like to apologize for one thing: we promised you more communication and exchanges and I know that in recent months we have not fulfilled our commitments. The reasons are as many as the projects we have to manage, but in reality there is no excuse to have. So I'm sorry about our lack of feedback on some topics and I hope to catch up with this "intermediate" topic. It is not a true "letter to the community", but it will look a bit like it, from a distance, in the mind. I promised you something great at the end of the year to replace this famous letter to the community, and I am sorry to say that this will not happen until early January. But wait is worth the candle because it is unheard of for a studio ... Well, ok, I may add a little to put pressure on the team, but for us it's still one of the major subjects of 2017 and I will talk about it in more detail a few lines below. To close this little introduction, know that I will also take the opportunity to make a point with you on the premise of what 2017 will be in terms of content for different games. I want to make it clear that the lines are drawn but nothing is fixed. So here is the opportunity to gather your informed opinions (do not hesitate to leave us comments). GAMAKNA: The interactive magazine As I told you a while ago, we've been working a new way to communicate with you, more pro, more efficient, more complete, more regular, more full of things. It bothers me deeply because I wanted it to be Ankama's "Christmas present" to Ankamians, but the project is so big we're going to be late. The idea is to make a virtual magazine bimonthly decorated with a few exclusive series. We have invested in a rather incredible solution that will allow us to present our concepts and productions in the form of texts, visuals and videos. The images can be fixed, animated, interactive... We have a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, we just do it, we test the project so do not expect to have all this in the first issue. But gradually, we will try things. Until even maybe place small games in it. The whole will therefore be as playful as instructive and available as well on computers as on mobiles and tablets. You will discover below some visuals of the work in progress but in general, imagine the Dofus Mag which comes back to life, free and full of information about all the projects of Ankama. As I wrote above, a few exclusive series will highlight the news. For example, we are already planning a special one for Krosmoz E-sport and another on Krosmaga. The advantage of this project is that it fits our relationship with you and that it excites (in the right way) everyone in-house. KROSMOZ 2017: Our thoughts E-sports / Ouginak class / Level 200+ / Server merging / ... As every year, we have a global theme for all games related to the Krosmoz universe. The year 2017 will be based on the "Brotherhood of the Forgotten" in relation to season 3 of the WAKFU series. Whether it is Dofus, Wakfu, Krosmaster or Krosmaga, we are going to have updates that speak of this group of characters that has been raging for centuries in the universe of Krosmoz. The other more "functional" theme that we will develop is that of E-sport. It's been a while since you've been talking about it and we're going to do everything we can to develop that part as it should. We will give you details very soon on all this. DOFUS 3 Thread regarding Dofus 3. (New Dofus 3 artwork) We announced to you that the video of the conference on Dofus 3 would be available... I regret to announce that our friends of the TGS can not provide it to us (I fear that the reason is "we forgot to record", so the subject is avoided). But it does not matter, we'll do another :). Concerning this project, I would like to share with you the development and the decisions that we will take. With a little distance and following the first exchanges with you, we decided to use Unity as main technology rather than HTML5 as with Dofus Touch. This will lead us to a longer production, but will allow us much more graphic flexibility. You will have access to the video presentation of the project in the 1st issue of the Gamakna and a dedicated forum will open its doors in the stride to start sharing our tracks with you. KROSMAGA The last one of the studio is like a charm. The baby is well arrived, the dads and the moms are tired but happy. While the game is in beta, you are already more than 40,000 to have tested it and, quite crazy thing, we turn to 15,000 distinct players not day. We take the opportunity to announce that the very first official tournament will be born in January! The game will be released in official version in the first quarter of 2017 on mobiles with its arena system and its first dungeon. I also take advantage of it to thank all alpha and beta testers (except those who roll me on without shame). WAKFUNDING and WAKFU Season 3 Thank you once again for your tremendous support during the Wakfunding. The series is progressing well and we are at 6-7 episodes produced. Maybe I miss a step back, but in terms of animation series, I think we have here our most impressive work. It's beautiful, it's beautiful and beautiful! Even if the writer (me) has not written any stuff for it, at least you will have beautiful pictures to put you under your eye ^^. Good news, we got the agreement of our partners to present the first episodes in preview on some events. And this will be done in January / February for the lucky ones. The series has taken a decidedly more adolescent-adult turn, I hope you like it. In any case, we look forward to your feedback. And personally, I can not wait to see our torturers-critics-background understand that "everything was planned". PRINCESS DRAGON: The top secret project we won't say much about Well... I'm not telling you anything, I'm just showing you a little visual. It is a film project that we develop "underwater" with JJ, my pooch pooch. After the non-success of the film DOFUS - Book I: Julith, we launched a pre-production on another feature. History to forget depression, misunderstanding, sons of criticism... Finally story to change ideas. The project is definitely for children with the idea of going through the classic channels of production (understand: "lower our standards because we took pride on the first film" :)). It's a story we've been developing for a few months, and I'd like to talk to you a lot, but JJ does not want me to show you more than one image. He doesn't mess with people. We won the right to present the concept to the Cartoon Movie in March and we will tell you more based on the returns. If you're interested, obviously. Bah, at least in the meantime it will make you a beautiful wallpaper: Meetups: Another very important point of next year is our willingness to meet you to do stuff. We have somewhat calmed the salons in the last two years, but with the idea of organizing more competitive events we will resume our tours. We are selecting a series of events, if you have any in mind, do not hesitate to let us know. Final words: I suggest you continue the discussion with me on the forum to answer your questions. It's time to enjoy it, I have a week of holidays and I risk getting bored. In any case, I wish you all a very good holiday season. Krosmozment, Tot Click here or scroll down to read further.
  9. i've got two of these beauties becoming unlinked today! So im wondering what people might be paying for it / if there is an interest in it at all. it became standard equipment for my cra and fogger in pvm, but i imagine it being even haxxer in pvp and for a class like sram :D hit me up with estimations, offers and thoughts plox
  10. Hi, merch at [0,-1] Metalowiec // I can trade for any mats or items, u can pm me offer here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  11. Hey everyone, I'am Clever-killer from Rushu, if you know me +/- you know that I almost stopped game 1 year ago for profesionnal reasons. I'am looking for a new leader for Rise, this guild means a lot for me, it's a lot of memories that's why I kept it until now, but I need an old player who would revive it again ( I'll let my chars in the guild if possible, I still sometimes logg). Send me your message by pm I'll check it when I can. There is no price just search for someone serious :) Byebye guys. (184lv nowadays, only my chars in)
  12. Where did we come from? There comes a point in one’s Dofus life when you need to consider homing all those alts you’ve stacked up over the years… No, no, that’s not right… What I mean is, we love a good power trip as much as the next person… Hang on a second… This is a silly section. We could be a group of Scottish window cleaners for all you care. All I mean is, where we’re from is not nearly as important as where we’re going – or, at least, where we hope we’re going. All you need to know is we’re new, but we’re not new new… I hope that clears things up. So, what are we like? I think I speak for everyone here at Alchemy when I say we’re massive fans of DURAN DURAN. We dance in laundrettes in our spare time, prefer even numbers and only eat fish. But in all seriousness, we’re just like you. We’ve been playing Dofus for a while, and we love a challenge. We consist of the loud and messy, the quiet (yet sinister), and the downright bizarre. We are (for the most part) an English-speaking guild, and our members span both a plethora of genders, various nationalities and a multitude of sexualities (since there are so many these days). With so much variety, there’s bound to be someone you like, right? When we’re not spamming /g with filthy jokes, you can find us (almost sensibly) running dungeons, scouring markets, questing, crafting, pimping and crying at 5,7 because being normal is so exhausting. This section also went downhill fairly quickly… Don’t worry, I do (try to) clarify a few things below. Rights, ranks and all that admin stuff So we’re not all that fussed about rights and ranks. If you like the sound of a rank, you can generally have it. If you’ve been with us a while and would like to start using percs or managing your own exp contribution, be our guest. Generally only the leader and SiCs will have all rights. We like to make SiCs fairly exclusive, so only those who have demonstrated loyalty and all-round top banana-ness (or have otherwise sent us naughty pictures) will ever get it. New members will remain on trial for a few days – provided we don’t lose track – after which there’ll be assigned a fitting rank (for the most part, Nuisance). All members will be set to 5% exp contribution (90% at 200), which can be altered upon request. In short? We don’t take this stuff too seriously. We expect loyalty and reward it well. If I have to explain our leadership style in a sentence, it would be: ordered, but not in that shout-loudly-from-two-inches-away, spit-covered-monobrow sort of way. Hey! This section is almost helpful! What do we look for in our members? You’re probably tired of reading a bunch of sentences strung together without any line breaks… I forget what those things are called again. So, here, have some pretty bullets: Activity – It goes without saying that we expect our members to be online fairly frequently. “But what if I want to take a short break?” – you can’t. EVER. No but seriously, just let us know if you plan on taking a break so we know what’s up. Loyalty – This is a biggy for us. We don’t like to be taken for a ride. We’re nice people, and we respect our members, so we expect the same courtesy in return. Loyalty is the gateway to bountiful rights and shiny ranks, too! Integrity – Don’t be the guy who’s always asking for kamas, gear, leeching or sexual favours (actually, that last one’s fine) in /g. While we do love to help our members, we aren’t a charity. No guild likes their chat filled with penniless jibber-jabber, and we’re no different. Sense of humour – I may have alluded (only about a million times already) to the fact that our guild chat is often a bit pornographic salacious. The majority of our members are over 60 18, so we expect our members to have a good sense of humour and be fairly difficult to offend. We do talk about other stuff, too – I promise. Australian accents – So this isn’t a mandatory one, but every guild needs someone to pick on. Feet with extremely large little toes – We also accept hairy toes in place of large ones. Pokemon tattoos – Because nothing quite says “I’m extremely sexually experienced and a pleasant, sane person all-round” like Tangela eyes in your pubic hair. And a bunch of other stuff – You know, all that nice-guy, helpful, well-spoken, experienced and attractive (not the my-mother-once-called-me-handsome attractive, but the Angelina-Jolie-keeps-a-cut-out-of-me-above-her-bathroom-sink, real-deal attractive) stuff. Our minimum level requirement at the mo is 190. A quick note from our sponsors on Alliances before we go… We lead the Alliance Piwin [Piwi]. It goes without saying that members will not attack the percs of any guilds who also belong to Piwin, or any Piwin prisms, on any of their characters. Rights to speak in the Alliance channel are decided on a case-by-case basis. [Piwin] was disbanded on 09/10/2015. Alchemy does not currently belong to an Alliance. You had me at hello – how do I join? Wait, really? You’re serious? You really want to join? Well that was unexpected – you must be the real deal! Contact Grenadier, Sinona, Fenton, Otsu, Nitram or Vahe in-game. We look forward to putting up with seeing you in-game!
  13. You will not be given free things everytime you ask, you will be given helpful advice on how to advance through the server by yourself. This is because on Oto-mustam you must be able to be self-sufficient. We're a friendly, helpful and encouraging English guild, one of few that still stand on Oto Mustam. We're currently level 143 and leveling up every day. We've one of the only lv 200 English Players, and few other high level English players Haxx : Level 200 Sacrier(2nd strongest Sacrier on Oto Mustam as told by the FRENCH players of the server. Moee : 199 Sac Crunchie : Level 199 Rogue Crunchie-Smack : Level 198 Iop Physician : 198 Eni Insane-Bane: Level 196 Iop Things the guild can offer experienced players: The guild can offer experienced players the ability to rush around Frigost due to the guild owning three frigost area houses. One closer to the top gate, and one closer to the bottom gate. One of the houses is RIGHT(literally one right) next to the frigost zaap, making it real easy to get to the zaap without getting killed. Things the guild can offer new players: The guild can provide leech, material dropping opportunities, and the teachings of how to play the server Oto mustam to its full extent. Astrub being the only safe place with no alignment the new players are restricted quite alot, but with the help and guidance of an experienced player, me and my guild can make you a better player too. LEECHING: The guild can easily leech you given certain circumstances, in saying this, do not BEG for leech as the people who can provide leech will ONLY leech those who NEED it the most, and they will leech the people when they themselves are ready. Things the guild holds: The guild has 4 Paddocks: Cania Fields [-34,-47] Cania Fields [-36,-48] Brakmar [-26,33] Koalak Mountain [-14,5] 5 Houses: Frigost Island(The Village) [-74,-43] Frigost Island(The Village(Handyman House)) [-75,-38] Frigost Island(The Village) [-77,-41] Brakmar [-30,-37] Canopy Village(real good house) [-54,21] Perceptor Strengths: The perceptor stats are based solely for loot, providing that the x3 drop rate also affects perceptors. 5860HP 143 Damage Bonus 500 Prospecting 0 Wisdom 5000 Pods 10 Number of Perceptors How our English alliance stands as compared to others: We own and are apart of the alliance English Crusade [ENGL] We have had successful prism battles in which we've claimed a high prized territory named 'Asse Coast' We have also claimed a territory in Bonta, which being 'Lumberjacks Quarter' We have taken over 'Astrub Rocky Inlet' now gone anyhow. SADLY :( We have lost those prisms to the more superior alliances BUT!!!! We do plan to fight for more prisms in due time. UPDATED: I am proud to announce that ENGL has succesfully conquered THREE prisms, all three being minor :) Jewellers Quarter in Brakmar Butchers Quarter in Brakmar Handymans Quarter in Brakmar
  14. Nurbz

    New on Oto.

    So I've decided to try out this heroic server stuff. I play 2 accs so I made an iop and an eni. Now I've heard u'll get killed as soon as you leave Astrub, is this true? Also if you have any other tips you are very welcome to give them :)
  15. We Play Dofus Naked As the name implies, WPDN is a guild consisting of players of who don’t mind playing in the nude. We’re fully aware that most players have at some stage in their life played dofus naked and that it would be nearly impossible to reflect the guild numbers against the people who have engaged in this socially acceptable activity, but that’s not why we’re here. So why are you here? WPDN is now open for all to join. At present there are currently no restrictions/applications that one must meet/present in order to join. To join simply PM myself, Xentrav, or Radioactive-Poison, in-game to join. Alternatively, you can PM us via imps here: http://impsvillage.com/forums/user/5389-xentra/ or here http://impsvillage.com/forums/user/33529-radioactivepoison/. So tell us a little more about yourselves. We’ll, we’re currently level 42 and growing. We’re part of the alliance Morituri Te Salutant (Roma) which consists of a number of friendly guilds all with the same interests as ourselves. WPDN was created by Radioactive-Poison in Dofus time, on 26 Octolliard 644 and currently has 55 guild members. At the moment we are currently accepting all levels in order to build them up from scratch into dedicated players for the server. Our aim is to create a guild that will that will provide part of a foundation for an alliance dedicated to pvp’rs. Now, with this in mind, this doesn’t make us an exclusive pvp guild/alliance, not by a long shot, but should be seen rather as a place that pvp’rs can come to in order to organise with like-minded players to engage in pvp via the alliance system or aggressive both in and outside the guild/alliance. A number of our members have already expressed keen interest in attending Goult this year and therefore this will be the place in order to organise mass pvp with dedicated goult teams. We also organise in-house (for guild and alliance) events, see below for more information. That’s all fine and well, but tell us more about the non-pvp aspect of the guild. Well for starters, WPDN currently has no paddocks, the reason being that no interest has been expressed by our current members to begin breeding. However, if this is an interest and a prerequisite to joining the guild, we will seriously consider freeing up some kamas in order to assist you. Furthermore, we have a number of players who have a number of professions on various characters that will be easily accessible and at your disposal if and when required. A number of these players will be more than happy to offer their services at a heavily reduced price or free altogether. We have also begun in ensuring all our members are at “least” up to frig 2; however this doesn’t mean we will leech you. We expect all new members to ensure they are adequately prepared for any dungeon runs/hunts that other members engage in. Fair enough, is there more? Yes of course! However if I were to go on more we’d be here all day and I’ve already overtyped! If you need more information, please by all means contact either Radio or I on the links above. Before I leave, WPDN has been involved lately in the organising of mass-pvp events held on shika, such as below: The videos of the events so far can be seen here: …and here: For more, subscribe to “Shika-Hut” [http://www.youtube.com/user/roufi123]. I guess that’s everything, thanks for reading. Here’s signing out! Xentrav Radioactive-poison Guild/Alliance Events. Keep tuned for more alliance events here. These are exclusive only to members of the alliance Roma and its guilds. EVENT! Roma has acquired a number of PvMrs who have expressed a hearty interest in joining us at KOTH! Therefore we’ve decided that in order both accommodate their want for PvM and interest in PvP that we will be running large groups through both frig 1 and 2. Obviously I can’t do this myself, therefore I’ll give a top cash prize to the person(s) who bring the most people (who have never been before) through the dungeons, that is, right up past Celestial Bearbarian. All you need to do to prove it is send me the name of the person(s) you have put through the dungs so I can check their achievement records. I haven’t decided on the total cash prize but we can safely say it will be upwards of 2mk. Have fun guys!
  16. Carnivalo


    So im trying to decide if i want to start a character on rushu but i dont know anyone and i wouldnt be able to p2p right away. Just wondering if rushu would be a good server because ive heard that it is. :)
  17. OutlawRushu

    Token is recruiting!

    Greetings Rushu! Token is rebuilding and wants you! We are a level 42 guild looking for friendly and enthusiastic players that enjoy the game. The guild was originated back in January 2007, and has been around providing a friendly safe haven for players of the mid to high levels. We do require a minimal level of 80+, however, we do have a training guide for players under that level called "Evolve". Once you achieve a high enough level you will be transferred to Token. We have a total of 3 houses that are used for different reasons, along with a paddock that will be available to members who wish to have a place for their mounts. If this guild seems like the place for you, please get in contact with either me (Outlaw), or the leader of the guild (TailsHornsHalo). If both of us are offline you can also contact: "Zath-Panda", "Buttmunch" We will be happy to invite you as long as you remember to follow these simple rules: Be polite to each guild member/alliance member Limit the use of profanity This is a game, just have fun and enjoy it :)​
  18. Hey everyone. Since the new UpLauncher of Dofus I can't login automatically anymore. Is there anyone who knows how to make it work again? Thanks in advance.
  19. Like the title reads, I'm back again from taking a break and this time I switched servers from the usual server that I always played on (Zatoishwan) for Rushu due to the much bigger population here. Only problem I been having so far is never having anybody to chat with or party with which for me, is a big part of the fun. So I figured I would post here since I'm already a level 114 cra without any friends or a guild and let you guys know how much of a loser I am haha. Anyways my IGN's Shuko so either hit me up or leave me a message here and I'll get ahold of you! Thanks for reading!