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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, selling some old stuff. IGN: Siegfried. Village [0,1]. Thanks.
  2. How exactly do the legendary treasure hunt reward items (Voldelor's foot, Gein's bottle, etc.) work? Is it always just 1 item that goes to the person who initiated the hunt, or is there some way to get multiple items from one hunt? Obtaining the fragments for 3 legendary treasure maps sounds like pure torture...
  3. Selling this Amulet for 35mk. Open to negotiation. It'll be on my merchant somewhere in the village if I'm not online. PM me in-game (Jesternaut) or here.
  4. So Dignity and I have some items for sale, prices are below the screens. Range exomaged, 40mk Range exomaged, 35mk MP exomaged,100mk MP exomaged 60mk SOLD AP exomaged, 39mk SOLD Also 32mk SOLD Apart from the items above we are also selling a Nomarrow set, Klime set, Bubotron set and fire Flinty Daggers. All very nice maged. If you are interested, please leave a message below or PM in game. You can always check out the Dignity merchant at [-1,0] ! IGN: Goji and Naughty/Dignity
  5. Hey! I've fought Gein already as bounty in srambad and killed him, but this was on small map and we (me & friends) were placing summons completely random (2cells between them ofc) but we didn't have idea we can predict where he will be. Now my friend is trying to beat Gein in Gein Treasure Hunt and we can't kill him in 10turns cuz all maps which he gets are huge as fk. Today i saw film from Naga-Zakii and he with friends knew where Gein will be: Here's my question: How can I predict and on what does it depend?
  6. So I made this gein set, maged it and all, and don't really want it for my xelor. Its pretty perfectly maged. Stats are: HAT (38mk) SOLD FOR 36mk 346/350 vitality 82/70 strength 70/70 intel 36/40 wis 3/3 critical hits 1/1 summons 15/15 neutral damage 15/15 earth damage 15/15 fire damage 9/10 dodge 7%/7% neutral res 10%/10% earth res AMULET (37mk) 336/350 vitality 70/70 strength 84/70 intel 35/40 wis 1/1 ap 1/1 range 10/10 neutral damage 10/10 earth damage 10/10 fire damage 10/15 prospecting 5/6 dodge 23/25 critical damage 10%/10% water res BELT (35mk) 343/350 vitality 56/60 strength 56/6
  7. trying to get a bit more post here or try to catch me online on Blood-Nyroc if you got any 250kk ea
  8. UPDATE: Now selling on other international servers and Nehra, too. Ahoy, I'm selling my last two Skullcrasher shield and Shadow Helmet codes. They are It's linked to account, give the player a title ("Trap Evader" and "Chaser of Shadows") and were only obtainable by defeating Gein, demigod, son of Sram Shadow, at the Ankama Convention from May 2nd to 4th in Lille, France. Shadow Helmet: 45mk SOLD OUT! Skullcrasher: 110mk 100mk SOLD OUT! Prices are negotiable within a reasonable margin. I'm a pirate, not a greedy Enutrof. :) /w Capngoat in-game on Rosal, leave a message here on Imps, sen
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