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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everyone, So recently I've been thinking of returning to Dofus after years of being inactive (go go server intrusion and the account hackings that followed). While I do play Wakfu on and off, I've started to miss Dofus and how much fun I had with 2 accounts farming Crackler dungeon :rolleyes:. Anyways, I plan on starting from scratch and will probably end up playing either 3 or 4 accounts. That being said, my first question involves team composition and what classes would be 'ideal'. While I don't plan on hitting endgame super-fast-omg-12-hours-a-day, I'd still like a capable group that can clear most content. Ideally I'd love an Osa, though having read through the forums and whatnot I can see they're not best-in-slot. With that in mind, what 2-3 other classes do you think would work with an Osa? Alternatively, what is a solid 3-4 man group that doesn't involve one? Lastly, given I plan on playing 3-4 accounts, I've been using a script that lets me shift between the 4 screens quite quickly, but I still find it a bit slow and clanky, is there some alternative way of moving a group as a unit? I know there's something for dungeons, but for the most part I'm questing and doing some light achievements. I'm actively reading through imps and whatnot now, so I apologise if these sort of posts are becoming tedious to some of you. I'll probably add more questions as they come to me, but I have to dash! Thanks a bunch.