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Found 13 results

  1. Alignment level 92

    Help I’m stuck on level 92(mornings are hard). I am supposed to take 1 rats chest to Erty Trapchet. I go to the given location, and no one is there to talk to.
  2. Alignment level 92

    Help I’m stuck on level 92(mornings are hard). I am supposed to take 1 rats chest to Erty Trapchet. I go to the given location, and no one is there to talk to.
  3. Please help! I’m suck on Bont alignment level 88. I am supposed to talk to adviser arky to request an audience with Fallanster. When I try to request an audience, Adviser Arky says “he is a busy man and doesn’t have time to waste on your little problems, and if I’d done the astrubians some big favors things would be different.” What to I need to do to get an audience? Please help
  4. Erzal fight [Need help]

    Hello. Looking for players who are on same step as me. I have cra/iop/eni/panda/sram/elio/enu/rogue i can bring with me contact in game Gio-Xx or on Discord ( kazani #5900 )
  5. Hi Everyone! Just a quick heads-up that Integrity Alliance will be running another Brak v. Bonta Capture the Flag - but this time we'll be opening it up to the entire server to play! :D If everything goes well, people are friendly, and there is no trash-talking, etc. - we'll consider opening up future INT events to the entire server. The date will be Dec. 27th approx 8pm DUT (I'll know closer to the time - due to a tight Christmas schedule). Sorry I can't pin down the time yet, but will post when I have the exact starting times. Be prepared to enter Enurado up to an hour earlier (will need to do the portal hunt from Voyager Tower) to get to your hideout, get on Discord, assign your captain and thief/guard, and plan your team's strategy if you haven't already. Communication on your team will be both in text chat and voice chat on our INT server - please pm me on Discord to assign you as either Brak or Bonta before the event, so I can put you in the right group, so you can plan your strategy and recruit more braks/bontas to your team ahead of time. https://discord.gg/uMNwNJv Rikiki wands, scrolling (using tied scrolls), and any type of camoflage are allowed by any player in the game (including guard/thief). Here is the basic info and role-play: Have a wonderful Christmas, and see you on the 27th! :D anjulica
  6. Bonta Alignment Quest 80-90

    Hi all, I am stuck in the 83rd Bonta Alignment quest where it says "Look for Lars Tord in Gisgoul"... Couldn't find anywhere. Does any of you know a guide for these quests? I could find some for Brakmar ones but not for Bonta ones :7 Thanks.
  7. Selling Bonta Enormous house, -30,-59 (3 zappis around this map), 5 Chests (4 of them at the same room), 4 Rooms, 1 Carver station. 25mk. Brakmar enormous House, -22,34 (1 map left from Smith W/S), 5 Chests, 4 Rooms, 1 Smith Station. 25mk. Pm Kuro-Usagi.
  8. Selling Bonta house at -28,-56 2.8mk 1 chest 2 rooms, 1 map up from Smith market/ws. Bonta -37,-55 5.5mk 2 chest 3 rooms,, Breeder's quarter. Amakna 6,-7 4mk 1 chest 2 rooms, Amakna Castle. Pm Kuro-Usagi.
  9. selling bonta house 2 chest

    3 room msg kissities will be on pretty much rest of weekend
  10. BONTA HONOR LEECHING Heya guys, I'm offering to leech your Bontarian wings for a small price. ;) I have 8 characters to have your wings be leeched on. Price: 350,000K for 8 characters - Can only be leeched 3 time per character every 2 hours. You can message Sweetly Info: I'm not on as much so when you see me don't miss your chance to message me about wing leeching since I'm not on long. Remember to turn your wings off if you don't want to lose honor. We will later be leeching Brakmar wings as well. Pay first only.
  11. http://dofuswiki.wikia.com/wiki/A_Dark_Power is the quest. In step 2 of the quest you're supposed to "Carry out the Ritual of Revelation". I've made it into the Magus Ax's secret basement of fun, with two alts, and I have all the ingredients needed/specified in the quest. Now.. what am I EXACTLY step by step supposed to do here? Quest info on wikia didn't help, and neither did the french one. I tried and tried different ways I could come up with for 90 minutes, with help, and couldn't figure it out. Am I supposed to turn on the fireplace somehow? Clicking it tells me "[13:40] The heater is turned off.". (Some bonus french:) "- Il faut vous faire accompagner de deux autres personnes que vous mettrez sur les dalles devant les fourneaux à gauche et à droite. Une fois qu'ils sont en place, mettez vous sur la dalle du milieu avec les ingrédients du prérequis ci dessus, le rituel s'accomplit, parlez à Mage Ax pour être certain que le rituel à fonctionné et il vous rédige une note à remettre à Amayiro." If anybody has recently completed this quest, or has an idea how to finish it, please let me know. As far as I know my two issues are fireplace won't turn on, and tub of water isn't clickable. I could be on the wrong track here too. In fact it's likely. Thanks Bonus edit: Masq in bee suit has the draught potions, Feca in cool blue stuff has the hornbeam woods, Fogger is the one trying to complete quest. I wasn't 100% sure if I had the positions correct so I've tried changing masqs and foggers tiles several times, without luck.
  12. S> Large house x2 [closed]

    I am selling a Large house in Bonta (2 chests) for 7m and a Large house in Brakmar (2 chests) for 6,5m. Leave message here or PM Sugarpuffiepixie/Irrezistible in-game. ^^
  13. Buying A House

    Hi im Snarfest-Snarf im looking to buy a house in astrub,bonta, or amkana. House specs: Min. 1 chest Min. 2 rooms Max. Spending limit 4mk My ideal home: Large bonta house Medium Amkana house Ankabox me @ Snarfest-Snarf im usually on! :D P.S. Would love to get a larger house for 4mk