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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I'm looking to buy MP Allister's Crown or MP Jammy Jack. Great stats in general,max res etc, if Crown, 2 summons is a must ! 12~18mk, depends. Thanksss !
  2. Hey Imps. I'm buying an MP Allister's Crown (no idea if there's any of them hanging around) . I'll be paying around 7-12M depending on stats. If you have one and you're up for negotiating, message me here or in-game, ign Frenix. Thank you guys in advance.
  3. Sunshade Staff: 18-27 air damage 4-7 air steal Hunting Weapon 240 vit 57 agi 36 wis 3 crits 12 air dam 19 pp 283 ini 4 ap loss res 12 cri res 7% neut res Allister's Crown: 378 vit 99 agi 38 wis 1 range 1 summon 19 air dam 15 pp 8 lock 8 MP loss res 9% air res Looking for about 750-800kk for the Sunshade and about 2mk for Allister's Crown. Willing to talk about prices, and give a discount if both are bought together! Can leave me a message on here, or PM me in-game at either "Seshomaru" or "Inuyasha".

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