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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, we are running people through Merkator. Prices are: • Normal Merkator run (Last ach free with it) ~ 900kk • +Merkator (Mystique) ~100kk ~~~~~note that if you just want mystique, it will cost 1mk for the ach+dung run~~~~~ If you are interested pm in-game: Riaan-The-Nublet or Liann Or if none are online, send a pm here :)
  2. I didn't see a topic about Merkator yet, so here's some info from the French forum: http://forum.dofus.com/fr/1052-serveur-test/1802204-etat-invulnerable-merkator-2-16-comment-enlever If a monster starts its turn next to a char/summon, that char/summon dies. All monsters are in unmoveable state. Any MP removal attempt deals ~500 fire dmg to the caster. If a monster starts next to another monster, it deals 600~700 water damage to it and applies a state for 2 turns. The state is not enough to make the boss vulnerable. (probably linked to it though?) The boss hits at linear range, ~1200 earth damage with Burning Arrow AoE. It has another melee attack that takes vit% and does ~1000 water on top. The boss revives monsters at a range and with ~50% of their HP, apparently 5 turns cooldown. I haven't done it myself, that's just what the topic says. Doesn't it sound like huuuuuge fun? Seems to imply you need to rely on AI to move as you need it... edit: AH, found more on JoL (http://forums.jeuxonline.info/showthread.php?t=1235433&page=13#post26510554) The state is always applied when a monster starts its turn, to anything in an area of 2. A monster with that state active needs to start next to Merkator.
  3. Stats dont matter, I will mage it myself if needed. Im offering 10mk for the hammer. Or If you have a Old Hammer Head I will buy this mat for 4mk (that was the price for it last time there was one in Market). To reach me in-game pm Kapucine or Lockheart. Bought the Old hammer head for 3.5mk.
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