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Found 14 results

  1. Mount Stats Glitched?

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone else was having issues with mount stats increasing strangely in paddocks. I'm talking about Serenity, Love, Stamina, etc when I say stats, not talking about the stats you gain when you level them. During a breeding cycle, I placed ten mounts (all female and the same type/gen DTs) into the Bonta public paddocks to raise serenity from negative to positive so I could raise Love. All ten mounts had 0 Tiredness and roughly the same Serenity (give or take a hundred or so) when placed in together. About a day and a half later I checked on them to find that two of them had full Serenity while all the others were around 2500. The ones with full Serenity were also less Tired, while the others had full Tiredness. What is causing the imbalance of their stats? All of them have the "Reproductive" ability and nothing else, so it doesn't make sense for any of them to gain stats quicker than the others, or am I missing something here. It only started doing this a few weeks ago after some update. Before that, I never had a problem with it. It's very frustrating because it throws off my breeding cycle, so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Chameleon Seemyools

    Hello fellow breeders, just inquiring about any knowledge on chameleons in our ugly little fish. For DT chances were increased with pure trees, iirc, and breeding m/f with said ability ofc. The good Breeding Lord has blessed my humble self with 4 chameleons to date, almx2/eme/crim, all being male save the emerald. Might I mention the trees are garbage and I attribute their ability to rng and not previous chamos in the trees. In attempts to acquire another chameleon or better yet, a stripe that isn't useless, I have bred my eme with an almond (please pray for me). I guess the big question I'm wanting to ask is, aside from small percentages, are pure trees the only way to significantly increase the chances (if at all) in mass producing an army of chamos to storm the market and ruin other breeders business omg ^_______^ Any information with chamo seemyools would be greatly appreciated. -#1RushuSnek How to tag olly and bob omg? ^_________^
  3. Buying 15+ paddock

    Hi, Currently looking to buy a paddock. Mainly looking for 15 Slot but could buy a bigger one depending on price. Looking to buy a 15 one for 30mk. Pm me here or ig. thanks
  4. Hello! How are you? I would like to introduce myself. I am a Brazilian player playing since 2007 (with a lot of breaks, but whatever). I'm starting a new account, I'll play as a new beginning. I do not like to spend much time editing videos, but I like to produce them (record, have ideas ...). I wonder what kind of videos you like to watch? I did as a test of a first video telling how to get some gifts in the game. I was very well, about 600 views and 40 thumbs up, no down. I miss a lot of YouTube content in Brazil or Portugal, I actually subscribed 300 English community channels and French ... So I would put myself in this world. What do you suggest as a new beginning for YouTube? Say what you think ... How to earn Kamas, level professions, breeding, drops, just play and record ...
  5. Looking for 60 couples Pure / Repro: - Ginger - Almond This is for interserver purposes.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm selling my medium sized private breeding center, located at Stontusk Desert, which consists of 3 paddocks of size 8 each and a house with 2 chests just two clicks away (also serves as a great teleport point for Kanigrula dungeon/area). I have placed the paddocks up for sale @ 3mk each and the house @ 3.5mk. The total cost is 12.5mk which will grant you access to 24 breeding slots and a 2 chest house to store your breeding items (or other stuff) with easy teleport access and all very close to each other. For a better perspective, here's the locations marked on the map:
  7. Heya everyone I’m writing this to announce that I’m officially starting my breeding achievement service. At the moment I only do the generation achievements (Talking ’Bout The Generations). I’m from Rosal (and Rushu), but I can also transfer to other servers for this service. This service is for players who doesn’t want spend months to accomplish this achievement or bother to learn/spend time breeding. Buying this package will allow you to fill all the 66 different colors of turkeys. This means +350 achievement points. It’s the main step to unlock Who's The Daddy?, the final achievement in Breeding category. With this package, you will have the Respectable Dragomaster ornament. The price for a full package (all 10 generations) is 60 mk. [Rosal or Rushu] If you don’t want the pure colors (odd numbered generation), the price is reduced to 55 mk. If you’ve never bred before, I guarantee the 5 other achievements: Pregnant Or Just Fat? (+1), Matron (+10), A Star is Born (+20), Snippety Snip! (+10), Freedom Won't Let You Down (+10) = +51 points. In total, this means this package gives 401 points that adds to your achievement point count! NB: I do not give away neither the mothers or the babies. This is not negotiable. If you require me to transfer to deliver the service, the price is 75 mk. If you don't want the pure colored turkeys (odd numbered generations), the price is 70 mk. There are several discount options (fidelity, quantity). Ordering several packages at the same time and buying new packages at a later point in time can both give discounts. If several people order on the same server when I’m transferring over the transfer fee will be split, lowering your expenses. In the future, if there is an interest for it, I could provide/extend the service to cover the 1.000 births/1.000 matings in 1 week. The 1.000 matings package will be available for 2 characters if you have access to a private guild paddock. The 1.000 births can be split on 2 characters too. But, for now, this service is only for the generation achievements. As a final note: This is a service based largely on trust, so I reserve the right to choose who I sell this service to… but it usually works out. The way the births are done will be explained in detail when you’ve placed your order, but it's just a method for me to keep track of my moms and babies to prevent scamming. And for the start of this service on Rosal, first customer will have a 15% discount on his package price! Have fun and cy soon.
  8. Patting and Slapping

    Im getting back into breeding after a break and Im trying to be as efficient as possible with my time. So Im wondering is there a way to calculate the time it takes to slap or pat mounts? And with different types of slappers and patters ; Effectiveness 70, 90, 150 etc. Not sure if this makes sense :l Becoming a problem for me with babies that have like 9000 or -9000 I only stick them in with 0 tiredness , they have no abilities, and 10th generation.
  9. S> 5 paddocks

    Getting rid of my paddocks : 6 loots : - Scaraleaf Plain [3,29] : 1.9m - Wild Dragoturkey Territory [-20,5] : 1.9m 9 loot : - Scaraleaf Plain [3,29] : 5m 12 loot : - Breeder Village [ -16,-1] : 14m - Breeder Village [-13,5] : 14m Contact me here or in game /w Rick-roll
  10. Hello everyone, I’ve been curious for some time about if people are interested in paying to finish the generation achievement (breeding, silver ornament). I’m also curious to see what people would think is a fair price for this service, so if you have thoughts I’d be very interested in hearing what you have to say. Making you able to unlock later or maybe the golden breeding achievement. Keep in mind that you as a buyer would not be able to keep the mom or any of the babies from the births. Area
  11. Hello guys, I'm selling a set of Breeding mounts, we are talking about 9x Reproductive/Pure Emerald/Ginger mounts. (males and female I have no idea what there worth, and i would like to sell the enitre batch at ones but i will think about selling them seperatly aswell just send me an offer if you are interested please send it to me on Imps =) thank you, happy gaming! Edit lets start with 500kk a mount? price is negotiable :)
  12. I would just like to hear everyone's opinion about the best options for the new breeding items. I've recently gotten back to breeding and have been sort of constantly farming mats for breeding items. The reason... the new breeding items get depleted very quickly. What's everyone using for each ability training? This is what I'm currently crafting for each (duration / efficiency) : Love : Black Rat Dragobutt (5000 / 120) or alternatively Minotot Dragobutt (5000 / 150) though more expensive mats. Stamina : Soft Oak Lightning Throwers (5000 / 120) seem reliable and Soft Oak mats seem accessible to obtain. Slapping : Royal Pingwin (3000 / 70)... these are the worst of all breeding items. The duration is really low on high efficiency slappers, so I'm being forced ot lower efficiency to allow for items that last a bit longer. Patting : Going with Fuji Snowfoux Patter (3600 / 90) which is still alright efficiency and average durability. No-where near the old patters but seems like an ok option? There might be cheaper options though? Maturity:: Using Minotot Drinking Trough (9000 / 90) which is equivalent to old high-end drinking troughs. This really is the breeding item I use the less so I prefer to have a long durability one which will last me for quite a while. CB is an equivalent option but Minotot seems cheaper to make. Merkator is way to expensive for the extra benefits. Energy : My first attempt was with Tengu Snowfoux Mangers (18000 / 90) which was alright. But then I switched over to Pandora Master Mangers (5000 / 120) which have considerably less durability but mats seem cheaper and alot faster running pandora master dungeon than tengu dungeon for mats, if necessary. What about you? I'm particularly interested in hearing what other people are using for slapping / slapping nowadays. I realize lots of breeders are probably still living with old items (I actually still have some old slappers and patters but reaching their end-of-life). Durability 1000 slappers and patters just look like such a waste... I really hate how much time I've been spending farming beach monsters recently thanks to these new breeding items lol [Edit] Oops wrong Forum, should have placed this under "Poultry Paddock". If a mod can move it for me, I'd appreciate :)
  13. Done! Thanks to a fellow rosalian breeder ~ <3 Hello~! It's been almost half a year since I resumed breeding again, and I am very VERY close to finishing all my breeding achievements! However, for the past month, my dragoturkies haven't had any luck in birthing any of these breeds (but I only have half-pure ebonies, and 1 pure ivory so it's really slow): Ivory and Ginger Ebony and Ivory Ebony and Turquoise Golden and Ebony Plum and Golden Golden and Emerald I'd love it if any breeder is willing to let me borrow a breed or two for about a week or however long the gestation period is. ^^' Pures will be great, but even a half pure tree will help! I will hand you back the parent + the babies born, because all I need is just that checkmark of the birth for achievements. :lol: I have many pures of other breeds that I can offer as collateral, or if you prefer, I can pay in kamas for renting the breeds. Thanks!