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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, any experienced rogue/ dofus players that could tell their opinion abou int vs agi rogue. I have been playing int rogue only, but been wondering is agi better or worse at pvp / pvm. I started to wonder since lot of times i dont have much to do during my turn after i already have got someone between my bombs or i am not able to get them there anyhow, and im left with lot of ap and int only has Pular that doesnt rly do dmg after i have used mp and Extriction is only once per turn and in straight line only. Agi would seem to have good range spells but bombs do less dmg so not sure if they are worth to change to.
  2. Selling a few powerful scrolls (Only have up to 33 right now) or great scrolls (only have up to 84 right now) Im buying these scrolls with my doploons so the above numbers will affect each other. Current Market Prices: Great wisdom Scroll 100,000k for 1 1,200,000 for 10 [121,077k Average Price] Powerful wisdom scroll 180,000k for 1 1,830,000k for 10 [182,406k Average Price] Great agility scroll 140,000k for 1 1,200,000 for 10 [102,694k Average Price] Powerful agility scroll 219,000k for 1 2,490,000k for 10 [222,616k Average Price] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Prices: Great wisdom scroll 100,000k for 1 1,000,000k for 10 Powerful wisdom scroll 175,000k for 1 1,750,000k for 10 Great agility scroll 115,000k for 1 1,150,000k for 10 Powerful agility scroll 215,000k for 1 2,150,000k for 10 these prices are subject to change, i'll update as much as i can Pm me in game on any of the chars in my sig, or post here, thanks ^^
  3. 'Nuff said. Looking for hopefully decent prices, very negotiable. No super OP exo's please. PM Pure-Ness (NessKuu) in-game or message me on IV, we can work something sexy out. :D
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