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Found 5 results

  1. Imps appreciaton thread #1.

    Shoutout to the beautiful Chrollo-Lucifer This is friendly banter, fair-use. PS Mods: I don't start this thread for another 'shitstorm', I just want to share a friend his beautiful piece of art. PS #2: Kiba, we really appreciate the work you do on this beautiful forum keep it up together with the rest of the team. Edit: Bunny cute af.
  2. I'll fix the price range around 40mk each You can also leave me your offer here or pm me in game to Fire-fighter. If you don't find me online i have this character in merchant mode in village mainly 1 map down village zaap (-2,1) or around that.
  3. T/S>>archs

    hey archs i need: 0 doubles: kitsuey the red x 2 blopulent the pretensious dragorse the wild lupisnockio the woodwolf x 2 kitchy the scratcher x 2 craborthos the all x 2 bworkoder the mazter biblokajin the bald x 2 polterghaisk the stray soul x 2 tiwascal the wrapper tiwaldo the hidden ganon the dwarf abounteous the generous kirewampiro the wrestler tofulsom the jailer tanalked the stalker pandumonium the joker kwoanium the smart arepotair bespectacled tanuktonik the doofdoof kung fu the master dragoivsky the socalledswan mikkybum the informer ratilla the hun ougineemo the lost piwicker the manly x 2 mushdrill the piercer moops the bubbleboy palmella the hefty palpilot the yupiie shamassel the off bandirty the messy matmushmush the flasher x2 naypalm the herbivorous dreggommomm the chewer dragostino the tiny snapster the sued snapp the dragon sparodi the python piwilde the bossie dragamemnon the deadtroyer arachma the greek koaldmen the grumpy hunflower the sinful ratatouille the stirrer koleraspootin the anesthesialogist arachnangel the hopeful dragossiper the nag roy the rover jackoalak the moonwalker rib the torn aracula the carpature jackelington the lantewn koalakropolis the king of the hill IGN: mysza
  4. Shaman Pingwin Beard Hair x 53 - 1kk ea Coal x 180 - 1kk ea Mastogobbly Leather x 143 - 7kk ea Pingwinkle Beak x 62 - 7kk ea Pingwobble Wing x 14 - 7kk ea Cromagmunk Tail x 44 - 1kk ea And err, Mahogany Pebble x 12 - 700kk ea Drop me a PM in game or leave a message here if interested, thanks.
  5. Ochre #2 [CLOSED]

    Hi. I would like to change my spares for ur archs or i would buy. PM here or /to Hicy . NEED: SPARES: Ambusher -Ambushapens the Unlucky Black Wabbit---Wabbin the Wich Blue Larva------Larvalencia the Orange Blue Spimush--Spimushty the Smelly 2x Boar--------------Boarnigen the Damasker 2x Boomba----------Boombora the Dangerous Bulbamboo----- Bulbamoon the Trumpeter 4x Bulbush----------Bulbushisu the Makisan Chafer Archer--Chaferotix the Sixtininth Crackler---------Jiminicrackler the Conscious 2x Crackrock-------Crackrockisree the Tiger Crow -------------Crowmanion the Primitive 2x Dark Rose------- Zorrose the Messican 2x Drunken Pandawa- Pandan the Desperate Gargoyl------------ Gargoyla the Paranoiac Gobball------------ Gobballad the Romantic Gobball War Chief- Gobbalky the Stubborn Green Larva-------- Larvadelaide the Ozie Green Spimush-----Spimushtache the Hairy Immature Koalak---Koaldmen the Grumpy Indigo Blop----------Blopium the Delirious 2x Kloon Snapper-----Snappster the Sued Kwoan----------------Kwoanium the Smart Miliboowolf-----------Milivanilli the Mime Morello Cherry Biblop-Biblokajin the Bald 2x Piglet------------------Pigoblet the Useful Pippin Biblop---------Bibloponey the Entertainer Plain Boar------------Boarealis the Bright 2x Plain Crackler--------Cracklerod the Old 3x Plain Pikoko----------Prikoko the Witless Poacher---------------Pocher the Kingponger 2x Red Scaraleaf--------Scarabreef the Short Sapphire Dreggon----Dreggatón the Latino Strawberry Jelly-------Jellyposukshion the Slim Treechnid---------------Treekniddio the Needy 3x Trunknid----------------Trunkbeard the Gentle Wild Sunflower---------Hunflower the Sinful Wo Wabbit-------------Wowalker the Egyptian Grossewer Shaman----Shamassel the Off Evil Tofu-----------------Tofulsom the Jailer Arachnee----------------Arakula the Carapature Crocodyl Chief---------Crocdylann the Rebbel Crocodyl----------------Croccyx the Bummer Major Arachnee--------Arachma the Greek Morello Cherry Blop----Blorchid the Gorgeous Coco Blop----------------Blopal the Precious Hyoactive Rat------------Ratilla the Hun