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Found 17 results

  1. We are the online society. We are an international English speaking social guild and we're looking for new members! At the online society you can chill, chat, trade, learn, meet new people, farm, team up and have fun! Everybody is welcome to join us on our adventure. If you're interested you can find us at our discord Here Hope to see you soon. Kind regards, Primal (Founder & leader)
  2. White Dawn The last stand of non-french players Who we are and why would You like to join us? We are friendly, helpful and brave guild that fight for our internation rights. Lets join our guild and fight hand to hand with us! If You are... ... Someone who is bored of this french lenguage and You like to spend time with strange ingame friends then You are welcome. ... Interested then just message one of our mates ingame. Staff Leader - Moonshard Sic - Xoop Sic - Twoj-Stary-Pijany
  3. DEVOURER Gotta devour em' all Who are we? We are a casual international guild with people from all over the world. We talk a lot & make zaap sitters run away. Why should you join us? Our Discord is full of adult content and hot asian girls pics. Once you join us you become a part of us and you'll never wanna go away. We are a guild like no other. We will build a wall to keep French players off Dofus. You can get perceptor rights if you work hard so frenchies can kill it right away. Who are we looking for? Sexy girlz with bi
  4. We, the Aureates, are a group of veteran players who want to recapture the magic of creating a community of helpful, nice and active people who want to be part of a family more than just a hardcore playgroup. We have no level requirements for this reason, since that is never an indicator of your personality. What we expect: - You are open minded and friendly to the people in the guild. - You don't spread unnecessary negativity - Everyone can have a bad day, and it's great to talk about it, but don't let it take over and behave toxically towards other members. -
  5. Fedaykin Who are we? Fedaykin is a level 200 guild originally from the server Zatoishwan which moved to Rushu and is now part of Echo. Our members are long-time veterans of the game, and throughout the years we've had an ebb and flow of activity. Although they may not be as active in the game, they are present in our Discord server and your presence may even lure them out of their caves. However, this is not about them. This is about you! Currently, we have a few active members that are hoping to revive the guild back from its hibernation. So if you're interested t
  6. Will be starting up on Heroic again full time with some of the crew and playing competitively again, if anyone would like to try out the server under my wing I can show you the ropes on how to bully the frenchies. I won't babysit you with items and exp but give you the advice and show you how I play my team on this server, a demonstration of how the lads do it <3 Meet me in game on May 14th onwards, I'll be on Crunchiee or Crunchie-Profession
  7. Hello all! This post is meant to inform those interested in learning about and possibly joining this brand new guild on Ilyzaelle. First and foremost, I'd like to introduce myself. My in-game name is Abandonego and despite my partner hating my hermit life, I game game and game. I always have and most likely always will. Gaming is a form a stress relief, as we all know, and therefore I'm magnetized to it and everyone else who plays games with me for the same reason, fun. Community building in the gaming scene has also been an interest of mine for quite some time. If it's
  8. TLDR: We plan on being the first and the best English guild on Ilyzaelle if thats something that interests you join now! DiscordIntroduction: Hi guys with the mono account server nearing I wanted to start recruitment a little early. I'm looking for English players who would like to hit the ground running with our guild. Some of you may know me as Supersaiyan who ran Supersaiyans on heroic server and epic server for the english. Or you may know me from wakfu as the eco-terrorist that started a war between nations over weeping willow seeds haha. Well I'm back now and ready for the new server and
  9. Are you an English player looking for an English speaking guild on the mono-account server Fraktal? Then look no further! The guild English Community is now recruiting players of all levels and expertise! First time playing Dofus? Don't worry, we can help get you started. Are you coming back to Dofus from a multi-year hiatus and completely lost with all these recent changes? Not a problem either! Have you been playing recently, but are struggling to find a helpful community of English players? We're right here. Come join us :~)
  10. Hi guys, Seven is a pvp (kolo, koth, 1v1, 3v3 and perc hunts) guild on Ilyzaelle server currently with over 120 members and level 17. Be a part of our rapid growth as we aim to be the server's not only best pvp ENGLISH guild but best pvp guild overall. Many percs will die. Cheers!
  11. Hey guys I recently had to take about a month break from Dofus due to some real life things that popped up. We lost some members due to it and I thought that now that I am back it's a pretty good time to clear out some in-actives and recruit some new people. If you like pvp either perc hunts or koths, I usually participate in both. I try to help pvm when I can, sometimes I am just busy unfortunately, second in commands assist when I am busy usually. I'd prefer people 140+ but if you're close to that it's fine. I myself am from the US I play in the eastern timezone, we have people from Austra
  12. SPOOKY SKELETON SOCIETY WANTS YOU! Who are we? The Spooky Skeleton Society is a brand new guild that was formed by a group of friends who have recently restarted playing again, and wanted to recapture the feeling of having a tight-knit community of people to play Dofus with. What do we do? A little bit of everything and nothing! This guild hasn’t been formed with any particular goal in mind, other than having a grand old time. With over a decade’s worth of Dofus experience under our belts, you’d think we’d be pros at the game by now, bu
  13. Gathering Warriors for the Horde. Today is the Birth of the Horde, marking first day of Honor for The Horde. Private Message /w Alectrocity level 200 iop Horde warrior veteran See thing you've never would have seen before, unlocking Horde adventures and power with teamwork All level's are welcome to join The Unholy Legion of Horde
  14. I have played on the server Dark Vlad for about 7 years now. I have met beautiful people and that's why i want to thank them for playing with me. The best way to thank them is to make a video so they can watch them back in the future and look back on the amazing moments we had. I hope you enjoyed our presentation/story.
  15. So I would think most level 200 guilds have had the problem of wondering when to distribute ranks/rights to characters. Normally in my guild we distribute perceptor rights after being in the guild for a certain amount of time. It would be very cool to be able to view when a certain person joined a guild. Its kinda hard to juggle 200 members sometimes. I can always log the character pages and view my current guilds page and see when the person joined but it would be GREAT to be able to view these statistics in game. =) Extract from older thread How many perceptors he/she has out at the time
  16. Hi! My name is Andrew and I am recruiting for my new Guild, "God's Chosen." We are trying to get together a group of fellow Christian players and spread the word throughout Dofus! It may seem silly, but we would love for this Guild to be an up-and-comer! I am the leader, character name is "Meep-Meep," alt is "Esmire." My friend is second in command, he is known as "Gold-member." We are not discriminatory or judgmental to anybody, if you would like to join please send us a shout-out through Ankamabox, or via e-mail reichelandrew@live.com Thanks Guys! God Bless and I hope to see some of you all
  17. Hello for the last 2 months I have been playing Dofus. I went from lvl 1 to 88 with a wide variety of things done. Leeching, Daily quests, Kolo, Doploons Almanax I have done it all. But what I actually like to do is just sit back, Reap some corn, Hit some rare minerals and ores in the mines and make new Capes, Shoes and Weapons. Yesterday I stumbled across Zeruel (Ima-Bird). He told me what nostalgia he got from spending hours at the public paddock watching his 2 dragoturkeys become tame and friendly. and how he was the best handyman in town. I met him yesterday and our meeting las
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