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Found 8 results

  1. Snarkles

    Snark's Stuff

    With Goultarminator coming up soon and my Crimson guide almost complete, I thought it would be a good time to start sharing these links. I'm still working on the pages in my spare time so yeah, it will look a little rough. :P My Twitch.tv profile is: http://www.twitch.tv/snarklesparkles/profile I've just started making and uploading some videos for youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/SnarkleSparkles You may know my Vulkania and Kwismas guides. This is my main(dofus) blog, where you can find links to Everything I've written, along with other dofus stuff: http://snarkposts.tumblr.com/ edit: Crimson guide is up. direct link is http://crimsondofus.tumblr.com/
  2. Hi, selling all this stuff If interested in something give me a pm on imps or something i guess. Merch will be located somewhere around village at "Tamamo", shitty looking eni you can't miss it. Tread belts are -6/-12 CR NOTE: Prices for some things are a bit off, I don't have the time nor the desire to check each and every item so if you're interested in something, throw me a pm here with an offer and assuming its reasonable i'll probably say yes. Also selling: >100-200~ SP Scrolls (I forget how many exactly) >Mounts LV 100 Armoured Mount LV 100 Plum/Emerald cham mount LV 100 Plum/Orchid cham mount LV 100 Emerald/Orchid cham mount few other mounts, good for breeding (60-70 or so misc breeds, i can provide screens but won't post here since theres enough of those for now.) Runes chest: Material Chest: Pm me if interested in anything ^ >Two 2x Chest 3x Room houses, one in Frigost Village, other in Brakmar. >few other things ive probably forgotten, will update later when I get the time.
  3. Hey, I want to buy spell point scrolls. I am willing to pay 250kk/ea - negotiable, tho I won't pay 350kk/ea or so... Need 27 atm, but I can buy more if in good price. Cheers.
  4. Items + Price: IGN - Viper ----------------------------------------------------- Bubotron Mask: 388 Vit 85 Agi 39 Wis 4CH -1 range 8 Prospecting 353 Initiative 3 AP reduction 8% Natural res 8% Earth res [SOLD] ----------------------------------------------------- Bubotron Sword: Aie damage mage. 348 Vit 77 Agi 30 Wis 6 CH -1 Range 13 Prospecting 342 Initiative 8MP loss res 17 Critical Res 15 Fire Res [SOLD] ------------------------------------------------------ Bubotron Amulet: 337 Vit 98 Agi 43 Wis 4CH 1AP -1 Range 1 Summons 15 Air damage 10 Prospecting 8 Lock 10 Critical Damage 20 Water Res 20 Air Res [SOLD] ------------------------------------------------------- Bearbaric Wedding Ring: 240 Vit 49 Chance 67 Agility 39 Wisdom 1 Range 11 Water damage 9 Air damage 395 Initiative 4 Lock 7% - Natural , Earth , Fire Resistance. [4MK] ------------------------------------------------------ Klime's Belt: 293 Vit 79 Agi 45 Wis 3CH 11 Air damage 9 Prospecting 8 Dodge 6 AP loss res 11 Critical Damage 10% Natural Res 20 Fire res [4mk] ----------------------------------------------------- Allister's Boots: 287 Vit 86 Agi 40 Wisdom 6 Critical Hit 1MP 16 Aie damage 6 Prospecting 275 Initiative 3AP loss res 10 Natural Res 12 Water Res [1.3mk] ---------------------------------------------------- Klime's Cloak: 338 Vit 69 Agi 43 Wisdom 6 CH 1 Range 18 Air damage 10 Prospecting 385 Initiative 24 Pushback Res 10% Water Res [5.9mk] ---------------------------------------------------- Also selling Tengu Snowfoux Hat + Cloak , CB mask , Fuji snowfoux Cloack, [Message me if you're intrested in those i'll write their stats and price in private]. ---------------------------------------------------- ALL THE PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE ---------------------------------------------------- Feel free to PM me in game.
  5. Swiitsy

    Free Games Thread.

    I figured out it would be better and easier for everyone if there were just one thread instead of someone making new one every time there is ''free'' game(s) floating on the internetz. Steam, origin, humble bundle, etc, etc, promo games, ~ The Spookening for free: https://www.humblebundle.com/mobile(scroll down)
  6. Tamamo-no-Mae

    S> Misc stuff.

    ^ AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring - 50-60M~ [02:14] +59,000,000 kamas (sale of 1 [bearbaric Wedding Ring] in merchant mode) Treadfast Amulet - 11.5M [16:49] +11,500,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Treadfast Amulet] in merchant mode) Treadfast Boots - 10.5M [16:49] +10,500,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Treadfast Boots] in merchant mode) Hel Munster Helmet - 2.5M Hel Munster Cape - 1.7M [07:06] +1,700,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Hel Munster's Cape] in merchant mode) Danathor's Amulet - 2M Danathor's Belt - 2.1M [03:47] +2,100,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Danathor's Belt] in merchant mode) Cushtycloak - 3.5M Lemming Bracelet - 2M Kimbo Sandals - 1.6M Neurotic Wand - 3.5M [07:06] +3,500,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Nerotic Wand] in merchant mode) Crushed Velvet Cape - 8.5M [09:15] +8,500,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Crushed Velvet Cape] in merchant mode) Also selling: Major Fugitive - 1.4M Major Player - 1.6M [16:49] +1,600,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Major Player] in merchant mode) Voyager - 2.7M [02:14] +2,700,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Voyager] in merchant mode) Alyverol Hat - 5.6M [09:15] +5,600,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Alyverol Hat] in merchant mode) Alyverol Cloak - 3.4M [09:15] +3,400,000 kamas (sale of 1 [Alyverol Cape] in merchant mode) Spam this thread, PM me here or ingame if interested in buying/negotiating prices (within reason) also available in my merchant "Ledah" somewhere around village zaap if you are antisocial and dont want to talk to me :( TL:DR
  7. -Amos-


    Rebuilding my guild, hope to acquire new peeps, make new friends, while enjoying ourselves in a nice cozy atmosphere where everyone can relax with a very nice calm peace of mind vibe. Hit me up with a pm in game "Amosharbingerofpower" (huehuehue long name but oh well not changing it >_>), leave a post here and/or send me an ankamabox message, however you wish to get in contact with me for an invite. If by some reason i cant be reached pm White-Cell, Poison, Kapucine, Bluffed or anyone with the Zen guild logo ingame, we will gladly give an invite. Its gonna be a fresh new start i hope. Minor Information -Guild is currently level 68, 6 perceptors, 6 paddocks, and average level is 180+. Recruitment Conditions - Activity is a must, can't help build the guild grow if you don't play. ;_; - Social, congregation is a necessity don't be afraid to talk!, it helps promote a healthy atmosphere, which is what we are looking for in our guild. - Our Minimum level is 120+, we would like to keep everyone in a nice level range of each other so people don't get left out of our guild activities. - Honorable , respect is a must for everyone, its what we want but we also need to give it. - Have fun!!!. Guild Activities We have several guild activities that will take place weekly unless canceled due to specific reasons. Still a rather large work in process til the guild is up to par on our recruits, and until i start putting my SiCs to slave labor cause I'm a slave driver of a guild leader. Times are also flexible depending on avaliability of SiC's who are willing to lead. All times listed is in the Dofus Universal Time (DUT) , type /time into the dofus chatlog box for more info. -We have dungeon nights, conducted every friday at 23:00 DUT, we gather and agree upon dungs to run, we also collect souls for soul night. -We have soul/arena nights, conducted every saturday at 23:00 DUT, we gather and do the souls collected on dung night. -Mob hunting, this activity is rather random, and dependent on who wants to hunt mobs. -Weekly guild raffle , i like to gift random prizes to lucky guildees every week, however there are a few conditions that must be completed in order to receive the prizes. Has to have been in the guild 1 whole month, i keep tabs on everyone in my guild. and also a minimum of 1million exp has to be given to the guild in order to be put into the raffling each week. This is my personal thing for the guild as it helps promote loyalty. Our goals is to find inner peace, harmony with oneself and with everything, to achieve focus, and most of all to educate and teach ourselves to strive for greatness.
  8. Selling Some exo/non exo items 190-199 lvl, pets, livitinems, trophies and other stuff in [0,1] merchant Tya-Hands.

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