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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone. I'm selling these two exos. I'm looking for 17m for the broucey ring, and looking for 19,5m for the jammy jack ring. Willing to negotiate. Contact me here or in game! I'm online at quite random times, but generally evenings (GMT +1), up to quite late. IGN: Lyrac. Update: Broucey ring sold.
  2. Hi, any experienced rogue/ dofus players that could tell their opinion abou int vs agi rogue. I have been playing int rogue only, but been wondering is agi better or worse at pvp / pvm. I started to wonder since lot of times i dont have much to do during my turn after i already have got someone between my bombs or i am not able to get them there anyhow, and im left with lot of ap and int only has Pular that doesnt rly do dmg after i have used mp and Extriction is only once per turn and in straight line only. Agi would seem to have good range spells but bombs do less dmg so not sure if they are
  3. Hey there! Recently made a full agi Huppermage in one of the mono-account servers and having a blast! I'm about to ding level 100 and am wondering where my goals should be with this class. The dofusplanner given below is of the gear I currently own / wear. Keep in mind everything is overmaged so the vitality the planner says I have is incorrect. I almost got ( 1700 HP ) https://www.dofusplanner.com/5RLzV/edit/ Now, what should I go for next gear-wise? What are my goals in group play, PvP wise and PvM wise? All I atm do is trying t
  4. Hello, selling some old stuff. IGN: Siegfried. Village [0,1]. Thanks.
  5. Hello Everyone! ~ TLDR. Benefits and disadvantages of Cha/Agi elios, please? ~ I recently came back to Dofus after a multi-year break, and I'm in it for some excellent nostalgia. I'm playing with one other friend. Currently, we are looking to make a second set of characters to duo together (I would say moderately modest funding going on here. Don't expect miraculous scrolling or insane equips). He wants me to Elio while he does Huppermage. I'm unaware of his primary stat he's chosen for his huppermage. With all that in mind, would you suggest I go Chance Elio or Agility Elio? I've hea
  6. ALL GEAR IS NEGOTIABLE ( PRICES CAN GO LOWER OR HIGHER ^_^ ) I am selling a good bubo set with 2 pieces crit maged for a ranging price from 25 to 40 mk the full set. I am selling allister boots overmaged vit , Klime belt and cape crit maged for a price ranging from 9 to 11mk. I am selling an AP exo allister ring with good stats for a ranging price of 30 to 40mk. ( SOLD) I am also selling Alveoly hat and cape. You can buy pieces for a slightly higher price or all this gear for a lower price. The whole gear here on sale will go for 35-50 mk or 60-70 mk with alveoly set. If you are interes
  7. Pm me via imps, or IG at Reapersaurus / Reaper-Surm Exomaging services: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141626-jewlermagus-exos-only/ Souls: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141754-b-dp-so-tor-croc-souls/ Sold: Stilted Shovel 14mk Treadfast Boots 16mk Missiz Freezz's Helmet 15mk Adding Ap Bearbwedding Ring 80m: Adding AP Kringlove 55mk: Adding AP Kringlove 45mk: AP Bearbaric Ring 70mk: Cloak Of a Thousand Excuses 20mk: Treadfast Amulet 20mk: Tread Belt (Unmaged - Pm for stats) 13mk: Count Ring 14mk:
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