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Found 4 results

  1. Hey, I am looking to buy those mats, (Contact me Ingame "Inderinderindrin")
  2. Pm me via imps, or IG at Reapersaurus / Reaper-Surm Exomaging services: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141626-jewlermagus-exos-only/ Souls: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141754-b-dp-so-tor-croc-souls/ Sold: Stilted Shovel 14mk Treadfast Boots 16mk Missiz Freezz's Helmet 15mk Adding Ap Bearbwedding Ring 80m: Adding AP Kringlove 55mk: Adding AP Kringlove 45mk: AP Bearbaric Ring 70mk: Cloak Of a Thousand Excuses 20mk: Treadfast Amulet 20mk: Tread Belt (Unmaged - Pm for stats) 13mk: Count Ring 14mk:
  3. Ranged Bubotron Hat 43mk: +1 Earth res 0 Range 377 vit 73 agi 45wis 4crits 18air dmg 1pp 356 init 1 ap red 8%/8% neut/str res. Crit res Bubotron Sword 23mk: (also mimied with a Andy War Sword) 350vit 80agi 29wis 5crits -1range 17air dmg 379 init 6 lock 5 mp loss res 29/20 crit res 15 fire res Ap Cycloid Boots 63mk: 336 vit 0str 50int 48agi 40wis 5crits 1mp 1range 10/10/10 air/fire/crit dmg -22 pushback dmg 10% air res 15 earth res. Klime Belt 10mk: +3 Crit Res 300 vit 80 agi 41 wis 3 crits 12 air dmg 10 dodge 6 ap res 7 crit dmg 10% neut res +2
  4. I've decided to start thinking about my cra's end game set, and I was unable to come up with anything particularly enthralling. I was wondering if the people of Imps could help me out. I need: -11 ap min(12 would be great) -5mp min -3 or more range -min 600 str and cha (or high %power) -some free slots for removal trophies That's what i was thinking about : http://dofusbook.net/perso/velavela/Exael-1.html Sorry for my English :)
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