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Found 45 results

  1. Hey Imps. I'm buying an MP Allister's Crown (no idea if there's any of them hanging around) . I'll be paying around 7-12M depending on stats. If you have one and you're up for negotiating, message me here or in-game, ign Frenix. Thank you guys in advance.
  2. I have a +MP exotic maged Dorado with a goult mimisymbic for sale and a 100% perfect maged 1000 excuses cloak on the echo server. It also has 1% earth resistance. I want to sell them because I have been playing for too long to not go for a 12ap/6mp set. They're great for any class but specially for a cra as for the +2 range on dorado. to reach me on the echo server: /w Ihy . Thank you, see you on the other side!
  3. Four Leaf +AP 29mk Four Leaf +MP 29mk Bearbaric wedding ring +AP 34mk Tritun Boots +2 Crit 17mk Nomarow Ring +MP 15mk Strange Wand 26mk Open to negotiations <3 Catch me in game: Vulfio or Discord: Vulfio#8603
  4. S> Daguanos MP EXO

    selling epic maged MP daguanos :) leave message here or just ING : Ъот cheers. (accepting some items of decent worth) :) also can think about trade it for ap inky veil.
  5. S> Vulbis

    Selling Dofus Vulbis in Rushu for 300M negotiable price you can PM me ingame at Izpangel or look for me in merchant mode around village or you can hit my FB inbox https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010377377864 thank You
  6. Hola, decided to go ahead and sell some items. Prices listed will be slightly negotiable, got time and not in a hurry. Thread will get updated regularly with fresh mages. Amulets: Jammy 36m Spookkoth 17m Treadfast 15m Unspeakable 14m Pawl Ouatnos 11m Axe: Mantaxe 26m Belts: Menobelt 28m Boots: Tritun 22m Unnamable 14m Tal Kasha 19m Cloaks: Indescribable 34m Teuse 37m Tal Kasha 26m Daggers: Daguanos 23m Hats: Moum-Ra 28m Allister 13m Rings: Jammy 38m Wedding 38m Deep Sea 36m Band 35m Nidas 26m Loads of items have been maged by myself, if you ever are interested feel free to have a look at my thread in which I offer my maging services. Items are in a merchant right now, so either imps message me or hit me up in-game on Thefook (Mostly sitting at -1 or at bonta magus place). In merch at [-1,0].
  7. Sell Inky AP 53mk -> 47mk Inky MP 60mk -> 55mk Please pm me in game - not there. Nickname: Caitir
  8. [Selling] exos

    MP bearbaric band 15mk AP moowolf ring 10mk Message me in-game or here on Imps.
  9. So today I'll be starting my maging service. - 1-4% Resists - Range/Summon - Vitality - AP/MP Prices will be negotiated when applying for this service (I WILL GIVE DISCOUNTS IF IT TAKES A WHILE FOR ME TO COMPLETE DUE TO IRL-STUFF), I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. If you provide the item and/or runes I will ofcourse take that off of the price in the end. You can contact me on Imps or in-game on Thefook, Fooq or ankabox (if people are into that) and show me the stats that the items need to have (69/420 vitality for example).
  10. /w Oliviette or Zachkiefer in game, message in imps is fine too
  11. Cheap AP Runes at Merch

    [1,0] Or Pm Me Ingame -Sorcery ------------------ Ra Vits AP MP
  12. To start this off, thanks everyone on rushu for the amazing time I've had here the past 2 years. I've had a lot of fun with a load of people on here (whether it'd be kolo/percs/pvm), the last few updates have made me lose the 'nostalgic' feel even more which have made me come to this decision + not having time to play this game due to college/work. Secondly and lastly, I'll put all the gear I'm linking for the respective prices in the markets. If you wanna negotiate feel free to message me on imps as I will not be logging into the game at all most likely (enjoy the long post). I'm fookin' outta here. (PS: Sorry for my bad englanado) In order: MP Head Band: 14m. MP/1cha Bearbaric Band: 27m. AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring: 29m. AP Levitrof Wedding Ring: 36m. Treadfast Amulet: 7m. 30 vit + great stats Ellie's Deluxe Mental Amulet: 35m. 3% Earth Resistance Pathogastric Boots: 13.5m. AP Missiz Freezz's Boots: 12.5m. Ranged Bearbaric Sword: 10m.
  13. Selling MP Exo. Bearbaric Band for 23 mk. PM. me in game /w Medalyst
  14. I have this ring for sale Looking for 40mk. Price is negotiable Leave your best offer here or PM in game IGN: Brewberry
  15. Hello, I would like to buy vulbis Dofus (MP) for 250 mk. Pm me in the game "barkmar". Thanks.
  16. EDIT: did my own AP mage and bought mp bear ring for 26.5m hail ring minimum stats: 240/250 vit 38/40 pow 36/40 wis 1/1 range 9/10 damage perfect res bearbaric wedding ring minimum stats: 240/250 vit 55/60 chance 0/60 agi 36/40 wis 1/1 range 11/12 water damage 0/12 air damage 350/400 initiative 0/5 lock perfect res
  17. PM Taktical in game or post/message on imps
  18. Paying 20mk
  19. Hey i'm looking for ~45mk for this ring. You can contact me here or pm me in game (sir-awesome). edit: sold for 42mk on rushu
  20. As title says exos around 45-50m negotiable, amy for 15m negotiable PM me here or ing /w Erisen AGE OLD SOLD, MF SOLD
  21. S>>>> mp glacial ring exo

    Selling an mp exo'd glacial ring. It's got very *meh* stats but I'm not looking for much, 30mk and it's sold. 1mp 234 vit 52 chance 23 wis 3 crits 12 water dmg 6 dodge good cheap exo if you're strapped for cash. reply to the post or pm me in-game on Maximus-Meridius/Jeffimus :)
  22. Selling an MP mage bearbaric band. Stats are as following: +1 MP 249 / 250 vitality 58 / 60 strength 58 / 60 intelligence 36 / 40 wisdom 4 critical hits 11 / 12 neutral damage 11 / 12 fire damage 11 / 12 earth damage 5 / 8 heals 4 / 5 lock 7 / 7 % water resistance 7 / 7 % air resistance Looking for 55mk. I'd also trade the band for a bearbaric band / wedding ring with similar stats. ign: Zyonde
  23. Would like around 8mk, negotiable. pm Yowza :)
  24. Im selling 2X Exos AP EXO MISSIZ FREEZ RING 1AP 269vit 45str 48int 40cha 3ch 10earth DMG 10neutral DMG -7dodge 4heals 9critical DMG 6earth resistance PRICE 55mk AND MP EXO DREGGON HELMET 1MP 201vit 11%Neutral 11%Fire 11%Water 11%Earth 11%Air PRICE 45mk PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE PM ME IN-GAME: Qbiggy, Tsik, Tarot, Knok SOLDSOLDSOLD PLEASE CLOSE
  25. Hi as the title suggest I'm buying Bear band AP Exo, Bear wedding MP Exo & Neutral Bear sword Range Exo. :3 I'm looking for good stats in the 57-59 stat range and at least 11 damages on the rings. Of course perfect resist is a requirement. I also like to see 5 lock on the rings and 14-15 on the bear sword. Here's my posted prices. AP Bear Band: 55-65mk Bought MP Bear Wedding: 55-65 or 65-75 if it has 1 MP and 5 Crit res. Bought Range Neu Bear Sword: 55-60mk I plan to leave for rushu in 3 weeks. So time is of the essence. (If I don't support rosal with my money its going to rushu :P) Thanks! Message me here with a picture or PM me in game at Harukage. Moved to rushu close please!