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Found 137 results

  1. Selling this Mp exo . pm me in game if interested. Cheers
  2. hello, selling ap exo tash ring 22/25 wis 4/5 dmg 7/20 pp 9/10 water res, rest stats are perfect, and on top it has 6 ini exo too price is 18m but u can offer too
  3. So today I'll be starting my maging service. - 1-4% Resists - Range/Summon - Vitality - AP/MP Prices will be negotiated when applying for this service (I WILL GIVE DISCOUNTS IF IT TAKES A WHILE FOR ME TO COMPLETE DUE TO IRL-STUFF), I will try and get back to you as soon as possible. If you provide the item and/or runes I will ofcourse take that off of the price in the end. You can contact me on Imps or in-game on Thefook, Fooq or ankabox (if people are into that) and show me the stats that the items need to have (69/420 vitality for example).
  4. Selling AP Tash ring for 25mk pm me on here or in game "Chlouce"
  5. Four Leaf +AP 29mk Four Leaf +MP 29mk Bearbaric wedding ring +AP 34mk Tritun Boots +2 Crit 17mk Nomarow Ring +MP 15mk Strange Wand 26mk Open to negotiations <3 Catch me in game: Vulfio or Discord: Vulfio#8603
  6. Bua_the_Grandma

    S> Daguanos MP EXO

    selling epic maged MP daguanos :) leave message here or just ING : Ъот cheers. (accepting some items of decent worth) :) also can think about trade it for ap inky veil.
  7. Selling these baleenaboots (Range exo). IGN: Epne/Veis Price: Looking to get around 22MK, can negotiate a bit. Im usually online after 17:00 every day ( Swedish time ).
  8. Hola, decided to go ahead and sell some items. Prices listed will be slightly negotiable, got time and not in a hurry. Thread will get updated regularly with fresh mages. Amulets: Jammy 36m Spookkoth 17m Treadfast 15m Unspeakable 14m Pawl Ouatnos 11m Axe: Mantaxe 26m Belts: Menobelt 28m Boots: Tritun 22m Unnamable 14m Tal Kasha 19m Cloaks: Indescribable 34m Teuse 37m Tal Kasha 26m Daggers: Daguanos 23m Hats: Moum-Ra 28m Allister 13m Rings: Jammy 38m Wedding 38m Deep Sea 36m Band 35m Nidas 26m Loads of items have been maged by myself, if you ever are interested feel free to have a look at my thread in which I offer my maging services. Items are in a merchant right now, so either imps message me or hit me up in-game on Thefook (Mostly sitting at -1 or at bonta magus place). In merch at [-1,0].
  9. Updates 6th Nov '13 - (1.05) Added a small segment about the removal of overmaged characteristics with smaller runes. 7th Nov '13 - (1.1) Table for runes and powers directly (much like jeux). 27th Dec '13 - (1.2) Implemented some headers and footers, alongside some bullet points and increased information which I thought the previous versions lacked. 27th Jan '14 - (1.21) Beginning to implement example images. 9th Feb '14 - (1.22) Increased information, more example images added. 23rd Mar '17 - (1.23) Rune table updated and notes added to reflect minor changes to maging over the past few years which I missed as haven't been playing. I threw this together a few months ago cause guildies/allies kept bugging me about how to mage and I was sick of it, and wanted a quick response technique. My guild left that alliance, and it was sitting doing nothing, so after running it past an old player to ensure correct info, I decided to post it here. I realise a lot of the information is already available, but it's scattered throughout threads and mountains of other pages. I realise it's not the entirety of knowledge required, and I'll maintain the thread as I find time/patience. So I'll post it in versions. I gathered this knowledge through a combination of trial and error throughout the years, tips from other players (ty jeux online, you are golden), and the vast bank of knowledge contained in these forums. I'm not perfect, as hard as I try, so there may be minor errors and/or typos. I would be grateful to anyone who points them out. Thank you Imps, you've helped me so much over the years. Here's my humble effort to attempt to return the favour! Please note - changes since this guide was created! As some minor changes have been made to the maging system, please note that the maximum natural power is now 100 and no longer 101. This can be ignored with a universal "exomage" - for example, you may still exotically mage 1AP and 10 Initiative to an item. Please correct any misinformation which may have been given here due to these changes, and any other major changes I may have missed, thank you in advance. An explanation of "sink" Sink is possibly the most important aspect of maging, and you absolutely must know what it means. In the following paragraphs, I have explained my formula, and the importance of keeping track. It isn't essential to keep track of every unit of sink; on one instance I counted every single decimal point of the sink, and a simple mage extended into a long, tiring one. Keeping track is easy if you manage to lose it at any point, because it balances itself out on regular intervals. When receiving or losing sink, this is the simple formula: C = the current sink value before the mage. S = the final value of sink applied to the current value ( "S" can be positive or negative). L = any lost stats' power added together. P = the power of the rune attempted. S = L - P; C + S. [image example will be posted soon] Example: A ra vit (7.5) used; Success (30 vit, -1 crit, +sink). This leaves 22.5 sink. If a +crit rune is then used (30 power), this leads instantly to negative sink (-7.5) in which case another stat will be depleted; only a critical mage will prevent this loss, and in which case removes the previously stated loss of sink (30), leaving the item with the previous sink (22.5). For the next example, we will assume the +critical hits mage is not a critical mage. Footnote: Critical mages have a specific % chance of being applied. The success rate seems to vary for specific equipment, perhaps due to its level, its current stats in relation to its natural stats, and success/failure history for the current mage. They are important for creating a successful mage - you will know if a mage has been critical, because after the rune is attempted, the value will be applied without penalty. This is the reason a lot of people get confused about magi attempting to drop an AP or an MP, or Range or something with a high value - "but isn't that a bad thing?? I need my AP?!" The sink is a massive value, and if the stat is critically maged back on, all that lovely sink is there for the taking for overmaging or repairing other stats. Read on for in-depth examples. Success (1 Crit, -84 vit, -sink) [example image will be posted soon] -sink is shown. This is because the power of the rune attempted is more than the stats lost; however some positive sink remains, specifically 13.5; calculated by the base sink from the use of the crit rune (-7.5) added to the power of the lost stats (21). 21 + -7.5 = 13.5 remaining sink. While this positive sink remains, any non-critical mages with less power than the remaining sink will not remove any other stats. It does not, however, guarantee a successful mage, and sink will still be lost, as I will display below. I will show the mage attempts with pa vit runes (10 vit, 2.5 power). Failure (-sink) Failure (-sink) Success (10 vit, -sink) Failure (-sink) Success (10 vit, -sink) After this, where 5x 2.5 power mages were used, only 1 sink remains. A further non-critical mage will result in a lost stat. Let's assume the magus continues maging with pa vit runes. Success (10 vit) Success (10 vit) Success (10 vit) Success (10 vit, -1% earth res, +sink) A resistance was lost because the sink went negative (note that I randomly chose this stat for the purpose of this example; any relative stay may have been dropped in a real scenario). After the resistance was dropped, the sink once again went positive, specifically by 6 points, plus the negative sink (-1.5). This leaves 4.5 sink. Success (1% earth resistance, -2 vit, -sink) Once again, a negative sink is displayed as the loss is less power than the rune used. This time, however, the sink remains negative. From the 4.5 sink, 6 was removed, and 0.5 was added from the 2 lost vit, leaving -1 sink. The next mage, considering again that it is non-critical, will once again remove a stat. "Things get worse before they get better": Critical maging Example of a perfect critical mage-failure. Example of an AP drop and critical mage, with in-depth information. Success (10 vit, -1ap, +sink) Now, an ap was removed! This can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on your finance and your following luck. Most maguses desire a scenario where a high power stat such as AP or MP is lost, then critically maged back on so that they may continue maging without penalty, as I will display below (remember there was -1 sink plus -2.5 from the pa vit rune used, plus 100 from the ap, leaving 96.5 sink). Success (1ap) Success (30 vit, -sink) In this case, vit was successfully overmaged. Vit may then be continued to overmage without penalty, until either the 89 sink is depleted, or the magus reaches the power limit of vit (all stats gave a limit of 101 power, so the max vit is 404; a ra vit may only be used at 374 or less units). Failure only leads to success As I explained above, the only way to a successful mage is by failing. Not everyone I know does this, but when maging equipment which has stats I (or the client) don't care about, I keep runes for those stats anyway. This is for two reasons: I "hoodwink" the equipment into "thinking" that I actually care about the specific stat, and have it go "huehuehue no max Chance for you kedj" (the best explanation I have for this, I'm afraid!) A major drop from a non-critical high-value mage which hopefully drops the unwanted stats and not much else. Or just in general, dropping the unwanted stats from wanted mage/failure, but the mage going on so long that they disappear and the only failures possible is the stats I actually want to keep. [example image will be posted soon] Let's assume without an example the magus successfully overmaged vit to 404, and was left with 44 sink (6 uses of ra vit - 45 power). He then realises (ahh NO!) he forgot to max the earth resistance. Success (1% earth resistance, -24 vit) Even though there was 44 sink remaining, vit was lost. There are two reasons for this: An overmaged stat is the focus of dropped stats, and will be dropped in direct proportion to the power of the rune used. This is only prevented by a critical mage, which the earth res mage was not. This now leaves the magus with 380 vit (we'll assume the max was 300); useless to a perfectionist because a ra vit may not be used again due to the 404 cap, and pa vits have an extremely low success rate after about 210 - a rate which drops the higher you go (can be said for all runes which have a parent rune). The only way to re-maximise the vit is to further drop it by 8 (using a 2 power rune such as power or crit res), leaving 372 vit, and attempt further ra vits hoping the remaining sink is sufficient for a success. Please note that this method of removing a small amount of overmaged stat with a low-power rune is a universal technique for perfecting the stats on your equipment. This is why you should take great care when memorising the stat's power (and of course the power of the rune you will use). A general example of dropping stats in this method can be found in this example image. Please note that the Vitality was overmaged to 228 (maximum is 200) when the Critical Hits dropped, and take the time to understand the runes used afterwards. An introduction to statistics The maximum power of exotic mages (exomage) which can be applied to an item is 101. For instance, it is technically possible to exomage 1ap and 4 vit onto an item, but any further exo mages or overmages will automatically fail. Below is a table showing the power of characteristics in maging. Note that the "max" is a theoretical unit for some characteristics; for instance, it is very possible to overmage a piece of equipment which has a maximum of 70 Agility to 101; however, there is such a small possibility of exomaging 101 Agility to an item that it isn't even worth considering. Technically possible, but unrealistic. It is also worth mentioning that items with a high power, but below the capped threshold, is possible to overmage - for example, an item which gives two Critical Hits may be overmaged (albeit with a very small chance of success and high chance of retribution against other stats) to 3 Critical Hits. This rule may be broken by equipment which contains characteristics which naturally go past the maximum power limit - for instance, Treadfast Amulet can naturally go to 70% Power (140 characteristic power). Another thing worth mentioning, is that as well as the sink balancing itself out, critical mages to failed mages rate also seem to balance themselves out. An example is if you find that almost every rune you're trying just for a general mage (not an exotic or overmage) is failing, at some point later in the session the item tends to critically succeed runes more often than not. This information is subject to a lot of debate between maguses, but after years of maging I find that it holds true. Planned future updates: Categorical headers for different sections and sub-sections Reformat and restructure of the guide itself for ease of access A short explanation of the process of exomaging, and different techniques used by different magi Beginner's FAQs Negative stat "overmaging" Parent runes (Ra, Pa), and their capped thresholds in accordance to reasonable success rates
  10. Sell Inky AP 53mk -> 47mk Inky MP 60mk -> 55mk Please pm me in game - not there. Nickname: Caitir
  11. Starchild

    Sold. Close.

    Selling my good old AP inky. Price is 65mk. Feel free to pm me in game for negotiatons. /w Starchild
  12. Price is 35m, contact me over here or in-game on Remarkable-Swords.
  13. Hey Imps! I am looking to buy a Hail Ring with a summon exo and the stats listed below. Stats needed: 24X Vitality 37+ Wisdom 37+ Power 1 Range 10 Damage -- Prospecting doesn't matter. 5+ Fire Resistance 10% Water Resistance. Paying 10M
  14. /w Oliviette or Zachkiefer in game, message in imps is fine too
  15. /w Doublescore in-game or comment/message me on imps. Thank you
  16. I know it's less populated than before but just hoping if someone's interested. /w Doublescore in game. Have a nice day!
  17. As the tittle says i'm Taking orders on maged items ( %res , Crit res , Overs etc.. ) , no Ap/Mp/Range exos for the moment. AP / MP / Summons Exos are now included , (If you already got the item ofc its price is reduced from the final price) , have fun and good game ! - Please pm me in game *Uns-Daiman*for details . ( the price is fixed depending on the stats needed and the item )
  18. no available exos for sale at this time, orders only atm Taking exo orders, however I will not be taking mainstream orders ap/mp bear,hairsh,nomarrow etc. I also do regular mages (perf stat,%res,OM stats etc) Hmu with some interesting mage ideas :D MY MAIN HAS BEEN CHANGED TO DRAYMOND-GREEN so contact there instead of Lil-remix thank you Message me in game at Draymond-Green or message here on Imps
  19. helllo :) I've for sell bearbaric band exo AP maged. There's some screens of it, thanks! Make some offerts,every offer will be considered msg me in game : Bua / Wpads / Bui
  20. 28m (negotiable) 40m (negotiable) 30m (negotiable) 40m (negotiable)
  21. 1AP 288+ vit 47%+ 4 crit 2 range 9 dmg 9 dmg 9 dmg 10% res I'm not really sure about the price right now , what about 40mk ? Bought for 35mk I'm Looking for ank Inky! Pm me here or ingame Mavvolino
  22. Buying AP Jammy jack exo: Can be ring or amu, stats need to be close to perfect (yeye vague af). Looking to pay around 20-30m depending on stats (negotiable). /w hendzorz
  23. MP bearbaric wedding ring: Looking for strictly good stats as follows: 240+ vit 57+ agi 58+ cha 35+ wis 1 range 12 water damage 12 air damage 350+initiative 5 lock 7 neut res 7 earth res 7 fire res 1% air resist 1MP Well, looking at 150mk payment for a ring with these stats, so anyone that has some free time and doesnt know what to use it up on, feel free to try it. Thanks.
  24. I have this ring for sale Looking for 40mk. Price is negotiable Leave your best offer here or PM in game IGN: Brewberry
  25. Selling MP Exo. Bearbaric Band for 23 mk. PM. me in game /w Medalyst

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