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Found 16 results

  1. I'm a level 200 Strength Sram who only runs one account. Looking for people attempt the dungeon with. IGN: Anthonyclark
  2. Hello. The last couple of week i've been trying to open Kralove dungeon on Echo server without any luck, so now I thought i would try to write here and hope people would help. I'll be trying to open it this saturday (4/11-2017) around 19-21 (Paris time). If you would like to join you can write your ingame name here and i'll pm you on saturday. :-)
  3. Shadow's Pyramid is Broken

    Hello everyone, first of all I wanna say that I didn't record this dungeon run so basically I will try to explain the situation as best as I can. I entered the dungeon to do Shadow (Tight) and in the boss fight the symmetry-mechanic, that you need to invuln the boss, was completely not working. Three major things happened: 1) I was removing mp from the monsters in the first two turns and guess what, I was actually damaging the Shadow ( I don't know why but he was randomly vuln the first two turns) 2) I actually DID the symmetry twice (one was like 5-6 squares away from the orb so I thought maybe it doesn't work that far away so I did it a second time when it was very close to the orb) and neither worked. 3) At this point I was ready to give up so I just locked the boss down and was healing and waiting for them to align in some way that it would work... I achieved symmetry for the 3rd time and this time things went completely out of control. This time he actually became vuln, so I damaged him with my first and second char. When the turn came to my 3rd char he became invuln again at the SAME TURN. So I just passed with rest of the chars hopeless without trying symmetry again... and at the beginning of the next turn there was NO symmetry but he was vuln again... and this happened AGAIN the turn after. Two turns in a row he became vuln with no symmetry and I was able to finish him off in those two turns. What I want to know is there another mechanic that I don't know of which may answer some of the things happened during this run... the fight took over 30 minutes and it was very frustrating and random. Thanks for your time.
  4. Count Razof's Camp Guide

    Hello everyone, before I wanted to try Count Razof's Camp I looked around the internet, wikipedia, youtube for a guide for this dungeon but they were either very shallow or in French, so after beating the dungeon I wanted to write a quick and useful guide for this dungeon. Monsters Buckshot: Summons a puppy which will apply -100 mp if it reaches you, the puppy has around 1k health so it is best to kill the Buckshot without killing the puppy. Crambo: Two notable things about this monster; it summons a lantern with 2.4k which buffs 200% power and 4 range to allies around it, and has a spell called First Blood which hits really hard (1k twice) but I think it only does that if Crambo has the highest initiative in the team and starts first, if there is another Crambo it doesn't cast that... only the first one. (not sure). Draftwit: Has a really long range spell which deals 300-400, removes 2-3 ap and summons a 1200 hp bottle on cast. When killed (or 1 turn later) the bottle explodes and deals 300-400 more dmg. I seriously hate this monster, kill this one first. Hunderp: (only in dungeon) Very melee monster, if far away will try to attract you 2 cells and pass. If close will deal 200-400 dmg in aoe. Nemroz: I suppose it puts traps, also creates a green glyph around you. I have no idea what the glyph really does, it didn't cause me a huge problem. (not really a priority) Boss Lots of people say bring an osa or you will leave the match after 35 turns... but its really doable (I didn't use any summoning classes). You have a pink pet summoned to you in the beginning of the fight, if the boss reaches melee range, it will hunt it down and it will give you bad penalties like -2 ap, -20% res. I just pushed the boss away every single turn, not a very bid deal (also useful if you want the Freedom achievement). Boss has around 120-140% res for each element, and an element is reduced by 10% if boss kills a summon (I thought the boss had a special spell for "eating" the summons but its just any form of killing really, so avoid using tanky pets like Pandawasta, or lower its health yourself). The element which will be reduced, is the element the boss is last got hit with (IMPORTANT: most probably the last hitter will be one of your summons, that also changes the element. A chafer will hit str for example) The res reduction stays for 5 turns, so I swarmed the boss with chafers/arachnees etc. for 2-3 turns in a row, and got it's str res to 20%. While my strength characters were damaging the boss, others kept on summoning stuff so that as the reduced resistances fade, new ones are applied. Could be useful to lock the boss with an agi char, easier to gather the summons around and also keep your pink summon safe.
  5. Simple Dungeons

    As announced in Gamakna #0, a simplification of high-level content is scheduled for the next update (2.42). The goal is to get this content back in sync with how the game has evolved over the years, and to establish just the right balance of difficulty and accessibility. Before we go any further, let me briefly explain what we're talking about here: "High-level" content refers to content at difficulty levels higher than Frigost II: Frigost III, obviously, but also the Divine Dimensions, the Underwater Extension and a few individual dungeons (Tal Kasha and Shadow, for example). It's probably pretty clear what we mean by "simplification": we'll be making this content less difficult. See below for details. Let's go back to the days before these dungeons were introduced, when the most difficult content in the game was in Frigost II. This content has itself been simplified in the past; we increased accessibility and reduced the difficulty so that more players could meet the prerequisites to reach Frigost III, which then allowed a larger slice of the population to have access to this content. However, for players who had reached level 200 and completed the dungeons that were available at the time, there wasn't really any more room to progress – and that was the biggest complaint we heard from the community: With all of the improvements we made to the dungeons after Frigost II (simplification, the addition of modular dungeons, achievements, etc.), none of them provided any new challenges to players who had already completed that content, and those players hadn't had anything new to sink their teeth into for several years. It was at that point that we integrated Frigost III. But we wanted to avoid a situation where, the day after Frigost III came out, most of those same players would have already finished it and gone back to asking us to add new content for them. So it was important to us to provide content that would have a slightly longer lifespan (i.e. that would take a certain amount of time for players to get through). There are only so many ways to make sure that players don't play through new content "too quickly": Impose time limits: X dungeons (or X attempts) per day. This solution is totally artificial, and although we have tried to limit the addition of daily content over the years, we don't want to do it in this particular form. Impose limits on exchanges: prevent players from exchanging items acquired in the dungeons, so that they have to make their way through every last bit of the content (often several times) if they want all the rewards. Needless to say, we don't much like this solution either: DOFUS relies in large part on its exchange system, and limiting that would do much more harm than good. Produce a lot of content: 20 dungeons will probably give players a longer in-game experience than 5 dungeons. But that would also mean investing more resources – and besides, quantity is not the same thing as quality. Produce replayable content. This was the preferred solution before Achievements were introduced: adding content with very rare, highly randomized loot, thus ensuring a very long lifespan. We have turned away from this approach (to some players' great disappointment, we know) for two main reasons: DOFUS is a tactical game, so it's inherently less interesting when played repeatedly: once you've won a battle, doing it again is much easier. The whole challenge is coming up with a winning strategy. The battle doesn't change from one iteration to the next (or not much, mainly to limit the impact of random factors on the outcome of battles), so it often unfolds in an (almost) identical way every time. Having to go through the same dungeons again and again heavily penalized single-account players and less frequent players, who didn't necessary have the time to go through these dungeons regularly. On average, players had to complete 15 to 20 dungeons per character in order to build even a single item. Furthermore, at the time, it could sometimes take dozens of hours to finally complete a dungeon (what with having to go through every room again on each attempt, and 8-character battles that took a long time), and certain players didn't get any reward at all if they were unlucky. Produce more challenging content: offer relatively difficult dungeons that require a major investment of time and effort to achieve victory, but with a big reward for the first victory. Obviously, this last solution is the one we've decided to go with, in part because some of the player feedback we received in the past was fairly critical of the difficulty level of the content we were producing (which was seen as being too easy). Today, the situation seems to be reversed: criticism of the lack of high-level content, which was a recurring theme just 4 years ago, has now given way to concerns about an overemphasis on this type of content. We think this is because, back then, the proportion of characters who had hit the highest possible level was much lower, and the players in question were eager for more challenging content (since reaching level 200 required a lot of investment at the time). Since then, we've made character progression easier, with the goal of giving more players access to high-level content. There are a lot more level 200 characters now, with the side effect that many of them don't really have the time or interest to invest in finishing the challenging content we provide for them, even though it's labeled “level 200". Simply put, the fact of having reached the highest possible level doesn't mean what it did a few years ago. In response to extensive feedback along these lines, we've decided that it's time to simplify our high-level content for a number of reasons: We don't want to ignore the increasing number of players who have reached level 200 but find that the content at that level requires far too much time and effort to complete. We want to make this content more accessible to a wider variety of class compositions. Given that we now have a lot of high-level content, we can more easily reduce the "lifespan" of each dungeon without giving the impression that our "end game" content is over too quickly. Overall, we've worked on a number of different points: Removing or replacing certain mechanics: We want to make certain battles more accessible by limiting the number of things players have to keep track of. For example, in the Catseye battle, the system of black glyphs has been replaced by damage if a monster starts its turn in the same cell as a character, while splash damage and healing have been removed (when attacking a monster or character who was on the same tile number as another). Reducing certain effects: Similarly, by reducing the strength of certain effects, we ensure that they do not require as much attention, because mistakes are not punished so severely. Against Vortex, for example, resuscitated monsters now have less health and less MP. Making monsters easier to understand and predict: We have modified most of the monsters in the affected zones (except for Tal Kasha, Merkator,and Shadow, for which only the bosses have been changed). Removing certain unnecessary or redundant spells: for example, Skt-Zo can no longer give shield points, and Spookkoth's place-swapping spell no longer exists. Reducing certain monsters' mobility: reduced MP and added recast intervals on certain teleportation spells. More constraints on casting spells that were previously too easy to cast: addition of straight-line casting for certain long-range spells, reduction in certain monsters' range, longer cooldown periods. Improved visibility for certain effects: We have recently developed new tools to make combat easier to understand, and we're taking advantage of changes to the dungeons to use those tools retroactively whenever possible on the dungeons that came out before the tools were available. For instance, when battling the Queen of Thieves, the bomb that is going to explode at the end of the current character's turn will now be indicated by an icon. The details of these changes will be provided in the changelog; for now, here's the list of the dungeons that will be affected: Catseye Vortex Queen of Thieves King Nidas Koutoulou Meno Dantinea Tal Kasha Merkator Shadow Missiz Freezz Klime Nileza Count Harebourg Sylargh This doesn't mean that no other dungeons will be reviewed, but we chose to concentrate on the dungeons with the most issues, given the time that was available to us. We will continue to keep an eye on the results of our changes, both in beta and beyond, and make any necessary adjustments. We expect these dungeons to work better now, but above all, we hope that more players will have an opportunity to explore them, and therefore take full advantage of all the content we have to offer. By the way: this doesn't mean that we're completely abandoning the possibility of producing more "demanding" content in the future. We'll keep thinking about the best ways to provide this type of content to the players who ask for it, while still making sure that it's accessible and interesting to as many players as possible. Idols and Achievements are already useful tools to provide a significant difficulty boost for content that is still generally accessible, but we hope to iterate on these mechanics in order to feed the insatiable appetites of our most demanding players.
  6. I need someone to carry me through King Nidas (preferably doing 1 chall on the way to get the monster achievement as well). Level 200 Agility Eca. Ankabox me at Snoggy.
  7. As the title indicates i think a good step forward in this game would be to make finding groups/partys for dungeons faster and more efficient. An idea iv'e had in my mind for a while is give players more incentive to open up the team search tab by offering party rewards through using the team search like +5% exp or + 1 random candy after every 3 dungeons completed using the dungeon finder system just as 2 examples. Now i have taken into account how people with multiple accounts can abuse the rewards using the team search system that's why there should be some limit to how many accounts you can use in the team search system or have it that you must have at least 2 other players in your dungeon finder team. To summarize offering a better revamped team search group finder will allow alot of people who don't run multiple accounts the chance to finally do bigger dungeons and a revamped team searcher will allow dofus players to meet new people on their travels. Please add your thoughts on this and any new team search ideas you think should be implemented.
  8. Looking for someone to run 200 Feca and/or Elio through Count (versatile/statue) and/or Whale (barbaric/statue). Message me or pm Ihate-Olatunji in game to discuss payment.
  9. Phiiila's B>/S> thread

    Selling pretty nice XLII set. XLII Ring: SOLD! 197/200 vit 37/40 str 37/40 agi 20/25 wis 3/3 ch 5/6 earth dmg 5/6 air dmg 7/7 lock 12/12 crit res 7/7 % neut res XLII Belt: SOLD! 248/250 vit 48/50 str 47/50 agi 26/30 wis 5/5 ch 1/1 summon 6/7 neut dmg 6/7 earth dmg 6/7 air dmg 480/500 initiative 7/7 lock 7/7 % earth res 7/7 % air res XLII Boots: 249/250 vit 47/50 str 49/50 agi 30/35 wis 1/1 mp 6/7 neut dmg 6/7 earth dmg 6/7 air dmg 10/10 lock 15/15 crit res 7/7 % fire res 7/7 % water res price is negotiable around 3mk piece. ATM I am buying some protoz'orror nucleus at total amount of 9 pcs. Paying 1mk each or willing to negotiate. BOUGHT! Also I am buying any Inky Veil. 13mk tops. BOUGHT! Another item to buy is Armoured Dragoturkey. Price around 7mk. BOUGHT! let me know here or in game /w Gatedolujedubomby
  10. Hello. I am in need of help in order to progress with turquoise dofus quest line. Looking for someone who can take me (level 200 omni cra) and my friend (level 200 int enutrof) through the 3rd dungeon quest (drhossil, kanugrula, korriander with idols.). if you think you might be the one to leech me through these 3 dungeons, send me a PM or leave a ankabox message. - IGN: bloodhound Thanks~
  11. Hello everyone, I thaught it would be a good idea to post my leeching through dungeons services here. My team is made out of a: panda/iop/eni/sadi/enu/rogue or elio (depending on the dungeons) all lvl 200. Here are the dungeons I leech through and the prices: Frigost I: - Royal Mastgob 150kk/character (up to 4 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom) - Royal Pingwin 150kk/character (up to 4 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom) Frigost II: - Buck 200kk/character (up to 4 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom) - Obsidemon 250kk/character (up to 4 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom) - Tengu 285kk/character (up to 2 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom, if they got sets lvl 150+, up to 4 chars max) - Korri 350kk/character (up to 2 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom, if they got sets lvl 150+, up to 3 chars max) - Kolosso 400kk/character (up to 1 char max at the same time if is is full wisdom, if the characters got sets lvl 150+, up to 3 chars max) - Celestial Bearbarian 450kk/character (up to 2 chars max at the same time if they are full wisdom, if they got sets lvl 150+, up to 3 chars max) Special offer: If you choose a complete run through all the Frigost I and II dungeons, I'll make a reduction of 210kk on CB, so that it would cost 2.05mk/character Other dungeons: - Sakai Mine 450kk Old dofus dungeons: - Soft Oak 250kk - Skeunk 300kk - Peki Peki 400kk - Ougaa 500kk - Bworker 500kk Otomai dungeons - Great Coralator 100kk - Gourlo the Terrible 150kk - Bherb 185kk - Tynril 250kk - Kimbo 350kk For further information, let a commentary or pm me in game: Miss-Ceremonial, Miss-Ceremonialle, Miss-Ceremoniial, Hehe-Ceremonial, Miss-Ceremoniel PS: if you'd want to do a specific achievement from these dungeons or if you'd simply need me to leech you through an other dungeon, that can be done too for a certain price.
  12. Hellow, I am looking for a group of people to play dofus on set days not making a guild nor joining one, this is just for friendly people who like this game and need to find a group (since team search in dofus is horrid) RUSHU IGN: Deprive (Sram 85) / Ozcean (SAC 78) I'll group with anyone but I'm not playing this game for pvp so to be clear I'm looking for anyone that wants to join a group of people for pve grinding and dungeoning
  13. Hey guys! I currently need help with a very annoying dungeon called The belly of the Whale. If anyone is wishing to help me defeat protoz then I'll be willing to pay! I'd need to beat the boss and possibly manage an achievement if people can help! Pm me the price in game (Natsue) or in this forum :) . Thanks guys
  14. Hey guys its Natsue again!!! I need some help for ABYSS ROOM achievement in Merkator Mob area!! If anyone is available for help please pm me in game /w Natsue ;) or simply post something on this thread :lol: . I hope i find some help and ill be very grateful to the person who helps me in merkator!! Thanks :rolleyes:
  15. Hello friendly players of Rosal, My ign is Natsue and I am currently searching for someone to kindly help me with Count Harebourg Dungeon run!!! I will pay 5mk if someone helps me run the dungeon!!! :D Pm me on game /w Natsue , or leave a message in the discussion!!! I hope someone will respond shortly! :) ByeBye
  16. Opening Kralove

    Hi there, My name is Arch-Enemia, and after long hunting and collecting i've finally found all souls. Now all i need is that darn kralove opened and killed. so im recruiting everyone who is interested in getting their ochre or the kralove achievements LETS DO THIS TOGETHER PPL!! Im planning on opening it this afternoon, at around 5pm dofus time (23-5-14) Pm Arch-Enemia if your in for the job! Thanks.