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Found 1 result

  1. Monzxx


    So, now that i am finally rid of all my belongings ( only took like 6 months but whatever) it´s probrably my time to leave the game behind aswell. Its been a good almost 10 year long experience. I won´t mention any names, because i am pretty bad at it, i dont even remember the usernames of most of the old people on my friendlist when i see their nickname. And i wont "exclude" anyone. I lost several of my "mature" friends the last couple years due to my "annoying" rude and just mainly bad attitude. wich i am sorry for. After my irl friends stopped playing, it became neccecary for me to "be the best" and talk down to others to keep my interest for the game up, i am also sorry to everyone i´ve been a jerk to, but i did this for the pure fun of it. I dont rlly dislike anyone ( expect taktic ofc but he is a scammer) at last id like to thank: Revolution, Lucky strike, Blank, Dreamfields, Rise And Cloud for having me. ( And a special thank to Blank when they helped me out by giving me a complete new set and allowing me to keep playing after i got scammed) I will be on activly til tuesday and after that you guys will only see me talk crap about goult. I rlly hope rushu will do as good as last year. Thank you to everyone who has made this game fun for me. Goodbye.
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