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Found 3 results

  1. Amakna Inn's Musical Challenge

    Hello Pangea! The challenge has been closed. Are you bored of all that XP grinding and questing? Maybe you would rather take on a different challenge, a more musical one? Starting on Saturday, January 16th, 14:00 DUT, a new event is being held on the Dofus Discord server. (After you have joined with your preferred username, don't forget to claim your account by clicking the button at the top, so it is not deleted when you leave), you may also bookmark the site, or download the app for easier usage. Information This event will consist of rounds and seasons, each round starting on Saturday and lasting one week and each season lasting one month (or four rounds/weeks). Each round will also represent a theme, the themes will all be Dofus related for now, grouped by various areas of a continent. The objective will be to guess the location, monster or spell in the World of Twelve from the soundtracks played and earn Music Points (MP). You may play two game modes per week, soundtrack count will vary based on the theme. (This information may change as we move on with the event, we will inform about any changes with a new post) There are four game modes from which you can choose: Chill mode - You will be guessing location soundtracks alone. 1 MP will be awarded for each correct answer. Team mode - You will be guessing location soundtracks with other people, the fastest to answer will get points. For each 5 people, an extra MP will be added, so be sure to bring your friends! Hardcore mode - You will be guessing monster or spell soundtracks. 5 MP for each correct answer. Double or Nothing mode - You will hear one hard monster or spell soundtrack from which you will have to guess. If you guess correctly, you will double your MP, if not, say goodbye to all of them. How to join To join the event, you simply have to join the Dofus Discord server (After you have joined with your preferred username, don't forget to claim your account by clicking the button at the top, so it is not deleted when you leave), you may also bookmark the site, or download the app for easier usage. After you have done that, click on the following person names if they are online, click message and write that you'd like to play. Gravestorm Seyif Ultimate-Sensation If you would like to organize a time when you would like to play, you may message me on Impsvillage, Ankabox, or PM on Discord, I will get back to you as soon as I can so that we can arrange a time for you to play. Prizes Current prize fund: 1$ Donations are welcome for bigger prizes! For each MP you achieve you will be getting 10$. You may cash out your round MP after a round ends (you may only cash out the previous round MP), or stack them up until the end of the season to have a chance of getting a Mystery Prize.
  2. Wakfu community chatroom

    Hello, recently Dofus community started using a new text and voice chatroom program called Discord (thread link), so I have decided to also make a chatroom for the Wakfu community, as it's a great place for a community to gather. What is Discord? Discord is an all-in-one text and voice chat for gamers that’s free, secure, and works directly from your browser! In addition to the desktop and phone programs. Stop paying for TeamSpeak servers and hassling with Skype, Discord is as free as it can get. How to join? Click here to instantly go to the Wakfu chatroom, then enter your desired name that will be shown in the chat and you'll be all set. If you want, you may register, in order to easily find the chat and join other chatrooms. And after that, you can download the Discord program, then instead of bookmarking the chat link, you could just open a program and start chatting right away!
  3. NEW Teamspeak for Dofus!

    NEW Teamspeak for Dofus!Welcome and Hello! Let's bring the community together again! have opened my teamspeak up for everyone who plays Dofus now! I have rooms for those that play League of Legends, TESO, GW2, and best of all - DOFUS! I also have separate rooms for each English speaking server! Everyone is invited to join and chat it up! Izmar you are, of course, invited as well. Come and join teh fun! (Although no one is on but me atm T_T) How to get started download and install teamspeak set up your microphone through the guided tutorial (push to talk recommended) click CONNECTIONS at the top corner of TS input for the server information type your dofus Nickname press CONNECT! SERVER DETAILS - Stuff about me that really doesn't matter.... Original character was a sram named -Chakren from Rushu english beta. Was totes better than SOVIET and Wetfrombirth, but they never agreed. Upon Rosal server open, I started as Revoke, changed name and gender to Queen Victoria - then changed name to Ciara on my 200 iop. I also created Al-Capone, 200 sac. I also created Orange-Piwi, 200 panda.