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  1. Updated 18/02/20 Hello everyone, I'm Caps! Welcome to my art dump, where I dump all my art. So now I'm here to share some of my older drawings (for now) as well as my new work (hopefully for some time to come)! Solar players may recognize some of the following hot bods, since I like to jump people at Astrub Zaap, paintbrush in hand. I'll also take this opportunity to plug my Twitch, Deviantart and Tumblr. And without further ado, here's my art dump! Commission Prices! I do take commissions, and I do charge for them. I'll happily accept kamas As of Febuary 2018 I am, regretfully, no longer accepting kamas in exchange for commissions. I am still accepting paypal, and am open to other payment methods! You can reach me on Imps very easily, but if for whatever reason that doesn't work for you (I don't judge) you can message me on Tumblr, find me on Discord @CAPS0851 or send me an email at stickpeople101@gmail.com with the subject line 'TAKE MY MONEY FOR A DRAWING OR DIE TRYING'. Below is **not exhaustive** a list Things I Don't Do, unless you make me an offer I can't refuse, followed by a list of example commissions and prices, FURTHER followed by a how-to of commission ordering. Happy reading sike I know you're just gonna skim it Additional characters, backgrounds, mounts, and intricate details (LOOKING AT YOU, GUILD COSTUMES) will cost extra. I don't do fiddly machinery I'm looking at YOU, Foggernaut Harness, excessive gore, or NSFW pictures. I don't mind non-dofus requests, and if you're not sure it never hurts to ask! Doodles: best suited for goofy things. Degree of goofiness may vary uncontrollably from commission to commission. I make no promises. Indicated prices are for SINGLE characters. Avatars: 600kk Waist up: 900kk, +450kk/character Full-body: 1mk, +600kk per character Tryhard: I will try my hardest. Oh my god, will I try. Waist up: 1-2mk, +500-900k per character depending on desired style. Full body: 2m-3m, additional characters 1m-2m depending on complexity! With background: 1m-4m. Prices will vary depending on complexity of desired background - example here is on the higher end of the spectrum. With shading: Shading is hell. Expect to add a 500kk-2m, depending on how much shading is needed. This example damn near killed me. Commission Ordering If you're interested having something drawn, please send me a PM! I'll need the following information: Name and server: Your server probably isn't too relevant anymore, but if you don't play on Echo I won't be able to accept Kamas. Screenshot: Of what you would like drawn, preferably with a couple angles - no transparent mode. If it is a character, make sure they're wearing what you want them drawn in. Remember to note down anything not visible in the screen. Feel free to include references for poses or backgrounds as well! Description: Which pricing category, what extra details you'd like, preferred size, WHAT STYLE OF DRAWING YOU LIKE!! If you saw a particular drawing and were like 'o deng gotta get me some a that' then let me know which drawing you liked! It won't be the same, but hopefully I can pair the style of your commission with the drawing you liked. Once I get this I can look over your stuff and my stuff and decide if A) I can do this B) I want to do this and C) how much it will cost. Once I've assessed this I'll get back to you with whether I can accept the commission (usually based on my schedule) and how much it's going to put you in the hole for. If it's a larger project I may give you my Skype details (or whatever the kids are using these days) just to make it easier to check in.
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