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Found 4 results

  1. Veritas Aequitas was born with a community spirit on Zato in 2010 and is now BACK and part of the Integrity Alliance 7 years later! VA invites fellow Echo residents to join us in our quest to elevate the guild to its former glory, a successful guild focused on community and fun. Right now we are a modestly sized guild and are seeking to build a solid membership base with individuals who are a good fit. Requirements All levels welcome - Community > levels (No leeches please. We expect you to play the game and not be leeched through your lower levels) Drama free, friendly players who respect the rules of the Guild and Integrity Alliance Must have some experience and knowledge of the game Alts welcome What you can expect A fun, laid back /g chat Regular guild and alliance events and competitions A close knit community Democracy - member input is welcome on all matters Dedicated Discord channel Lots of lols No drama Opportunities to rank up and join the guild’s management team How to apply Reply to this thread answering the following: 1. Character Name, Class and Level. 2. Names of all your alt Characters. 3. Level of experience with the game. 4. Guilds you have previously been a part of or currently belong to on other characters. 5. Why do you want to join VA? 6. Tell us a joke or fun fact purely for entertainment purposes. Feel free to pm Swizzlestick for more information in-game or via Imps. See you in-game! Look out for regular updates on this thread.
  2. Empathy is Recruiting Here is some quick information about the Requirements: - Active - Level 180+ - Loyal, and Obey the rules of the Guild and Alliance - Active in Koth´s and other Alliance activities - Not Blacklisted/ Banned About Us: - We are a level 200 guild with a community of old and new players, which is trying to have some fun. - We one of Rushu´s Biggest Guilds. - We do Dungeons, Kolo´s, Koth´s and more. - Our main focus right now, is to strengthen our PvP-Power, and overall activity within the guild. - We are Helpful and Freindly. - We have a wide range of professions within the Guild, which is Free for members. For more information about us, Please pm: Black-divel or one of the SIC´s (see below) How to Join : - PM one of the SIC´s or our leader Black-divel. - Some of our members with inv. right. - Answer any questions that may be asked. Names of SIC´s : - Ultrox - Morcha - Launi - Starchild (yes, i know, miracles do happen) - Zylus - Camnewton - Aniani-sac
  3. Are you being bullied ? Do you feel like you're always being put down? Feel like you have no where to go? I know how you feel.. I was once in Alcooliques in Iron and I was bullied everyday even when I never said anything :( they bullied me for no reason at all. I started feeling down and felt no one loved me anymore so I decided to put that behind me and leave the negativity behind me. I left Alcooliques (I'll miss you Broq) to make my own guild, Bullied. I hope others who have been Bullied by others in Dofus will not be afraid to leave that in the past and come join Bullied, together we can stand up against the bullies in Dofus! pm me in-game on my eni, Tohsaka Members will be given free bread on a case to case base. - Ash
  4. From Ashes

    I used to have a guild called Those Guys. It honestly just started as just a way to keep in contact with myself and two of my friends and have all their alts organized in one place (as long as I got to call myself leader). But soon enough a few more friends wanted to join to keep in contact with us. Then a few more, then even more than that. In under a year, Those Guys became one of the largest, most popular guilds on the whole server. Our guild chat flourished, or members grew tightly together as the days went on, and I couldn’t be happier. I had no idea my guild would grow as large as it did. Then I decided to stop playing Dofus to focus on college, and I left control of the guild to one of the people that helped me found it, somebody I thought I could trust unconditionally. He saw fit to delete it. Everything that was worked so hard on was gone in the blink of an eye. When I decided to start playing again, I honestly didn’t know what to feel. My kingdom was destroyed, my castle was sacked, my denizens were scattered, everything was over. My blood pressure was too high and my spirits were too low to do anything about it, so I decided the best course of action was to just wallow in self-pity and lone wolf it for well over a month. Time has a way of healing all wounds, whether they are physical, emotional, or mental ones. Finally, it’s time to stop moping around and move on. I’m re-creating my guild with a new name, emblem, and management; like a glowing phoenix rising anew from the ashes, burning with desire at the chance of a new life. We’re looking for players that are active, level 100+, and enjoy creating a healthy gaming atmosphere that wish to join us. My old guild had an extensive and organized ranking chart that I used to determine rights and ranks, but because this is a brand new guild I’m foregoing any official ranks/rights in exchange for manually assigning everything. In addition, the level requirement of 100+ will be waived under some circumstances; the quality of the character that wishes to be invited far outweighs the level at which they play at. At the moment, we have no paddocks, no guild houses, and we are unaffiliated with any alliance…for now. With time, patience, and a lot of work, we can all work together to creating (once more) one of the best guilds on the server. If you're interested in joining, let me know here or PM me (Jesternaut), Skittles, or Beast-Savage in-game. We all look forward to welcoming you. From the Ashes, we will rise!