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Found 1 result

  1. Rosalt live blog

    Rosalt live blog It's like triforce, but double -Stijn, 12 inches. Welcome to Rosalt live blog. This is a live blog/thread for the best guild on Rosal. Brief history of Rosalt: Septangel 29, 645. A mythical Vulbisaur appeared from the shadow realm and spoke to brother Maximum Snek and brother Glucosed. "Join hands, you will. Spread salt, you shall. This is the beginning of the apopocopalypse. Friendship is magic." So Rosalt was born, amidst salt and smoke. First member to join the ranks, privileged be his name, was Brother Brazil. Septangel 30, 645. Brother Male Fashion Advice, brother Norwegian Supremacy and brother God of PvP joined the Rosalt collective. Octolliard 1, 645. Rosalt declares war against Fantastic Five, The Guardians, Quack and Humanity. Octolliard 3, 645. Brother No trading in /a and Sister Vortex is my husbando join Rosalt in their astral forms. A new companionship is formed. Brother Hearthstone also joins the ranks. Octolliard 6, 645. Brother No trading in /a and Sister Vortex is my husbando reincarnate on Rosal bringing treats and war stories from another universe. Rosalt catches global attention and starts getting contact requests from another worlds. Brother Celebrity also joins the ranks in his astral form. Octolliard 9, 645. Brother Pokemon Master and Brother Happy Birthday unite forces with Rosalt, as we slowly but surely work towards world domination and personal goals. That is it for the brief history and live blog of Rosalt. And as usual... [Click here to apply to Rosalt]