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Found 10 results

  1. I have a +MP exotic maged Dorado with a goult mimisymbic for sale and a 100% perfect maged 1000 excuses cloak on the echo server. It also has 1% earth resistance. I want to sell them because I have been playing for too long to not go for a 12ap/6mp set. They're great for any class but specially for a cra as for the +2 range on dorado. to reach me on the echo server: /w Ihy . Thank you, see you on the other side!
  2. As title says exos around 45-50m negotiable, amy for 15m negotiable PM me here or ing /w Erisen AGE OLD SOLD, MF SOLD
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a really well maged range bubo ammy with the following stats: 345+ Vitality (willing to pay more if you can overmage vit too) Bought one with 3 crits for 20m thanks!! 99+ Agi 45+ Wis 4 Crits 1 AP 0 Range 1 Summon 15 Air Dmg 0+ PP 7+ Lock 0+ Crit Dmg 20 Water Res 20 Air Res I am willing to pay anywhere up from 35m to 60m, dependent on the stats and overall quality of mage. I'm contactable ingame on either Coops or Viche from 4-14h DUT otherways send me an IV message.
  4. Hi as the title states i'm buying a mopy king hat. Please message Hanshanelo ingame :) Cheers Bought for 1mk
  5. fluffy-snowball

    B> crystalline

    as you see in title~~buying crystalline hat for 500kk each~ need like 10 :D but more the better :D
  6. How much does a Rassler mask with the below stats go for ? 550+ Initiative 475+ Vitality 57+ Intelligence 57+ Agility 57+ Strength 38+ Wisdom 11+ Fire Damage 11+ Earth Damage 11+ Air Damage 11+ Neutral Damage 4 Critical Hits 1 Range Don't care much about Heals 10+ Prospecting Thanks
  7. UPDATE: Now selling on other international servers and Nehra, too. Ahoy, I'm selling my last two Skullcrasher shield and Shadow Helmet codes. They are It's linked to account, give the player a title ("Trap Evader" and "Chaser of Shadows") and were only obtainable by defeating Gein, demigod, son of Sram Shadow, at the Ankama Convention from May 2nd to 4th in Lille, France. Shadow Helmet: 45mk SOLD OUT! Skullcrasher: 110mk 100mk SOLD OUT! Prices are negotiable within a reasonable margin. I'm a pirate, not a greedy Enutrof. :) /w Capngoat in-game on Rosal, leave a message here on Imps, send me an Ankabox or reply in this thread. A quote from a satisfied customer: Disclaimer: Because the items are linked to account it's impossible to trade the in-game like any other item and thus trust becomes an issue. The rules are: You give me the kamas in-game and I will pm you the code. If I end up scamming you, feel free to open a thread here or on the official forums, spam Izmar's (@izmarvelous) and my (@paddykontschak) Twitter accounts with "Capngoat is a fucking piece of shit scammer" and force me to move to another server (This rule only applies for sales on Rosal). But I don't want that to happen so I'm just not going to scam you. Because scammers are fucking pieces of shit. And I'm not. :)
  8. Hey hey hey, I'm selling AP Freezz Hat - Stats are as follows +AP 387 Vitality 37 Strength 27 Wisdom 36% Power 6 Critical Hits 9 Neutral Damage 9 Earth Damage 9 Fire Damage 2 Water Damage 6 Prospecting 5 Lock 6 MP Loss Resistance 7% Fire Resistance 7% Air Resistance I am looking for offers around 105m - PM me in-game Pratcher, or via Imps
  9. Hiya guys, I'm looking to sell my Klime Hat and Nileza Ammy. I'm wanting 4.5-5m ish each for both equips. I'm only accepting offers with kamas, unless you either have Spell Point Scrolls or Sparkling/MahoganyPebbles. Prices are negotiable, and you will be able to contact me via Imps or in-game (Pratcher). Klime's Mask 274 Vit 67 Agi 54 Wis 3 Crit Hits 17 Air Dam 14 Prospecting 6 Dodge 5 AP Resist 10% Fire Resist 11 Water Resist SOLD Nileza's Amulet 270 Vit 59 Int 33 Wis 1 AP 1 Range 20 Fire Dam 10 Prospecting 9 Crit Dam 10% Neut Resist 8% Fire Resist SOLD
  10. Hey guys, i'd love to buy mp maged Glacial ring.. paying 50m+/- catch me ign: Ilovegingers or leave msg here cheerz, james

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