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Found 16 results

  1. Hi guys, I am buying this set for a new character and would like to purchase an AP and MP exo in any of these items. Obviously the cheapest of the items available to exo! ~ Valella
  2. Buying Gobbalator IDK what the price is anymore. 5M? Message me your price. Quinotaur, guy who's buying Gobbalator #BuyingGobbalator
  3. Hi everyone! I'm looking to buy an ochre dofus for 30mk. You can message me in game at combat-sixty-five or respond on here and I will try and contact you in game! Thanks everyone
  4. Hey everyone I'm a returning player of many years. I started back when I found the game on mini clip and did all I could to try to get good at this game and after quite some time I did but then the game eventually fell off for me. However I heard some news about the game again and became excited to get back to running dungeons and fighting with teams but unfortunately so much has changed and I dont know where to start. If I could have someone help guide me along into playing this game again I would be so appreciative as dofus is something I really do enjoy playing especially with others. So pl
  5. Hey Imps. I'm buying an MP Allister's Crown (no idea if there's any of them hanging around) . I'll be paying around 7-12M depending on stats. If you have one and you're up for negotiating, message me here or in-game, ign Frenix. Thank you guys in advance.
  6. Hey, I want to buy spell point scrolls. I am willing to pay 250kk/ea - negotiable, tho I won't pay 350kk/ea or so... Need 27 atm, but I can buy more if in good price. Cheers.
  7. Looking for a turq 20CH for 85m msg me here or IG: Colombo-ll
  8. Paying 200kk for every mastigator and dremoan frag! Pm me in game at Prosanunderstatment , or feel free to post a reply here. Price can be slightly negotiated if you have good # of frags / stacks! And as always, GL to all.
  9. SELLING: Queen of Thieves Stats (70M) : SOLD 1/0 AP 378/400 Vit 75/80 Str 75/80 Agi 38/50 Wisdom 1/1 Summons 13/15 Neut Damage 13/15 Str Damage 13/15 Air Damage 14/15 Prospecting 20/25 Critical Resistance 10/10 %Earth Resistance Bearbaric Band Stats (62M): SOLD 1/0 AP 240/250 Vit 53/60 Str 56/60 Int 32/40 Wis 4/4 Crits 10/12 Neut Damage 10/12 Earth Damage 10/12 Fire Damage 2/5 Lock 7/7 %Water Resistance 7/7 %Air Resistance 12 CH Turq Dofus (27M) SOLD (Noh Cape Mimied) Inky Veil Overmaged Vit (15M) SOLD 392/350 Vit 67/70 Strength 67/70 Int 32/40 Wis 3/3 Critica
  10. any missiz freezz boots and ring will do but i need a high strength stats, PM me here IGN:Biancake
  11. throw me the stats at my char: Biancake
  12. Hey Rosalhians i'd like to seach and buy a Goultard's Headgear! So either pm me ingame or post comments on this topic :) #Edit - I'm offering like 15mk for it! ~ Cruzix
  13. Buying Sparkling and Gleaming pebbles and paying 65kk for Gleaming and 650kk for Sparkling, pm me in game Tough-Nuts or Sweet-Shots.
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