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Found 49 results

  1. Hey all, we're planning on opening Kralove on 3/3/2018 (i.e. this Saturday) 6:00 P.M. game time (so 18:00 DUT). We've got more than half the chars needed but the more the merrier! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much. :) please come i need this duo so badly
  2. Hey all, Alpha Centauri is planning on opening Kralove on 2/3/2018 (i.e. this Saturday) 4:00 - 5:00 P.M. game time (so 16:00-17:00 DUT). We've got more than half the chars needed but the more the merrier! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much. :)

    Congratulations to everybody, the opening of kralove yesterday was sucessful! For those who missed it we are trying to open it again Wednesday 17/1/18! around 19:00 dofus time, everybody join together and we will manage it again, send me a pm in game for more info. Terminator-Gr
  4. Hello, I've been trying to open kralove but without any success. So i want to ask you for help me with opening on this saturday 01/06/2018 20:30 dofus time! I appreciate any help :) Hope we will be able to do it, see you soon and Thanks :D
  5. Hello. The last couple of week i've been trying to open Kralove dungeon on Echo server without any luck, so now I thought i would try to write here and hope people would help. I'll be trying to open it this saturday (4/11-2017) around 19-21 (Paris time). If you would like to join you can write your ingame name here and i'll pm you on saturday. :-)
  6. Last chance to get an unlinked ochre before 2.42, so we'll be trying to open kralove on Sunday the 18th at 19:00 DST. Be there or be square for four months.
  7. Kralove opening

    Hello, now that all the servers are together it should be a lot easier to get kralove open. So if anyone is interested in opening it leave a reply or pm me in game. Thanks. The-Archangel
  8. Kralove Opening!

    Hey Guys! I'd like to arrange a Kralove opening Tomorrow around 18:00 (Dofus Time) - If Anyone can help with the opening, please do :) ~ Cruxiz/Cruzix
  9. Kralove opening

    Just a quick headsup, tonight at 20.00 DUT I will be opening kralove together with some other people that need it. So if you want to help or do the dungeon feel free to stop by.
  10. Kralove opening

    Hello, I am looking for people interested in opening Kralove's lair. I propose we do it on the weekend 10-11. 9. 2016. Is anyone interested in helping? UPDATE I'll keep updating the status on the first post. The empty ones are missing. Current status: Iop mf Cra mf Sram mf Feca f Eni mf Enu m Panda mf Osa Sac Xel Sadi Eca
  11. Kralove opening TOMORROW

    Hey guys, Our guild (Hermes) from the 'Integrity' ally is going to reunite a maximum of people to open Kralove, tomorrow night (friday), 8PM Dofus time. Pm Sir-fergie if your interested, Thanks !
  12. Hello people from Rushu! Since yesterday opening failed and a lot of people need to get ochre dofus we will try to open it again. Already got 12~ characters who are willing to show up so i hope you will help us out to :) Opening starts at 20:00 DUT. Me and my friend will be coordinating rooms so if you have any questions just pm me IGN: Phsycog. I will be online around 14:30 DUT. See you in-game!
  13. Room Updates The public list (above link) takes 5 mins to update from the entries the room coordinators make - please refresh the page to see any changes. Questions? pm thelordofthetraps - he is coordinating the rooms. anjulica
  14. Hello population of Rosal ! , On the 25 during the afternoon we will be opening the giant kralove ! Make sure to p2p your teams and get ready to face this giant Octopus and get your beautiful dofus ochre or just the achievements ! See you in-game, For more info pm Karkov-akola Ps: IT will start at 16:00 game time , make sure to appear !
  15. Kralove Opening: May 29th

    Posting on behalf of a friend. We're going to attempt to open Kralove on Sunday, May 29th, starting at 23:00 dofus time (5 P.M. Eastern). It's a bit of a weird time compared to normal kralove openings, but there's some extenuating circumstances. Hope to see lots of people there!
  16. For those of you who missed yesterday's opening, here's another opportunity to fight the Giant Kralove! Door Opening List Thanks, anjulica
  17. Join us right now, as we open the doors. It's sushi for everyone!!! :D Click here to see the chart (updates every 5 mins) anjulica
  18. Hi guys, I've seen many people needing kralove lately (including me). Wondering if you're interested on open it this saturday or sunday, around 7-8pm (dofus time) My guild (Hermes) and alli (guard) are really motivated ! :) Let me know if you're interested !
  19. I would like to open kralove this sunday the 20th and for that I need as many people as possible from every alliances. :D So if you have many accounts, bring them all. Every chars are more than welcomed. I wont do a list of who's coming since we cant be sure that everybody will be there on time ( :ph34r: 18h00 dofus time ) Thank you for you help ! :)
  20. Kralove opening!

    Hello All, It's been months (I think) since the last giant kralove opening. I for one would like another run through the dungeon to pick up an ochre and some mats. Is there appetite for a kralove opening on Solar? I'm asking the question because activity on the server has been less, and potentially even more so with the rollback this past weekend. Reply here or ping Savage-Wind in game to let me know if a kralove opening is feasible. Thanks! -Fuzzy
  21. Hi Everyone, We have some exciting events coming up, just in time for the holidays! Please note that other alliances are welcome to participate in our Kralove Hunt (Sushi Party) and 5 v 5 PvP Tournament (one winning team from each alliance is welcome to register to face off in our finals). Members from other alliances who help defend INT in defensive KOTHs will also gain points towards Rank Defender Wings. All other events are open to anyone who has a char in INT Alliance and is in good standing (not blacklisted or on probation). 1. First of all, we have our: Sushi Party & Late-Night Horror-Grawn Movie Join us Dec. 18th at 20:00 DUT & Dec. 19th at 02:00 DUT as we invade the Lair of the Giant Kralove! If you need help completing the Eternal Harvest Quest for your ochre, please post on the INT thread above, or on impsvillage here, and we will try to help you find a team. Disclaimer: We are not liable for any pet fish that are eviscerated or eaten during this hunt. Please leave pet fish at home. 2. Make sure you enter a team into our: 5 v 5 PvP Tournament This time, we're not limiting teams by guild -- you can team up in any group of 5 INT Members for our PvP Tournament. There will be an extra category for teams with lower level players. The deadline to sign your team up is Dec. 20th (Sunday). Please pass the word on to other alliances who may be interested in having their winning teams face off for an exciting final event! Here are some pics from our last INT PvP Tournament http://integrityforum.altervista.org/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=100 Disclaimer: We are not liable for any dismemberment that may occur during PvP battles. If this does occur, please place your teammate in a Fair Trade nugget recycler. 3. Post your best screenshot of your new home for the: Haven Bag Contest Show us pics of your new house, restaurant, shop, library, dungeon...or whatever else you may have been building in that Haven Bag of yours! Disclaimer: We are not liable for any destruction to property that may occur, even if it is intentional on our part. Please behave responsibly to counteract our irresponsibility. 4. Please post your most Kwismassy guild pic for our: Guild Kwismas Contest Please post your most Kwismassy guild pics on this thread! We will vote to find out everyone's fave! Disclaimer: We are not liable for any Post Traumatic Stress or psychological damage that may occur from viewing ugly Kwismas sweaters. 5. Pre-register for tickets, or donate items/kamas for our: Kwismas Lottery Our Kwismas Lottery Tickets go on sale Dec. 18th! I will also be collecting donations this week, if anyone would like to donate items or kamas ;) The lottery will be similar to the Hallowe'en Lottery we held in October. 6. Please volunteer to help run a Secret Santa: And...lastly, if someone would volunteer to run a Secret Santa for us *cough* Tyzii *cough* that would be much appreciated! :D 7. Please continue to post portal positions and screenshots for Rank Defender Wings: Although we are behind on our Dimension Portal Position Draw (we've been too busy to stream the drawing lately), the pot has been accumulating! Currently, the draw is over 3 mk, and we will be drawing 3 winners for 1 mk each. In order to enter, be the first to post a portal position on our thread -- each post = 1 entry! Please note that you will need to log in to view the Portal Positions thread. Post Portal Positions here We've recently added "Rank Defender Wings" for the defenders of our alliance! Watch your wings grow on the forum, and win kama prizes! We've provided ways that even lower levels can take advantage of to level up their wings! Details, and guidelines for the requirements for Rank Defender Wings are on this thread: Post screenshots for Rank Defender Wings here Thanks everyone! Looking forward to a fun and eventful holiday season! anjulica
  22. Sushi Party & Late-Night Horror-Grawn Movie Join us Dec. 18th at 20:00 DUT & Dec. 19th at 02:00 DUT as we invade the Lair of the Giant Kralove! If you need help completing the Eternal Harvest Quest for your ochre, please post here or on the INT thread above, and we will try to help you find a team! This event is open to all alliances who would like to participate, so feel free to post if you need help getting through the dungeon. Please also post if you can help people to run the dungeon to get their ochres -- and let us know if you can fill in one of the positions still open on the chart (click on the image of the chart to view the updated chart). Disclaimer: We are not liable for any pet fish that are eviscerated or eaten during this hunt. Please leave pet fish at home. Thanks, anjulica
  23. Openning Kralove

    Would like people help to open Kralove we got already some people but more are needed ! , Please pm me In- Game.
  24. Ola , I will try to attempt to open kralove on 15th in evening hrs around 6-7 dofus time . Anyone who needs some achieves or ochres is welcome meeta y'all at swamps LaTa
  25. Kralove Opening !

    Hello guys, I just hit my first EH quest finish ( really excited ), so the last step is to open and kill that Kralove ! In order to do that, we will need the cooperation of the whole community ! Let's propose dates and work together to open the gates to hell !!! How about Saturday the 11th July sounds ?