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  1. Hi @everyone. Due to the recent changes concerning classes/spells/variants, the referees and TOs have agreed that it would be best to postpone the tournament until further notice. We apologize for any inconveniences and will keep everyone here informed about any new updates. If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to any of the TOs. Thank you! Bonjour tout le monde. Dû aux récents changements concernant les classes, les sorts et ses variantes, les organisateurs et arbitres ont décidé de reporter le tournois à plus tard ou jusqu'aux prochaines nouvelles. Nous sommes désolés pour les désagréments occasionés et nous vous tiendrons au courant s'il y a du changement. Si vous avez des soucis ou questions n'hesitez pas à contacter un organisateur. Merci pour votre interêt BATTLE ROYALE Hello everyone and welcome to the official thread for Battle Royale! We’re excited to announce that we'll be hosting a tournament on the beta server beginning Saturday Nov 25th. Everyone is welcome to register. All official announcements regarding the tournament will be posted here on this forum, but we strongly encourage you to join our tournament discord for the most up to date information. The rules for the tournament are as follows (note; tournament rules may be modified and any modifications will be posted both here and in #announcements): DISCORD Click here to join - https://discord.gg/tEpqPKY #announcements - get the most up to date info regarding Battle Royale! #regles - find a french translation of the thread here! #rules - find a copy of the tournament rules here! #general - use this channel for team search, questions, and general discussion! #team-search - post here if you’re looking to join or recruit for your team! #registered-teams - check out the officially registered teams! #livestream - find links to livestreams here! #prize-pool - logs of donations can be found here #fight-results - screenshots of all fight results will be posted here ORGANIZERS & REFEREES Organizer: Animuffin - Discord: Animuffin#5839 (Echo, English/Spanish) Organizer: Steam-Alb - Discord: Steam_Alb#3814 (Hel Munster, English/French) Organizer: Defuse - Discord: Joost#4822 (Echo, English/French/Dutch) Referee: Thigh - Discord: Cornayy#2751 (Echo, English/Dutch) Referee: Sram - Discord: Paul#4468 (Echo, English/Dutch/German) Referee: God - Discord: Z A C#9318 (Echo, English) Referee: Bootiful - Discord: Bootiful#5388 (Echo, English/Arabic) Referee: Alchy - Discord: Marz Barz#6351 (Echo, English/Spanish) SCHEDULE REGISTRATION -Register your entire team by posting on the forum here, on imps, or DM Animuffin on discord using the following format: Team Name (Optional, must abide by ToS or will otherwise be referred to by Captain name) Team Captain: Character name, class, level (Main contact person) Character name, class, level Character name, class, level Character name, class, level -Officially registered teams will be listed in the second post of this thread and in the #registered-teams channel on discord -8 teams minimum for this tournament, 16 maximum. First come first serve - there will be a waitlist in the event of any withdrawals TEAM COMPOSITION -4v4 format -Lvl 199+ -No duplicate classes -Each person may not be on more than one team -A sub may be used with approval of a referee and must be the same class -Team comps must abide by the following point system, and may not exceed 11 points. Classes are assigned the following weights: RULES -You can access the Goult maps by walking through the orange zaap at [-6, -12]. Go right - this is where teams will meet before each round -Teams must come prepared with a list of three maps that they would like “banned” for this round. Teams may be transported to the various maps by talking to the NPCs. Each team bans three maps, and a referee will randomly choose the fight map from the remaining maps using a random number generator -Both teams must check in with a referee before beginning the fight -Once both teams in a fight are checked in, the referee will begin your map selection -One member of your team must screenshot the results of every fight and post it in the #fight-results channel on discord (points may be deducted per offense for failure to do so) -If a character leaves during a fight (d/cing is not leaving) the team automatically loses -Candies/treats are not permitted -Participants must use a guild or alliance shield during the fight - other shields are not permitted -Spell variants are not permitted -Ivory dofus is not permitted TOURNAMENT SYSTEM -We will be using the following point system to determine the team standings during the four qualifying rounds: -Teams will be randomly matched in the first round using a random number generator -In rounds two through four, teams will be matched based on their current standing on the leaderboard -There will be no draws -Should a team be missing a member and fail to find a substitute, they may choose to fight their match with an incomplete team. Forfeits will be counted as -20 points -Teams that are more than 15 minutes late will be considered forfeited -The top scoring eight teams following the fourth qualifier round will be assorted into the following single elimination bracket -The top 4 will participate in semifinals, bo3 (registered team, draft, draft) -The final 2 will participate in finals, bo5 (registered team, draft, draft, draft, draft) -Drafts will be completed as follows (team with higher rank can choose A or B, then opposite for next draft) When a class is forbidden, none of the two teams can choose it or forbid it again. When a class is chosen by one of the two teams, the other can no longer forbid it or choose it again. REWARDS Tournament champions: Battler shields* for each player on the winning team. This is a linked shield you can only earn by winning official tournaments *8 teams minimum must be registered in the tournament STREAMING Animuffin mapleminou morchaa le_chaf If you’re interested in streaming this tournament, please contact a TO or referee!
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