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Found 17 results

  1. Dofus Retro mono-account Temporis planned for 2022 February. x3 XP/Drops/Profession XP/Runes All equipment drops from monsters Class passives No characteristic softcaps New pet that gives AP and eats other pets Custom PvM fights/challenges to earn Tempokens that can be exchanged to get Characteristic Scrolls/Mounts/Pets/Dofus XP potion/Cosmetics at the end Goultarminator on Temporis Krosmonote slides about Temporis and a 2022 update roadmap: https://imgur.com/a/spsWegi
  2. Halloween is here on the Dofus Creator website and for this event you can redeem an exclusive reward, the Al Howin 2021 Emblem Take part in the event, it will only last until November 2nd! Access: https://dofuscreator.com Find the 6 Al Howin Tofus hidden throughout the Dofus Creator website (I hear they are even hidden inside the equipments) Redeem your exclusive reward this year Alright, everyone can see your achievement by accessing your profile in any of your projects on the site! This year's reward is exclusi
  3. Good morning. I was thinking for a while to make contest/ event related to Fleaster, which, of course, should have taken place around Fleaster time. I wrote about it on my feed sometime ago, asking for opinions/ ideas, and @Quadro suggested to post about it here. Thanks. The idea was that participants should post drawings made in Paint only, related to Fleaster in general, with or without some additional Dofus reference too. The choice of drawings in Paint only (no sophisticated photo editors, no images imported from around the web) was made to give an equal opportunity
  4. FIGHT CLUB Fight Club is a server-wide pvp event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may register for the event any time between now and Friday the 20th at 23:00DST. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs! Tldr;; GEARLESS 3v3 pvp event this Saturday the 21st, registration closes Friday REFEREES & STREAMERS Referee: Animuffin - Discord: Amber#5839 Referee: Bootiful Referee: Kurama-Kyubi-Sama Streamer: Morcha - Twitch: Morchaa Streamer: Killer-Spirituel - Twitch: KillerSpiritual
  5. Welcome to the Mods & Memes Scavenger Hunt! The Mods & Memes Scavenger Hunt is a server-wide event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may enter the meme contest any time between now and the beginning of the scavenger hunt which will take place this Thursday the 12th beginning at 20:00 Dofus time. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs! Tldr;; Be online at 20:00 DST this Thursday the 12th and turn on /c for the mod/CM scavenger hunt, and post an original dofus meme here for the
  6. Happy Easter Echo, and welcome to the “good egg” hunting thread! This is a server wide event that is open to everyone. In lieu of a scavenger hunt this holiday, we’ll be hunting for 27 “good eggs” on Echo. If you have a dope friend who has ever done anything kind for you or another person on the server, this is your chance to nominate them for a 1mk prize by sharing their good deed with us. All you have to do is make a post on this thread with a screenshot of that person and a short blurb about why you think they’re a good egg (-: 26 of most genuine posts will earn a prize of 1mk
  7. Happy Halloween Echo, and welcome to the “Trick or Treat” costume contest and scavenger hunt thread! Trick or Treat is a server-wide event that is open to everyone - looking forward to seeing some new and some returning faces! You may enter the costume contest any time between now and the beginning of the scavenger hunt which will take place this Sunday the 29th beginning at 21:00 Dofus time. You can find the rules below and check out what prizes we have up for grabs! Tldr;; post a screen of yourself here for the costume contest, be online at 21:00 DST this Sunday the 29th and turn o
  8. Hi Everyone! Since there has been such a huge response to the "Headhunter" game the last few times I've run it, I've decided repeat it -- this is a server-wide event that now includes our new friends on Echo! Purpose To stimulate "even-team" pvp on Echo, bring more challenging fights and competition to our elite PvP'ers, and overall to have fun! Rules for "Headhunters" 1. You can be from any alliance or guild 2. You get one point per "Wanted" char you kill 3. Kills can be done via alignment aggro, KOTH, KOLO, or perc/prism fight (including if you are a defender) -- as long as th
  9. Quick Potrick is quick and simple! You just have to be subscribed and visit this link! Once you get there, just scratch as if your life depended on it! So what’s all the fuss about? You can win one of the gifts below: Praline Shigekax Almond Shigekax Oirish Tailcoat Tipsy Top Hat Green Piwin To be on the safe side, find a four-leafed plant first for luck and to appease the goddess, then scratch! You can play 2 times every day until Monday, March 20th (23:59 Paris Time)! On a side-note, please be aware that our green-garbed friends the Leprechauns
  10. Hello Pangea! The challenge has been closed. Are you bored of all that XP grinding and questing? Maybe you would rather take on a different challenge, a more musical one? Starting on Saturday, January 16th, 14:00 DUT, a new event is being held on the Dofus Discord server. (After you have joined with your preferred username, don't forget to claim your account by clicking the button at the top, so it is not deleted when you leave), you may also bookmark the site, or download the app for easier usage. Inform
  11. EDIT: This is happening! If you're planning to come, please post here or on the official forum thread so I can get an idea of how many people to expect. The date is December 22, 2015, we'll start at about 10 to 11 AM (depending on a few details I need to nail down), and we'll be going until 5 PM (or later, if everyone is having a good time)! Some of you may have already heard that Ankama is building a Christmas Village in downtown Lille this year, with each week of the village focused on a different part of Ankama's products. The week of December 21st through the 28th is the week that wil
  12. Hello. Dofus Wikia is holding a contest to redesign its logo and favicon, and everyone is welcome to apply and help refresh the Wikia. The contest will run until friday, the 26th of June, then the voting phase will start. For more information about the rules and how to apply to the contest, visit the main contest page.
  13. So, you’re a hotshot on DOFUS, eh? Have you reached level 200 ten times over? Let me guess… you’ve unlocked the achievement to breed 1000 Dragoturkeys countless times before… right? Well, maybe it’s time to up your game and start WAKFU? If you’re a master of DOFUS then you’re probably familiar with WAKFU’s existence. We’re offering you the chance to enter the World of Twelve after Ogrest’s Chaos, a cataclysmic event that flooded the world and quite literally caused… chaos! Embark on an epic adventures across the World of Twelve’s reimagined lands! Journey into the depths of countless dunge
  14. Calling all EU Video creators or writers who are fans of Dofus and Wakfu. Due to some scheduling issues, we are short one player journalist for a special invitation-only playtesting event happening here in Roubaix, France, on November 24, 2014. This means that I am looking for just one lean, mean, reporting machine who is available to be here in Roubaix from 9:00 to 17:00 for a day of touring the offices, meeting the devs, and being the first to test a new game feature. Then, when you get home, we want you to post everything about the entire experience here on Imps so everyone can vicariou
  15. While going through my @replies on Twitter today, I saw that Sugared was asking about a Q&A for this event, since some people have lingering questions... so let's do this! What would you like to know about the event, folks?
  16. The time has come! Salazar reporting in from the Wakfu side of things (sorry there isn't a sub-forum specifically for this). I thought I'd place it here too because this is actually a real and exciting opportunity for any Dofus player who's ever wanted to try Wakfu to hop on board and join in on the fun. On Tuesday, September 10th, at 5 PM GMT / 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST English Community Manager Troyle will be spearheading a new wave of players on the international Wakfu server Dathura. All communities as of the last update have permanently gained access to Dathura, including the NA community pre
  17. Here are the prizes I've seen so far: Almond Shigekax (30 pp) Praline Shigekax (30 wis) Wallpaper Forum Avatar Gallery Wosungwee Shield Cawwot lottery token (Coney Cap, Indifferent Coney Cape, Coney Hat or Bunny Ears) 10 Cawwot Fairyworks Nothing ground-breaking but free stuff is free stuff. Most questions are fairly simple, but here are the answers (for the lazy people): Which quest do you have to complete to obtain the Wabbit pet? Wogew the Hewmit What kind of Wabbit always has a Cawwot hanging in fwont of it? Tiwabbit Wosungwee My gweat big Wabbity stomach makes me look so cute and c
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