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Found 1 result

  1. CraftingWerks Dofus

    To all players from Echo, Dear Echo Players, we’ve had this concept for a while and after putting a lot of thought into it, subsequently made my decision. Coming with a way to implement this into an experience that can be beneficial to every player of various builds. This is how it goes, let's say you have a set or item in mind and you want it as fast as possible but with some specific mages. Fortunately, we can make that happen, your set can be done in about one to two days maximum with or without mage, without any mage it can happen even faster! One day is enough since we take work in-game as priority. It is entirely up to you on how you want it and how fast you want it. This is how it works: 1- Show us your ideal set or the item. 2- The team will take a look at it. 3- We will discuss about it together. 4- We will negotiate about the price and once decided it is final, we will not higher or lower it. 5- A date and time will be given to receive the items. 6- If you're not pleased with our service, we will definitely work together to satisfy you! If you're pleased with our service, please recommend your friends and guildies to us! IMPORTANT NOTES: - You will only receive a next purchase voucher if you make an order above 20mk. - Orders under 20mk will follow the same procedures, but will not receive a voucher. - Your name will be written down in the system so you will automatically get your discount after your first purchase.(If it was above 20mk.) - If you bail out once after ordering items, we will not accept any future orders from you. - You will not be asked to provide anything, just the set/item you have in mind and that's all. The team will use their own runes and even if you offer to use yours we will not accept. - There can be cases where we will ask for half of the kamas beforehand. - We only accept kamas as payment. What we do not offer: - Trophies - Dofuses - Exotic Mages (Range,Summon,MP,AP)(Service will come shortly) - Pets - Mounts - Costumes Why buy from us? The more you purchase from us, the more benefits you will receive. 1st purchase, 5% discount on your next purchase. 2nd purchase, 10% discount on your next purchase. 3rd purchase, 15% discount on your next purchase. 4th purchase, 20% discount on your next purchase. 5th purchase, 25% discount on your next purchase. 6th purchase, a free item with the delivery. 7th purchase, you may choose an item worth 5mk which will be delivered with your order. 8th purchase, you may choose an item worth 10mk which will be delivered with your order. 9th purchase, you may choose an item of value 15mk which will be delivered with your order. 10th purchase, A BIG SURPRISE! Contact Info: In-game Characters - The-Skotter - Ryzac - Imyourdoom - Oxisius Email dofusorders@gmail.com We are looking forward to hear from you guys, The-Skotter & Team. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. All Rights Reserved.(lies)