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  1. Helloooooo Imps! I apologize for hijacking this forum, but as this concerns all English community servers, I hope that it won't be too objectionable. So! We've had a lot of discussion about server populations and how to increase the number of players on Dofus, and I've been working on some things here at the HQ to help out, but we can't do this without your help. Because you - yes, you, the person reading my words right now - are the key to getting more people on our servers. Who else could it be? The coming month of September is going to be a special month for our community. It will be the 8th anniversary of the day that the English community was officially released back in 2005, and to celebrate, I'm planning some barn-storming events both in-game and in-community that I believe you guys are really going to enjoy, starting this weekend (more about that tomorrow). This is going to be stuff that has never been seen in our community until now, and I hope when you find out what's in store you'll be just as excited as I am about bringing it to you... Pictured above: Troyle and Izmar, discussing Ankamerica Month plans And with that in mind, I would like to ask you all, as your Community Manager, and as a fellow Dofus player, to help make these events even better by inviting some of your friends (especially your gamer friends) to come and try out the game with you during these events. And not just try out the game, but try out the game with you by which I mean playing with them, teaching them the ropes, helping them find a guild and alliance, all that stuff that makes joining a new game feel like being welcomed into a warm, loving family. Just... don't overdo it... Now maybe you're kind of "in the closet" about being an MMO player or a gamer in general, and you can't really invite anyone in your life to try out the game without things getting awkward. That's ok. But maybe you know someone from your guild or friendslist who stopped playing and who you would like to have around again. This would be a great time to drop them a message and tell them you miss them and want them to come back. Or words to that effect. I realize that this is asking a lot, but please consider it. And even if you can't bring a lot of friends with you to Dofus this month, please try to be on the look-out for new people who need help and support, as we will also be sending out some press notices about some of the events to encourage people to try us out. Today's newbie could be tomorrow's customer, guildy, or friend! Thanks for reading, and have a great Ankamerica Month! <3 P.S., I realize that some people might not feel that the game is worth recommending to friends, and that's ok. I would only ask that if you want to give feedback on possible game improvements that you keep the criticism constructive - it might make you feel better to suggest that lichen to sit on a pin rather than try to balance classes, but as far as actionable requests I can make to the devs goes, it's not ideal. Thanks muchly. <3 Edit: An "r" tried to escape! Get back here, you...
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