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Found 25 results

  1. Animuffin

    Fight Club [EVENT]

    FIGHT CLUB Fight Club is a server-wide pvp event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Friday the 20th at 23:00DST. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs! Tldr;; GEARLESS 3v3 pvp event this Saturday the 21st, registration closes Friday REFEREES & STREAMERS Referee: Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839 Referee: Bootiful Referee: Kurama-Kyubi-Sama Streamer: Morcha - Twitch: Morchaa Streamer: Killer-Spirituel - Twitch: KillerSpiritual SCHEDULE *Tentative schedule - this will be updated once we have an idea of participation numbers. Players will have at least 10 minutes between each round to change variants if so desired. NOW: Registration is open! FRIDAY Apr 20 23:00 DST: Registration is closed FRIDAY Apr 20 0:00 DST: Bracket posted SATURDAY Apr 21 20:00 DST: Round one SATURDAY Apt 21 20:30 DST: Round two SATURDAY Apr 21 21:00 DST: Round three REGISTRATION -Officially registered teams will be listed at the bottom of this post -There is no registration fee for this event -Register your team by posting on the thread here, or DM Amber#5839 on discord using the following format: ...............Team Name (Optional, must abide by ToS or will otherwise be referred to by Captain name) ...............Team Captain: Character name, class, level (main contact person) ...............Character name, class, level ...............Character name, class, level ...............SUBSTITUTE: Character name, class, level TEAM COMPOSITION -3v3 format -Lvl 190+ -No duplicate classes -No person may be on more than one team -Subs may be used if they are the same class -Multilogging is permitted, but we encourage you to register with friends! RULES -NO GEAR OF ANY KIND IS ALLOWED FOR THIS TOURNAMENT -No incarnations, candies/boosts of any kind -You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where teams will meet before each round -The system for map selection will be updated here once we have an idea of participation numbers -Both teams must check in with a referee and wait to be cleared before beginning the fight -If a character leaves during a fight (d/cing is not leaving) the team automatically loses -Every single characteristic point must go into an element - no points may be put into vitality -A system is in place to check that players are not using any gear. If a player is found to be cheating, the entire team will be automatically eliminated and their opponents for that round will move on TOURNAMENT SYSTEM -The info provided here is tentative and will be updated once we have an idea of participation numbers -Teams will be randomly matched in the first round using a random single elimination bracket generator -There will be no draws -Teams must arrive 15 minutes before the first round to check in with their assigned referee and wait to be cleared before beginning their match -Teams that are more than 10 minutes late will be considered forfeited -Each round (excluding the final) will be one fight. The final round will be best of three -The losing teams in the semifinals will compete for third place -A sample bracket is shown below: REWARDS *All rewards will be distributed evenly to each player on the team 1st place team: Skeleton Seemyool Harness, Sufokian Seemyool Harness, Brakmarian Seemyool Harness, 12mk 2nd place team: Coulive shield, Coulive shield, Coulive cape, 9mk 3rd place team: 6mk MVP awards: Referees who notice particularly impressive plays or carries by a player on any team may award them mimisymbics - we have many MVP awards available DONATIONS *In addition to donations from our previous event… Thank you to an anonymous donor for sponsoring our MVP awards with mimisymbics! OFFICIALLY REGISTERED TEAMS 1. Team Updog ...............Snips, Xelor, 200 ...............Somniatis, Panda, 200 ...............Bomb-Voyagez, Rogue, 200 2. Team: Noobfighters ...............Gangster, Panda, 200 ...............Luxord, Enu, 200 ...............Zexion, Osa, 200 3. Skrhi's Babes ...............Erios, Eni, 200 ............ ..Azmorea, Feca, 200 ...............Haircat, Eca, 200 4. Cheb's Angels ...............Chebsi, Cra, 200 ............ ..Anjulica, Eni, 200 ...............Alexia-Feca, Feca, 200 5. Ryu on Ice ...............Ryu-Roo, Osa, 200 ...............Dr-Ayelid, Sac, 200 ...............Envoyer, Feca, 200 6. Psicotics ...............Psi-Origin, Eliotrope, 200 ............ ..Psi-Age, Xelor, 200 ...............Psi-Bolt, Cra, 200 7. recnac ...............Carebear70, Sadi, 200 ............ ..Putain, Osa, 200 ...............Tamere, Enu, 200 8. Spiritualisation ...............Killer-Spirituel, Sac, 200 ............ ..Enutrof-Spirituel, Enu, 200 ...............Gneu-Gneu, Osa, 200 9. Team Dustin ...............Millenium, Rogue, 200 ............ ..Allessee, Cra, 200 ...............Zrye, Sac, 200 10. Name to be Determined ...............Barley-Maid, Sadi, 200 ............ ..Chems, Iop, 200 ...............Vengeanz, Osa, 200 11. Love-BMF ...............Love-summons, Osa, 200 ............ ..Love-shadow, Sram, 200 ...............Dark-thoughts, Enu, 200 12. Angry Puffles ...............Master-Psycho, Masq, 200 ............ ..Frosn-Up, Enu, Sram, 200 ...............Raynerian, Osa, 200
  2. Hey everyone I'm a returning player of many years. I started back when I found the game on mini clip and did all I could to try to get good at this game and after quite some time I did but then the game eventually fell off for me. However I heard some news about the game again and became excited to get back to running dungeons and fighting with teams but unfortunately so much has changed and I dont know where to start. If I could have someone help guide me along into playing this game again I would be so appreciative as dofus is something I really do enjoy playing especially with others. So please if you'd like to help me I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm like level 130-140 on a couple characters but who knows I might even wanna start over again. Thanks :)
  3. Alectrocitile

    Looking For Quests

    hey i was looking for quests to do on the daily like Dopple hunting or Almanax
  4. Golmor

    Scammer Watch

    A few days ago my Wife (IGN: DecapitatedAngel) shown me an image of someone who is scamming and using her name. Please be aware that "Gg-easy" is NOT Decapitatedangel or one of her "New accounts" Here is a SS. You will see the C&P of the message in the screenshot (see below). Also as a rule of thumb ; Do some research. This person is claiming to be Decapitatedangel on a NEW account that was JUST created because her account was hacked (which is wasn't). If you look into the character info and info page you will notice ALOT of holes in that story. http://www.dofus.com/en/mmorpg/community/directories/character-pages/1220134500002-gg-easy 1. Decapitatedangel Main is a 200 Eni ; If I was hacked and had to restart I would choose a class I love ; why make a osa? 2. If the account was JUST created ; how is it a lvl 149 in a few mins? Sure it can be done quick ; but not within minutes of making it. 3. Decapitatedangel is the leader of a guild. Why join a random guild in INT? And not put the alt in the guild you own? 4. If the leader of the guild was hacked ; how is she online and still leader of the guild? 5. Why bother gearing an account that you created just to get help? And why use that account for Votes? 6. The account wasn't recently created. Either way. There is always a "Vote for me" scam going on. Please avoid them ; and never blame the person that person is claiming to be. Do some research first. Doesn't really take more then common sense. Finally. When clicking links NEVER enter your log in information and use Ankama Shied. Always check the Domain AND subdomain AND folder. Domains are the "Main" part to look at. example. Someone may send you a link like login.dofus.com The Domain DOFUS.Com is correct. The subdomain could be correct but if it isn't you would be redirected to Dofus.com so the site would be likely safe to use. If the site however is Dofus.Gladiator.com the Dofus SEEMS legit but thats a subdomain and isn't monitored where as the actual domain is Gladiator.com and is being used for phishing. It can be misleading but anyone can have dofus.something.something. But NOONE else can have Something.DOFUS.com so please be safe.
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen and everything in between of Rosalt... i mean Rosal. I have been doing a lot of pvm lately and decided I should spread the love and help people out that need help doing harder dungeons and don't have time or don't want to have a team. ... I lied I just want kamas ^_^ What I am offering is a leech through of the harder dungeons of Dofus with and without idols and with or without particular achievements for some kamas <3 Here is a list of dungeons with possible achievements and idols scores I am offering and for around how much. FRIGOST 3: SYLARGH : 2mk ; Barbaric 5mk ; Limp 3mk ; 300 5mk KLIME : 3mk ; Nomad 4mk ; Limp 4mk ; 300 5mk NILEZA : 3mk ; Limp 5mk ; Last 5mk MISSIZ : 3mk ; Nomad 4mk ; Tight 5mk ; 300 6mk COUNT : 5mk PRE-FRIG 3: For any of these dungeons just PM me and we can agree on a price... I can do all of the achievements and score 300. DIMENSION : NIDAS: 5mk ( Its AIDS allow me) ; First 30mk ( hard as fuck) ; Statue 100mk ( go suck a willy wonka) QUEEN: 20mk this includes first achievement cause its just easier to do. VORTEX: 10mk ; Focus 20mk ( must be done with Long distance liaison so might take a bit to get it to that) -I am working on Vortex 300 so that category might become available quite soon!- CATSEYE: 30mk -I am working on freedom and trio so that category might become available quite soon!- FAKE DUNGEON : WHALE : 8mk ; Statue 15mk ; Barbaric 20mk -I am working on Whale 300 so that category might become available quite soon!- These are the dungeons and prices I am offering , which may be negotiable depending on how much I love u , if you are sicario and what char you are. For example if you are a sac and want to do whale statue u can expect a slightly higher price ^_^ The only thing i expect you to do is for dimensions to find the portal and provide keys or tell me in advance to prepare them =) In some dungeons like Vortex I don't need you to do any damage but just follow my lead but for queen I can only take people that can damage. If you are a full leecher do ask me if I can bring you along but for most of the harder achievments you must not be full wis ( unless u are a cra or an enu in sylargh <3). The times I am usually on are between 22GMT and 3GMT .. or for you dofus time people 23-04 dofus time XD If there is a particular time that is not between this then do tell me and we can work something out! If you are busy and dont play a lot but still want to do some of these dungeons (F3) then we can do the room one day and the boss fight another one. PAYING: -For dimension dungeons half the money is given before start of fight and half after the fight has been won -For F3 half the sum of the money is given before dungeon is started and half after boss fight. This is done so to stop anyone from making them run through rooms and then leaving me hanging in last room! -For Whale all sum of money is given before start of dungeon , this is done in case someone gets AIDS and dies and leaves me there having wasted my time LOVE: Well if you are interested do tell me and we can always work something out! If you need something that is not there do tell me and we can work somthing out. BIRD OF TIME: Almost forgot! If you need help with the bird of time quest I am willing to help you through for a nice sum of 5-10 mk depending on ur char! For this I only expect you to be able to reset to full vit and have a decent set with atleast 20-30% resi in all and 50%ish on earth, Now i am actually done XD Love u !!!! PM me ingame on Ralph-z , Thesquirtinghoe , Thehornynurse, Thehornycougar, Steam-Devil , Ponyride or Howtoportal. PROUD MEMBER OF THE NON EXISTING GUILD OF ROSALT.. I MEAN ROSAL.
  6. Selling Dolmanax for 30 mk with the possibility of transferring to any country (price does not change). (message me on Imps or Discord with a bid if you think you're better than the first person who messaged me) Shipping starts from Sunday 17:30 DUT (or Tuesday 15:00 DUT with transfer) rip
  7. Hello! How are you? I would like to introduce myself. I am a Brazilian player playing since 2007 (with a lot of breaks, but whatever). I'm starting a new account, I'll play as a new beginning. I do not like to spend much time editing videos, but I like to produce them (record, have ideas ...). I wonder what kind of videos you like to watch? I did as a test of a first video telling how to get some gifts in the game. I was very well, about 600 views and 40 thumbs up, no down. I miss a lot of YouTube content in Brazil or Portugal, I actually subscribed 300 English community channels and French ... So I would put myself in this world. What do you suggest as a new beginning for YouTube? Say what you think ... How to earn Kamas, level professions, breeding, drops, just play and record ...
  8. Holy-Avenger

    Best places to perceptor hunt!?

    As the title says name what you consider to be the most profitable place to hunt perceptors in.
  9. Mechasochist

    S > Owlmulet

    Hello i am selling Owlmulet price is around 21mk so feel free to leave offer here that is all .
  10. Killem-All

    Kamas Guide

    Hello everyone . I had very long break from game , not sure but ~1 year. Before that I used to get kamas from making a lot of DP souls then seeling them , or just by making kwakwa dungeons . Now I have some free time and finally I am able to back. I have got few accounts : 200 enu , 200 eni , 200 sac , 200 iop, 200 sadi ,199 panda etc. I want to learn how to do new dungeons and enjoy the game. But there is a one big problem , i literally have no idea how to get kamas nowadays! Please guys , try to be helpfull maybe I will be able to help some of you. Which profession is best? or maybe there is a dungeon hunt like few years ago was Crackler for diamond stones and 1 year ago like kwakwa.. Please guys help me !
  11. (Edit: for those popping in from 'Activity today' or something similar, this thread is for Wakfu, not Dofus!) Obligatory "How do I Kama" thread. So far I've been sailing for 150 levels on kamas from drops and treasure hunting and doing just fine, but soon I'll be getting to the point where things need to be runed and where equipment prices increase exponentially, and I'm wondering - how do you all go about earning kamas? Of course drops are a huge source of income, especially if you run dungeons repeatedly for fragments and tokens, but does that really manage to cover everything? Are professions a steady source of income as well? I'm particularly curious about mining/kama minting - are the 1150/1250 kama recipes worth the metal they require? Newb questions here, but soon I'll have to buckle down and work on making kamas. Better late than never!
  12. Hey guys its Natsue again!!! I need some help for ABYSS ROOM achievement in Merkator Mob area!! If anyone is available for help please pm me in game /w Natsue ;) or simply post something on this thread :lol: . I hope i find some help and ill be very grateful to the person who helps me in merkator!! Thanks :rolleyes:
  13. Hello friendly players of Rosal, My ign is Natsue and I am currently searching for someone to kindly help me with Count Harebourg Dungeon run!!! I will pay 5mk if someone helps me run the dungeon!!! :D Pm me on game /w Natsue , or leave a message in the discussion!!! I hope someone will respond shortly! :) ByeBye
  14. I am looking for someone that is reliable and can quickly level characters to a determined level. Please pm me for more information and price on which char I need and lvl
  15. gambling-irishman

    Best Perc Areas

    Hey There always seems to be a lot of free perc slots in my guild and i have never really used perc's expect for when i was grinding mats for my sets. Whats a good area to pop a perc or two down to sell the mats(raw mats not to make into items) if you got any ideas feel free to reply with them:) thanks! ~Gamb
  16. ALL MY OGRINES :((((( The Mystery Box concept is simple: when you open it, you discover a random item inside! All you have left to do is hope to have the same luck as Ecaflip. Here's what you can find in a Makeover Mystery Box: Common items: Slait Set (value: 700 OG) Noke Set (value: 700 OG) Slugly Set (value: 700 OG) Uncommon items: Tetra Set (value: 700 OG) Black Quaquack Set (value: 700 OG) Khamelerost Dragoturkey (value: 1000 OG) Rare items: Ougicle Set (value: 2600 OG) Platypus Set complete with pet (value: 3500 OG) Offer a Cake emote (value: 5000 OG) And if luck is really on your side, you might go home with a four-emote pack (Offer a Cake + Reckless + Write + Greed for a cumulated value of 18500 OG) or even a cosmetic pack containing all the Parasymbic items (all four), all the Livinitems (all four items), 10 mimisymbics and color change and face change potion, for a cumulated value of 42500 Ogrines. Try your luck! The Mystery Box is only available until Sunday, June 1, at 11:59 PM (Paris Time). To open your Mystery Box after you buy one, go to your pending gifts page!
  17. Arisoune

    S> Inky Veil

    Selling this inky, its currently in market for 12.5mk as you can see, but we can negotiate... It's not perfect but hey.. It's an inky :P [11:17] Bank: +12,500,000 kamas (sale: 1 [inky Veil]).
  18. Cherry-pepsi

    Trash Finds

    Hey guys, what is your best Dofus trash can finds. My best on solar was 157 kamas and some blop resources. On oto, i found a gobbal cape, which is pretty good for that server.
  19. flurylafond

    20 crit dofus.

    Looking for a 20 crit turq on zato. Can pay full kamas in a couple weeks to one month but as of now I can pay 30mk and some items like 80 stat piwins and some live items and set items for 150-170. Also eme/almond camo level 100. Let me know. Thanks. In game name: Deflect.
  20. Hello,we have introduced our guide before and we are here to introduce a new part of it! The Contests page,its a brand new part of our dofus guide its here to help all the low levels and med levels who make little amounts of kamas,easy challenges you can do to gain a particular amount of kamas We have made 2 contests so far,1 is done and the winner won a prize of 250kk, Our second is one that you can participate in right now here http://dofficiency.wordpress.com/contests to win 300kk! -These contests are only available in the server Rushu for now -We have done those to support the low leveled who are in need of such contests,if your a high level and you make millions and you think this is useless,its not for you.
  21. Looking at upgrading my 17 turq to a 19, anyone willing to trade my 17 and 15 mk for a 19? pm me in game on: Brazeekarr or leave a message here. Thanks
  22. Dofficiency

    Dofus guide

    Hello guys this is Dofficiency,(Dean and Raphael from Rushu) And we are here to introduce our new dofus blog Containing helpful kamas guides,professions and sets combinations for all levels. and helpful tips and guides on leveling Please check us out and tell us what you think: https://dofficiency.wordpress.com/ (Only Tailor,Lumberjack and Miner is currently available for the proffesions section)
  23. Koekenbakker

    2 questions

    Hello imps, So i have a lvl 156 sacrier (str atm) and i was wondering if is houd stay str or change to a other element.. And my second question (i know loaaaaaads of people aks this xD): how can i make kamas? I have a lvl 60 lumberjack a lvl 78 miner and ofcourse my 156 sac Thanks in advance! -koekenbakker
  24. WillFrostII

    Buying 101 agi / wis

    Buying 101 scrolls for agi and wis Paying 6mk for each pm Blu-Spark or Ibomb in game
  25. Bought all pieces with specific stats on Danathor Pieces. I was Paying 15Mk per Piece, ONLY if it had EXACTLY every stat at the minimum value I requested. The stats on the items that won are as follows: ***COMPLETED*** Danathor's Helmet 398 Vitality 95 Chance 49 Wisdom 6 Critical Hits 1 Range 18 Water Damage 474 Initiative 10 AP Loss Resistance 15 Neutral Resistance Maged By: [solar]Iv-heal ***COMPLETED*** Danathor's Belt 383 Vitality 76 Chance 38 Wisdom 6 Critical Hits 1 Summon 18 Water Damage 1 AP Reduction 15 Critical Resistance Maged By: [solar]Iv-heal ***COMPLETED*** Danathor's Amulet 399 Vitality 71 Chance 43 Wisdom 3 Critical Hits 1 Range 1 AP 452 Initiative 1 Lock 18 Water Damage 7 MP Loss Resistance 19 Air Resistance Maged By: [solar]Biohazardous

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