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Found 8 results

  1. EDITED:KRALOVE OPENING SET TO START SATURDAY 2 JUNE AT 5:00 PM DOFUS TIME (use command /time in Dofus to understand which time it is (European/Paris time)) It's been a few weeks I've been looking to open Kralove. I'm available with 7 chars. 41 more needed to open it. Somebody available to help ? Contact me in game if u want /w Arthur-fookin-Shelby
  2. Hey all, we're planning on opening Kralove on 3/3/2018 (i.e. this Saturday) 6:00 P.M. game time (so 18:00 DUT). We've got more than half the chars needed but the more the merrier! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much. :) please come i need this duo so badly
  3. Congratulations to everybody, the opening of kralove yesterday was sucessful! For those who missed it we are trying to open it again Wednesday 17/1/18! around 19:00 dofus time, everybody join together and we will manage it again, send me a pm in game for more info. Terminator-Gr
  4. Hello, I've been trying to open kralove but without any success. So i want to ask you for help me with opening on this saturday 01/06/2018 20:30 dofus time! I appreciate any help :) Hope we will be able to do it, see you soon and Thanks :D
  5. Hello. The last couple of week i've been trying to open Kralove dungeon on Echo server without any luck, so now I thought i would try to write here and hope people would help. I'll be trying to open it this saturday (4/11-2017) around 19-21 (Paris time). If you would like to join you can write your ingame name here and i'll pm you on saturday. :-)
  6. Last chance to get an unlinked ochre before 2.42, so we'll be trying to open kralove on Sunday the 18th at 19:00 DST. Be there or be square for four months.
  7. Hello, now that all the servers are together it should be a lot easier to get kralove open. So if anyone is interested in opening it leave a reply or pm me in game. Thanks. The-Archangel
  8. Hey, I don't know if there were similar topic before, but I noticed many people have problems which spots are safe when devulning kralove. Heres a pic: (ofc these at left side are less safe because tentacles are mostly there, remember they have 2 range, not 1 - well 1 but aoe)
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