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Found 6 results

  1. Mandyamanda

    Alignment 100 HELP

    Is there anybody on the Echo server that can help me with the final lvl 100 alignment quest against Erzal? Really want to get these wingsD: Add my dofus name amandamandy-two if you can help!
  2. Kazani

    Erzal fight [Need help]

    Hello. Looking for players who are on same step as me. I have cra/iop/eni/panda/sram/elio/enu/rogue i can bring with me contact in game Gio-Xx or on Discord ( kazani #5900 )
  3. Hi Everyone! Just a quick heads-up that Integrity Alliance will be running another Brak v. Bonta Capture the Flag - but this time we'll be opening it up to the entire server to play! :D If everything goes well, people are friendly, and there is no trash-talking, etc. - we'll consider opening up future INT events to the entire server. The date will be Dec. 27th approx 8pm DUT (I'll know closer to the time - due to a tight Christmas schedule). Sorry I can't pin down the time yet, but will post when I have the exact starting times. Be prepared to enter Enurado up to an hour earlier (will need to do the portal hunt from Voyager Tower) to get to your hideout, get on Discord, assign your captain and thief/guard, and plan your team's strategy if you haven't already. Communication on your team will be both in text chat and voice chat on our INT server - please pm me on Discord to assign you as either Brak or Bonta before the event, so I can put you in the right group, so you can plan your strategy and recruit more braks/bontas to your team ahead of time. https://discord.gg/uMNwNJv Rikiki wands, scrolling (using tied scrolls), and any type of camoflage are allowed by any player in the game (including guard/thief). Here is the basic info and role-play: Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you on the 27th! :D anjulica
  4. Selling Bonta Enormous house, -30,-59 (3 zappis around this map), 5 Chests (4 of them at the same room), 4 Rooms, 1 Carver station. 25mk. Brakmar enormous House, -22,34 (1 map left from Smith W/S), 5 Chests, 4 Rooms, 1 Smith Station. 25mk. Pm Kuro-Usagi.
  5. Latakia

    Brakmarian quest 86

    ok so in the quests 86 when you enter the temple of the doom you need to find this 8 loot mob of mobs its not that bad but map is rly small for solotage so when some folks reach here throw me a pm in here or in da game so we can make a grp and kick those demons in their huge buttocks cheers Lata
  6. We Play Dofus Naked As the name implies, WPDN is a guild consisting of players of who don’t mind playing in the nude. We’re fully aware that most players have at some stage in their life played dofus naked and that it would be nearly impossible to reflect the guild numbers against the people who have engaged in this socially acceptable activity, but that’s not why we’re here. So why are you here? WPDN is now open for all to join. At present there are currently no restrictions/applications that one must meet/present in order to join. To join simply PM myself, Xentrav, or Radioactive-Poison, in-game to join. Alternatively, you can PM us via imps here: http://impsvillage.com/forums/user/5389-xentra/ or here http://impsvillage.com/forums/user/33529-radioactivepoison/. So tell us a little more about yourselves. We’ll, we’re currently level 42 and growing. We’re part of the alliance Morituri Te Salutant (Roma) which consists of a number of friendly guilds all with the same interests as ourselves. WPDN was created by Radioactive-Poison in Dofus time, on 26 Octolliard 644 and currently has 55 guild members. At the moment we are currently accepting all levels in order to build them up from scratch into dedicated players for the server. Our aim is to create a guild that will that will provide part of a foundation for an alliance dedicated to pvp’rs. Now, with this in mind, this doesn’t make us an exclusive pvp guild/alliance, not by a long shot, but should be seen rather as a place that pvp’rs can come to in order to organise with like-minded players to engage in pvp via the alliance system or aggressive both in and outside the guild/alliance. A number of our members have already expressed keen interest in attending Goult this year and therefore this will be the place in order to organise mass pvp with dedicated goult teams. We also organise in-house (for guild and alliance) events, see below for more information. That’s all fine and well, but tell us more about the non-pvp aspect of the guild. Well for starters, WPDN currently has no paddocks, the reason being that no interest has been expressed by our current members to begin breeding. However, if this is an interest and a prerequisite to joining the guild, we will seriously consider freeing up some kamas in order to assist you. Furthermore, we have a number of players who have a number of professions on various characters that will be easily accessible and at your disposal if and when required. A number of these players will be more than happy to offer their services at a heavily reduced price or free altogether. We have also begun in ensuring all our members are at “least” up to frig 2; however this doesn’t mean we will leech you. We expect all new members to ensure they are adequately prepared for any dungeon runs/hunts that other members engage in. Fair enough, is there more? Yes of course! However if I were to go on more we’d be here all day and I’ve already overtyped! If you need more information, please by all means contact either Radio or I on the links above. Before I leave, WPDN has been involved lately in the organising of mass-pvp events held on shika, such as below: The videos of the events so far can be seen here: …and here: For more, subscribe to “Shika-Hut” [http://www.youtube.com/user/roufi123]. I guess that’s everything, thanks for reading. Here’s signing out! Xentrav Radioactive-poison Guild/Alliance Events. Keep tuned for more alliance events here. These are exclusive only to members of the alliance Roma and its guilds. EVENT! Roma has acquired a number of PvMrs who have expressed a hearty interest in joining us at KOTH! Therefore we’ve decided that in order both accommodate their want for PvM and interest in PvP that we will be running large groups through both frig 1 and 2. Obviously I can’t do this myself, therefore I’ll give a top cash prize to the person(s) who bring the most people (who have never been before) through the dungeons, that is, right up past Celestial Bearbarian. All you need to do to prove it is send me the name of the person(s) you have put through the dungs so I can check their achievement records. I haven’t decided on the total cash prize but we can safely say it will be upwards of 2mk. Have fun guys!