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Found 25 results

  1. B> Crimson Dofus

    Hi, I'm buying Crimson Dofus for 7.2MK. /w Veiggar Thanks!
  2. Sieg's bazaar [0,1]

    Hello, selling some old stuff. IGN: Siegfried. Village [0,1]. Thanks.
  3. SOLD

    Sell Crimson Dofus 9mk, Turq Dofus 9 mk, <---- SOLD Dolmanax 19mk. Please pm me in game. Nickname: Caitir
  4. S> Dofuses

    Selling: - Ochre Dofus (29m) - Dolmanax (20m) - Ice Dofus (20m) - Turq-/Crimson Dofus (8m) - Cloudy (68m) Got a few unlinked today so let me know asap while I have 'em. (Available on imps or in-game on Thefoq or Thefook, prefer imps for now since busy with Clash of Guilds)
  5. b>2 crimsons

    5mk ea, need 2
  6. x7 Ochre Dofus - 28m each x6 Crimson Dofus - 7m each x3 Dokoko - 2.5m each x3 Emerald Dofus - 1.9m each x1 Cawwot Dofus - 1m Price is not negotiable, contact me over here or in-game.
  7. Siegs Shop

    Hi,merch around village. Currently at [0,1]
  8. As title suggests. I'm buying a crimson dofus. Price will vary from 9-11mk. Pm me ingame. /w Erah , Chasm Edit : Bought for 10mk. Please Close this. Thank you
  9. looking to sell a crimson dofus for 10mk 12mk. pm me ig (cafe) or inbox me x)
  10. Heya I am buying Crimson Dofus for 10-11mk Pm me here or in-game on Meeta, Meeti, Tui Thank you :)
  11. Ochre 75mk. Turq 30mk. Crimson 25mk. Ap Levitrof ring 50mk. Merchant around village when I'm off,thanks.
  12. Hi there, As the topic states Selling; 1 x Crimson Dofus = 40 Mil k 1 x Emerald Dofus = 10 Mil k 1 x Emerald Dofus = 10 Mil k as at 25/03/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 28/07/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 29/07/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 02/08/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 03/08/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 15/08/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 17/08/2015 1 x Crimson Dofus - 12 Mil k as of 18/08/2015 3 x Emerald Dofus - 10 Mil k each 1 x Watchers Dofus - 35 Mil k All items in merchant mode near village. Happy buying. Cheers, Auron.
  13. As title says, I'm selling a crimson dofus (80% power in case you were wondering :P) Looking for 45m price is negotiable IG: colombo-ll
  14. Hello! I am selling 3 Crimson Dofus in my merchant at [-2,1] for 45mk each. They look like this: I look like this: You can buy them directly from the merchant, or you could PM me with an offer. You might be able to swing me to a lower price, especially if you are buying all 3. Who doesn't love bulk discounts? I love giving them out almost as much as I like getting them! Reply here, send me an Imps message, or try to catch me in game: /w IronCaf Hey man, can I get my mitts on your eggs? Two sold for 41mk and one for 38mk 'cause that guy drove a hard bargain. Thank you to everyone who is fondling my red hot ballseggs.
  15. As mentioned by others here the sale of accounts on Imps Village is not allowed. Please consult the forum rules for further information on policies.
  16. Hi Guys! I know a friend who started up a YouTube channel dedicated to making guides to assist the Dofus community! It's only just started up and is taking its first steps towards regular and high-quality content. Please give it a go! Leave any suggestions or requests for guides in the comments! I'll make sure to get in contact with Blip with them. You can also reply here with feedback and suggestions! You can find the YouTube channel here. Short Synopsis: With over 10k achievement points - Blippero has been playing Dofus since its creation; forging friendships and skills over many years! She wants to now spread that knowledge and other helpful tips to any of those who are interested. Give the channel a go and hopefully you'll find something that helps you out. Give it a go, hopefully it helps! Kind Regards, Heavenly
  17. Hi all, I am looking for a: Crimson - Any %, name your price. GIVING UP. Turq. - 20CH, 85mk. BOUGHT. Ochre - 95mk. BOUGHT. Happy to negotiate. :) Whisper Kiesza, Vahe or Grenadier in-game, or send me an IV PM. Thanks! Adam P.S. I'm also buying unlimited Dragon Pig Maze Key materials - see this thread!
  18. Trading a +13 Turquoise Dofus to a Crimson dofus. May put some Kamas on top of the Turq depending on the stats of the Crimson. Pm me, Nimi, in game Thanks!
  19. Merch mode; [0,1] Myrrh

    Angora is 50% Power Crimson is 39% Power Goboffs is Incarn LV50 PM me either ingame via IGNs or IV to discuss prices as i MAY be willing to slightly lower them if needed. merch is around village somewhere (I change maps sometimes) - Myrrh
  20. Looking to buy a Crimson Dofus, price to be negotiated based on Power (About 30m for 35~40 Power). Also looking to buy an AP Maged Hail Ring for about 25m, negotiable depending on stats. IGN: Mythic-Master, Drahk
  21. Hey guys, message me on here or in game, Sir-swish. cheers.