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Found 19 results

  1. I have a +MP exotic maged Dorado with a goult mimisymbic for sale and a 100% perfect maged 1000 excuses cloak on the echo server. It also has 1% earth resistance. I want to sell them because I have been playing for too long to not go for a 12ap/6mp set. They're great for any class but specially for a cra as for the +2 range on dorado. to reach me on the echo server: /w Ihy . Thank you, see you on the other side!
  2. Omg guess who is back with new cheap resources :^) Come and check ,,Japper" merchant at [0,0] aka Kanojedo!
  3. Hey, I'm selling following items: TF's Boots - 8MK Belteen - 14MK If you can't catch me online, leave a message here on Imps. Leafshade. peace out.
  4. Am offering a cheap, affordable leeching service. I charge 25mk from 1 to 199 on x1 XP, depending how many multiplies you have we can come to a suitable agreement on the price. I level in Xelorium Dimension with 517 idols( 4 int cras ), so you do not need any frigost dungeons hopefuly.( unless the portal is somewhere there XD ). Every 100m XP = 700kk. You can pay upfront or pay every 100m xp. Requirements: Being pure wisdom is recommended, but if you have more than 400 Wisdom (1-150), 600+ Wis(150+) it's fine by me.For more information, please contact me by my in-game name, Soft. People who could vouch for me regarding paying upfront: ( will be updated ) Bae-material Vegeta, Bluetooth Quiver-head Unavailable Gros-hip
  5. Hello selling these items in my merchant: Scotty-boi , LEFT OF Village Zap [-3,0]. Items are negotiable to a degree, but the runes are not. Message me on Imps or find me in game on wise-enu thanks.
  6. Selling quite some runes in my merchant at [-1,-1]. The prices are lower than or equal to average price. Right now in merchant: int rune (x1250) str rune (x1250) agi rune (x1250) wis rune (x1250) cha rune (x1250) vit rune (x1250) pod rune (x500) many kinds or res runes (res and res per) (x200 each) If you need more than the amount I have in my merchant, leave a msg here or ankabox. I also have moe kinds of runes but they don't all fit in my merch. Happy shopping
  7. chebichev

    how desperate can one get ?

    Scrolls price have dropped so much that powerful wisdom are almost free. This happens when people starts underpricing by 1k or 10k . seriously, relax ! also how come there is so many scrolls sellers those days ? bots may be? or someone has been giving away pure mounts to whoever asked ?
  8. Hello I did know exactly where to put this krosmaster figurine so I set up merchant shop at 1,1 selling the awesome Merkator. He had served me well but I am trying to get enough orgines to reset my characters points. Hope you like him as I had. The cost is 5mk and the Character name is Bocian. he is a green, orange and white iop by the building on the merchant square. Look forward to all your visits at my shop. [sold] it has already been bought good bye merki have fun with your new owner!
  9. the odd bit of high level / endgame gear -1,0 Ecaflopped
  10. apatt21

    s> ochre dofus

  11. Selling a 16 crit turq for 40mk - pm me IG @ Lilly-x
  12. ALL GEAR IS NEGOTIABLE ( PRICES CAN GO LOWER OR HIGHER ^_^ ) I am selling a good bubo set with 2 pieces crit maged for a ranging price from 25 to 40 mk the full set. I am selling allister boots overmaged vit , Klime belt and cape crit maged for a price ranging from 9 to 11mk. I am selling an AP exo allister ring with good stats for a ranging price of 30 to 40mk. ( SOLD) I am also selling Alveoly hat and cape. You can buy pieces for a slightly higher price or all this gear for a lower price. The whole gear here on sale will go for 35-50 mk or 60-70 mk with alveoly set. If you are interested in buying or want to see the stats to make sure message me IG at Thesquirtinghoe or on here and i'll get back to you asap.
  13. -Amos-

    Green Emerald

    I dont normally sell dofus, but when i do, they are cheap as fuck! hit me up ingame 3_3 yall know the drill copy paste my name "/w Amosharbingerofpower" and we can talk business, looking to sell this fetilized dragon egg for 5-10% below market price, which is around 9-10mk, looking very cheap right about now, maybe 8mkish, limited time offer! much love -Amos- :>
  14. Whale who buys lootboxes

    S> 15ch turq very cheap ok

    selling 15crit turq 38mk better pm here cuz i dont play this game. ign is Seko... Can go cheaper price if u want
  15. Selling Chief Bwork Amulet pretty cheap stats are listed below 70 Vitality 25 Strength 35 Chance 15 Wisdom 2 Critical hits 1 AP 2 Initiative 4% Earth resistance 3% Water resistance 2% Air resistance
  16. Selling Satisfaction Boots pretty cheap, i am taking orders so please let me know, thanks PM me in game or leave me a message on here :)
  17. Hello everyone, I am posting here to divert your attention to my Merchant Golden-Queen at the top of the (0,1) Market Place. I am regularly selling Inky Veils with various characteristics at a fixed price of 11,000,000. Stock is updated weekly depending on the availability of resources in the markets and of suppliers. Thank you for your attention. Current Stock (updated every 24H) 7
  18. I have also one house for sell, 3 room in Tainela with 2 chests without workshop. 12 [26,-36] Neutral Pandala 40mksold 12 [24,-37] Neutral Pandala 45mk sold 9 [-33,-57] Bonta 24mk sold 9 [23,-40] Neutral Pandala 24mk sold 10 [-22,3] Koalak Mountain 28mk sold 12 [-71,-31] Frigost island 36mk sold 12 [-22,5] Koalak mountain 36mk sold 2 chests house in Brakmar [-21,37] 9mk sold 2 chests house in Tainela [-2,-30] 12mk These are the prices i'm selling them for, but I'm open for negotiations. You can contact me on /w Vikin or also my friend /w Lubo. Thanks.

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