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Found 10 results

  1. TheLuMMo

    Any Wing Leech service ?

    Anyone offering a leeching service of pvp wings (bonta/brak) to grade 10 or something ?
  2. Punkowiec

    XP leeching service

    Hi, i offer xp leech service 100m xp = 1mk U can leave me message here or in game
  3. MrXovoc

    Mrxovoc's Leeching service

    Hello, i want to offer a leeching service which i will open in a month, i am not logging your characters, exp rate is 500m an hour[no multipliers] i can take up to 6 chars at once, done in bonta arena. we can talk about prices how much chars, and what multipliers. Contact me in game : mrxovoc
  4. Hello, Lookin for Nileza leech service for 4 chars. Please pm me at game, IGN: Caitir :) All chars got last room saved.
  5. Hi, here's the list with prices / i prefer if u pay half of the prices before we start Pm me here or ingame IGN: Punkowiec
  6. Since I will quit Dofus mostly, I'm not going to continue this service. Had quite a lot of customers, and I thank them. Hi guys, I'm making a new leeching service for character XP and guild XP only. I offer a leeching service with the following pricing : 1-199 : 26mk 199-200 : 13mk Guild : 200kk per million XP If you have a multiplier ( xp x2 for example), you can devide the price by that multiplier. What can you do to speed up the process? Do not go AFK Have a nice amount of wisdom Let me log your account (I can provide wisdom sets for this) As for the payment : Characters : I ask you to pay me half before we start and the other half when we did 50% OR Pay 715kk per 28 million xp up front (I count the XP you gained aswell) Guild : Payment up front per few million XP. Contact : ImpsVillage PM In-Game : Aurameroz
  7. Hello Everyone! Welcome to Rushu's new, Trustworthy, and Quick Leeching Service! We are offering a leeching service with the prices as follows: *Level 1 to 199 for 40m *Level 199 to 200 for 20m With the recent update to patch 2.35, the required xp from 1-200 has been changed. As future revisions of the xp curve come, the price will be modified to reflect this. *We will do a service on a per level bases, min is 10 levels for this service if you are below level 150. You will be charged on xp required to obtain the desired level. (37Mil xp for 400KK) -- Example: 120-140 would be 2.2M -Having an exp multiplier will mean that you can divide these prices by the multiplier. What we require from you: We have no basic requirements from your part. A decent amount of wisdom will speed up the process though! We can also speed up the process by being given access to your account, we have found that this can shave off about 25% to 30% of the total time taken. Many of our clients have chosen this option. :) Payment: For the below a min of half up front is required, once the work for the initial half is completed you will be required to pay the rest before our contract is completed. *Level 1 to 199 for 40m *Level 199 to 200 for 20m What sets us apart: We have 3 people working this service meaning we are able to handle more contracts at one time, this also means that if for some reason one person is unable to be online for a day or so we can still complete the contract within our time frame give or take a day (after discussing with you). Time Frame: ***The below times are estimates based on if you are tagging along, and not if we have the ability to log your account, logging your account does generally make the process quicker, and less boring for you!*** 1-199 or 199-200 (199-200 is now suspected to add 1.5x time to the times estimated below.) 1x xp 3 Days 2x xp 1.5 to 2 Days 3x xp 1 Day. 4x xp 1 Day. Per level time frame will vary based on the level requested, if you want a time frame ask us before agreeing to utilize the service. We have 3 people available to take on your leeching contract! Owyn/Clint Lukiido/Thantarian Aveal/Uul Your details will not be shared with the other person without your knowledge/discretion. If you are part of the Fedaykin guild or the FIN Alliance please be sure to let us know as we do give a special rate to Guildies/ Alliance members. Feel free to PM either Lukiido or Owyn/Clint in game and if we are not online post on the thread, or drop me an inbox here! Current work in Progress: Completed contracts/References: Viviane (145-197) Laef(199-200) Elynnia(163-198) Waffel 199(56%) to 200 Nehless - 195 to 200 Qinch 199 to 200 Filitar 1- 199 Everdes 1-199 Lille-Katten - 50-199 Tre-mannen - 50-199 Kepa 19X-199 Gucci-cra 19x-199 Lille-magikaren 19X-199 Irnageu 190-199 Exiees 184-199 Mivy-Two 50-199 Mivy-One 50-151 Nudes 195-198 Shawtyy 98-160 Feroshious 181-187 Jerkyy 182-198 Wanderlei 41-199 Hal 191 - 199 (50%) Cakepop 199 (25%) - 199 (50%) Dynamo 194-199 Tate 6-199 Xreaperr 199 43% to 199 to 50% Uglyish - 188 to 199 Smartish - 84 to 130 Asleep 1 to 199 Uranius 199 (25%-50%) Andrewjacksonjihad 100 to 190 Artful (1-199) Panda-Newb 176 to 200 Eni-Newb 123-200 Compliment 199 55% to 200 Nourishment 18X to 200 Encouragement 16X to 200
  8. Am offering a cheap, affordable leeching service. I charge 25mk from 1 to 199 on x1 XP, depending how many multiplies you have we can come to a suitable agreement on the price. I level in Xelorium Dimension with 517 idols( 4 int cras ), so you do not need any frigost dungeons hopefuly.( unless the portal is somewhere there XD ). Every 100m XP = 700kk. You can pay upfront or pay every 100m xp. Requirements: Being pure wisdom is recommended, but if you have more than 400 Wisdom (1-150), 600+ Wis(150+) it's fine by me.For more information, please contact me by my in-game name, Soft. People who could vouch for me regarding paying upfront: ( will be updated ) Bae-material Vegeta, Bluetooth Quiver-head Unavailable Gros-hip
  9. Aurameroz

    Aura's Leeching Service

    Good day ladies and gents, Welcome to my new leeching service on Rushu. I might not be the fastest as I’m not always able to play, but I’m reliable and I do my best :) Character leeching : You pay 1mk per : ​xp x1 : 100mk xp xp x2 : 200mk xp xp x3 : 300mk xp xp x4 : 400mk xp *I note down the xp you receive per fight. *Be wisdom! Payment : for this service, I would like to be payed up front, either half or full. Doing so because this service is quite lengthy and I don’t like lost time. Dungeon leeching : Frigost : Royal Mastogob : 100kk per char Royal Pingwin : 150kk per char Buck Anear : 200kk per char Obsidemon : 250kk per char Payment : you need to pay me in the last room of the dungeon. Mount leeching : Breeder mounts (to lvl 5) : 40kk/mount (negotiable for high amounts) You provide a minimum of 4 mounts.​ Fighter Pack (to lvl 100) : 190kk/mount (negotiable for multiple mounts) Payment : you need to pay me after the service, in the exchange where I give your mounts back. 154 mounts lvled to 5 so far. 0 mounts lvled to 100 so far. Contact me either on IV or a message on Aurameroz Best available around 18.00 Dofus Time.
  10. Hey everybody, the last few days I've been doing alot of Trios, well not alot but the 2 hardest ones, imo)), but they're more than do-able For an example today I succed in Vortex Trio Panda Iop Rogue (Visit my Youtube channel for the video) SO, the reason I announce this is because in approxmiatly 1-2 weeks I will start leeching following trios, in accept for kamas. Queen of Thieves trio/tight, price depends on class/therefore pm me in game, price begins from 40-80mk Vortex trio/impert, price also depends on class, therefore pm me in game, price begins from 50-80mk Nidas, trio/statue, price also depends on class, therefore pm me in game, price begins from 20-40mk' Oh and Catseye, Trio, Perhaps other challenges, may aswell be a posibility, I am working on finishing my team for that, prices and etc will be updated later on, follow topic for updates, Thank you. Other dungeons with 300 idols is also a posibility, begins from 5mk-20mk though, keep it between 151-190 + Frig 3 dungeons AND Merk. Contact infos, Bulgari creator of Platinum. For inspiration to proceed these achieves yourself, visit my youtube channel, link in Bio or look it up yourself; Platinum TV Dofus < as your search criteria, and of course be welcome to subscribe etc. (The Trio video: )