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Found 4 results

  1. Hay guys. if you remember me i play Dofus...ALLOT. now im trying my hand at Wakfu. and im loving it! im useing a cra(She just to damn sexy) and now im thinking of trying a Feca. i just dont know how to build him. so can anyone give me any idea's what to put points into? im going to get the hero booster pack my team will be Cra,Feca,Eni
  2. Hi everyone, I am a level 200 omni feca; 11-6-6, 400 each stat + 400 power, 30% all resses. I know Feca's are usually viewed as great PvPers... but I feel very week in PvE content. I feel happy when I can hit over 1k damage in a turn, where my Iop can easily do 2-3k. Well you might say "you have shields" "you have glyphs"; first of all Rampart reduces the damage by 100-200 on a spell that deals 1k (not that helpful in an end-game dungeon). You can never do that double glyph + teleport in AoE ap/mp rape 1k dmg combo... because all the monsters move out and I cannot stay in the glyphs and tank 4 x lvl 200 monsters. (Maybe I need more Lock?) Overall I feel weak as a character compared to my gear, I feel like if I was a Cra with the same gear I would make much more work (dmg, ap/mp red. etc.) Do any of you guys have any tips for me? I know I am missing something because there are many Feca's who are doing all the end-game dungeons, achievements etc. Thanks in advanced for your time :) Replication of my set on dofus planner: https://www.dofusplanner.com/Wzs2u/edit/
  3. Hey guys I'm wondering if I do need to upgrade my fecas current set or what I could get to improve it right now I use inky age old hat belt nizela Ammy pathoboots mp Nidas and arch bow
  4. Hey all, I've been playing a little recently and found that Fecas play a bit differently now. I hadn't really played since before they had a single armor spell. Kinda cool though. They seem to do a bit more damage and be a bit more tactical for the damage end of things instead of so support-y like they use to. I'm kind of looking for something to break the monotony though. Once I re-learned Feca, it got old pretty quick, sad to say. I'm wondering if it may be worth it to switch it up and class-change him? I mostly solo, do dopples, professions, the like. At most I'll be playing with 2 characters, which rules out a good many upper-level dungeon's I'd guess. What are some ideas on that? Is Feca worth keeping? If not, what are some ideas you all may have? I've seen lots of people digging Elios lately. Not sure if the learning curve would be brutal or not though? Srams? Seens lots of people digging those guys too. Could be fun! Lemme know what you all think! Preciate' it! ​-SB Side note, because I noticed I forgot it. Feca's 199 intel atm. I could spring for some new gear if it goes a different element, so no biggie there.
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