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Found 10 results

  1. Lot of gear, dofus, pets and some other stuff at [-1,-1]. Too lazy to post all but take a look, good price x). Cheers.
  2. Hey everyone I'm a returning player of many years. I started back when I found the game on mini clip and did all I could to try to get good at this game and after quite some time I did but then the game eventually fell off for me. However I heard some news about the game again and became excited to get back to running dungeons and fighting with teams but unfortunately so much has changed and I dont know where to start. If I could have someone help guide me along into playing this game again I would be so appreciative as dofus is something I really do enjoy playing especially with others. So pl
  3. Hey there! Recently made a full agi Huppermage in one of the mono-account servers and having a blast! I'm about to ding level 100 and am wondering where my goals should be with this class. The dofusplanner given below is of the gear I currently own / wear. Keep in mind everything is overmaged so the vitality the planner says I have is incorrect. I almost got ( 1700 HP ) https://www.dofusplanner.com/5RLzV/edit/ Now, what should I go for next gear-wise? What are my goals in group play, PvP wise and PvM wise? All I atm do is trying t
  4. Merch Sinaj at [-3,0] If any1 want to buy more mats, leave me message here or ingame
  5. Merch at [0,0] Siegfate. Pic is tiny IK,just click and you'll see what I'm selling. can't fix cuz I sux :[
  6. Hi, i have 150 lvl osamodas. can someone help me kolo gear(150-160)? im vit-int. Thanks
  7. Hi Im selling Age old Hat 7mk: Age old Amulet 8mk: Nileza Cape 12mk: Unstable Band AP Exo 12-15mk: Thanks! IGN's: Harukage & Asuna
  8. Hello, Quitting my game addiction and selling my left over gear that I no longer need: Accepting kamas or overpay in items. Maged Gear: sold all. EXOS: MP captain scarligh ring: 10mk Summon maged XA cloak: 20 mk Dofuses: Sold all. IGN: Troublemaker / swiitsy (merch can be found in the village)
  9. So my panda is reaching the point were I am buying his real set and there is a few things I have ran into: Pure builds: More damage Suffer less from To many spells not enough points (but still needs like 30 scrolls at least) Suffers more from resistances Possibly more vit then a hybrid build Hybrid builds: Less overall damage output but isn't effected as badly by resistances Can take advantage of end game hybrid weapons (eternal wand, etc) Lots of end game two elemental sets Take advantage of powerful spells that wouldn't really be useful before This mostly came up as I was looking a
  10. hey guys, I'd love to know which set imps thinks is best for my sac when I do find the time to come back He's currently pure wis and I've set that into the d/b sets, he's scrolled wisdom/agility, opinions please? Thank you! http://www.dofusbook.net/perso/equipement/King-set-1.html http://www.dofusbook.net/perso/equipement/King-set-2.html
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