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Found 1 result

  1. Cannon dudes: they can put traps down, just like SB's traps, except that they dont explode on their own. They also fire aoe cannon shots and can put annoying statuses on you, like elimination. If the bearer of elimination attacks a mob, all allies in line with a mob and having more hp than said mob is going to take a percentage of the damage. Pulsar rogues beware - elimination and not paying attention to it is the easiest way to kill your entire team by accident (or on purpose). Tank mobs: they have a 4 range charge and they self stabilize after charging. That's fun. They also have a massive, and i mean massive aoe (wrath +2) which reduces FD by 20%. There is a state that gives them armor equal to 50% heals an ally receives near them or 50% damage dealt near them (2 cells i think). They can go invisible too and duplicate themselves (think sram double that you can see, then an invisible sram elsewhere). Just kidding. You lucky few no longer have to experience that particular bug. Pogo stick mobs: they hop around dealing stupid damage to anything they can. Yes, they are ranged. Plus, these guys ACTUALLY go invisible when they go under "25%" hp. Notice the quotes. This is because ankama can't math. Think crolks from past, except instead of just being invulnerable to damage and dealing no damage themselves, they turn invisible for 3 (maybe 2?) turns and kill everything. Imagine Hollowman with an invisible rail gun. Boss: So, where to begin. First of all, he has 5000 ini. Second, he has 999 lock. Third, he's steroids on steroids. He WILL go first. He will use his 8 range, no los cannon arms to aoe massacre someone or some poor fools. Mid 60s res is not enough to survive. You better have a Vibranium shield. All I can say is pray that whoever he hits survives. But you're probably better off just hiding your low res characters to the far left corner and/or sacrificing a low res character in the middle and just reviving him/her. He also starts with the stabilized state. No pushing. Pulling. Throwing. Teleporting. The only way to de-stabilize him is to have someone end next to him. He also pushes :D Now that the easy stuff is out of the way - The boss summons 4 totems, one for each element. He appears to summon them within 4 cells of a random party member. Hitting a totem with the matching element swaps you with that totem (water on a water totem swaps you). Ending within 3 cells (iop's wrath + 1) of the totem will cause you to get hit by 8000 fixed damage when boss' turn rolls around. You can block this damage, but I don't recommend trying to prove how tough you are. To make the boss vulnerable, he must be within 3 cells of one of these totems before his turn starts. Then, when his turn does start, the totems within 3 cells of him go poof and he gets vulnerable to the element of the poofed totem (if water totem is within 3 cells, then he will become vulnerable to water). Great, that sounds easy, right? Sorry guys, boss only takes 5000 damage MAX per element. If you go over 5000, he takes 0 damage. Haha no bursting for you. When you make him vulnerable, he will gain final damage on his turn, depending on the number of totems that made him vulnerable. For each totem that makes him vulnerable besides the first one, he will gain 8% less final damage. So 1 totem poof = 24% FD, two totems poof = 16%, three = 8%, four = 0%. Fortunately, FD caps at 100%, so he won't be one turning your 85 res feca, just dealing maybe 6-7k damage. Only. Now, boss will replace all totems, whether they went poof making him vulnerable or poof because you decided that destroying the boss' property seemed fun. Anyway, that's all there is to Kanni Looni, the kannibal dungeon boss. ... You wish :P Kanni Looni is actually just a giant mecha hiding the true final boss - Darkli Moon. Once Kanni Looni, his mecha suit, gets destroyed, Darkli Moon appears, along with 4 clones of himself. They have massive amounts of mp and huge aoes that take away everything you hold dear - your loved ones, your waifus, your husbandos, even your NSFW stuff. Also your mp, ap, and wp ofc. Oh and death tiles. Every turn boss summons 3 death tile totems, similar to his elemental totems, except ending on them won't give you a chance to show how tough you are, just how forgetful, silly, or immobile you are as a class (oh hey, why don't i have a teleport?) The res on these totems is now only 67, as opposed to 89 before (so yes, you can destroy them now, unless ofc, you are a 0 mp cc character, in which case, you should have known better. ankama hates cc classes). Killing Darkli Moon will be the end of this dungeon; you don't have to kill his clones. Good luck, have fun, and have a pack of complimentary tissues on the way there. There's also this: http://prnt.sc/9u1vwk The giant mecha suit can start behind you :D
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