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Found 6 results

  1. So for the past few years since the release of idols there have been insane gain in XP with the 508 score. Due to the fact that it was incredible easy to just use as full cra team with enus or just cra team with the release of lashing arrow and then barricade shot afterwards with the variants. Now it seems like the time is changing and Idols are finally getting rearranged so values will not benefit Cras so much but rather idols that in general makes the fight relatively hard for all classes. What I am wondering if what idol combination is the most effective for xp leech now
  2. A need a good place and idol combo to make it easier to get to 110, Im solo but I have access to some sidekicks.
  3. Hello boys :) I just get final with lvling fisherman,well I'm looking for help with get Build need to be "solo" using idols,for my enutrof. I want best one drop % bonus,or build which will be perfect for that job. Waiting for you'r help :) If u can,answer me fast please :) Thanks!!!!!!
  4. So I've been back into dofus for roughly a month and some change and i'm trying to figure out how idols work for "solo" play. What would be a good idol combo for max +loot drop increase? Best regards and cheers
  5. Good day guys, Since the new update most of you have probably tried the new Idol system and have noticed that there are times when before attacking the mob exp shown is X and after the fight is over the exp becomes Y, even though you haven't done a single challenge, in which case X is suppose to be equal to Y (idols are put correctly meaning there are no group ones when, for instance, i'm fighting with 4 chars against 3 mobs, so you can count that option out.). So my question is, is there a miscalculation or is there some other ankama math going on? Thanks in advance, Emoogi ^_^
  6. Hey guys i decided to make a summary of the idols and their effects to try and figure out which ones i can use to get the 300 score achievements maybe this can help someone too you can find my the summary here on my tumblr: Direct link: http://mariandreae.tumblr.com/post/122337036417/new-idols-effects-scores My tumblr main page is: http://mariandreae.tumblr.com/ pls inform me if i missed an idol or have typed incorrect information thanks EDIT: its been removed sorry.
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