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Found 3 results

  1. Monster Aggro Changes

    The area in which monsters attack has been gradually reduced over the years (and is now down to a single cell around each monster), but the monster attack mechanic has not changed since the game first came out. Update 2.45 will introduce a new system for managing monster aggression which we hope will be less frustrating and easier to understand. Our primary goal: Making exploration exciting Monster attacks in DOFUS are generally seen as a useless constraint. While there may be valid criticisms of the way in which it is currently applied, we still believe that a good monster aggression system is an interesting gameplay mechanic. DOFUS presents an open world in which characters can move about freely without strict constraints (e.g. there are very few level restrictions on character access to various areas). However, it is difficult to make exploration exciting when characters can move through any area right from the beginning of the game. We like the idea that certain areas may be dangerous for beginning characters, that venturing into those areas represents a significant risk, and that by leveling up, characters can gradually become powerful enough to explore ever more dangerous areas. Having areas that are dangerous for low- to mid-level characters is a good way to make discovering the different areas of the game a more gradual process. It also allows us to ensure that not just any character (unless they are willing to accept a higher level of difficulty) can have access to quests or resources that are primarily intended for higher-level characters. Whenever possible, we want to avoid imposing strict constraints on access to different areas based on character level; we prefer to make virtually all areas accessible to all characters, as long as they are willing to face the associated risks. How the new system works We wanted to make the attack system more dynamic. From now on, standing still will put characters in danger, and running will be the best way to avoid aggressive monsters. Here's how monster attacks will work in the new system: Detection: Monsters have a field of vision (between 2 and 4 cells; these parameters may continue to change). When a character enters this field of vision, an attack may occur. Evaluation: By default, virtually all monsters in the game will be able to attack characters if the difference between the monster's level and the character's level is sufficiently large. If this difference is greater than 50 levels, the monster will attempt to attack the character (e.g. a monster at level 140 will attempt to attack a character at level 80). The number of levels that triggers an attack may change based on the results of our tests and your feedback. Attempted attack: If the target evaluation condition is met, and if the character is within the monster's field of vision (i.e. within a few cells of it) for more than 3 seconds, then a battle will start. As soon as a monster detects a potential target that it might choose to attack, a small symbol will appear above it to warn players that it's time to get out of there! The field of vision for attack purposes is determined by the leader of a group of monsters. A character who keeps moving should therefore be able to easily avoid monster attacks. We intend to take full advantage of this more flexible new system to make certain areas of the game dangerous for characters who aren't attentive enough, or who aren't supposed to be there in the first place (too big a difference between the monsters' level and that of the characters). This system resolves the problems that players sometimes encountered in tunnels and narrow areas: it will no longer be necessary to wait for monsters to move, as long as you don't stay in one place on the map for too long if the monsters there are inclined to attack your character. When a group of monsters is potentially about to attack your character, a specific symbol will appear when moving the cursor over that group of monsters. Highly aggressive monsters Certain monsters will always be aggressive (such as Wabbits or Bworks), regardless of the character's level. This mode will be used in areas where we want exploration to be more difficult and dangerous. Most monsters will only be aggressive towards characters whose level is far too low for the given area. This approach lets us discourage exploration (without banning it outright) in areas that are not appropriate for the character's strength and abilities. With the current parameters (with the rule that triggers attacks when there is a 50-level difference between monster and character), characters at level 150 or above will no longer be attacked by the majority of the classic monsters. Monster movement Monsters' behavior outside of combat will also be modified: monsters will persistently (but slowly) try to approach characters walking through their part of the map. It will therefore be important not to stop in one place for too long on a map that has monsters that might attack your character. The frequency of monsters' movement outside of combat has not changed. Future changes The parameters described in this article may change in the course of the tests you'll be running in the beta phase for Update 2.45. We welcome your feedback on your experience with the new system. Questions Can harvests be interrupted? Harvests can be interrupted by monster attacks. You will have to be careful when sending a low-level character to gather resources in significantly higher-level areas. However, the delay between detection by a monster and the start of an attack should be long enough for attentive harvesters to avoid most attacks. We allow aggressive monsters to interrupt harvests in order to prevent characters (using the action queue) from harvesting freely on maps that have monsters which are supposed to attack them. Why aren't there any consumables or Achievements to make characters immune to monster attacks? We believe that attacks by aggressive monsters can be a useful mechanic for making exploration more exciting. We don't want certain characters to be able to bypass this mechanic completely in areas where we want it to apply consistently. We do not rule out the possibility of eventually letting characters use Achievements or consumables to protect themselves from attacks, but we do not want to use these as generic mechanisms. How do monsters decide which characters to attack? A monster may detect multiple characters to attack in its field of vision. The first character it attacks will then be the first one it noticed; in case of a tie, it will attack the lowest-level character. Let's face it… these monsters are just not nice :]
  2. Hi Everyone! Since there was such a huge response to the "Headhunter" idea, I've decided to do a repeat with some changes -- however, this time it's a server-wide event! Purpose To stimulate "even-team" pvp on Rushu, bring more challenging fights and competition to our elite PvP'ers, and overall to have fun! Rules for "Headhunters" 1. You can be from any alliance or guild 2. You get one point per "Wanted" char you kill 3. Kills can be done via alignment aggro, KOTH, or perc fight -- as long as they are "even" kills -- i.e., 1 v 1, 2 v 2, 3 v 3, etc. will each count as 1 point Update: KOLO is included 4. You can get a max of one point per day for each different "Wanted" char you kill. This is to avoid repeated aggroes by the same chars on the same day, which was an issue that occurred last round 5. Post your screenshot below, with /time or pm it to me via Imps -- /time is mandatory, so please don't forget to include it, or your points won't be counted 6. Any "cheating" (false fights, or splitting prizes) will result in disqualification from this and any of my future events (inc. PvP Tournaments) on Rushu 7. Any trashtalking will result in -3 points off your total score -- wins are to be done by skill/strategy, build/set, alone -- not by unsettling your opponent via trashtalk 8. Kikn will be removing any posts on this thread containing trashtalk, he will mute the offender for 24 hours per offense, and he will notify me of players who warrant the -3 points. If there is any question regarding whether something is trashtalk or not, then Kikn's word is final Volunteers for the "Wanted List" 1. You can be from any alliance or guild 2. Post your IGN below with class and/or anything interesting I should know, in order to create your "Wanted Description" 3. If you wish to be removed from the "Wanted List" for any reason, please post below or pm me in game 4. Volunteers for the "Wanted List" are also permitted to be "Headhunters" -- meaning that they may also participate and hunt down other "Wanted" chars Wanted - Dead or Alive! Defuse - better bring a kit to defuse this guy - he's the bomb! Uthman - this beastly handsome eni is looking for some pvp fun - aggro at your own risk! Thugboi - we don't know much about this mysterious eca, so it's time to get a bit closer and unwrap him Jumpermina - if you try to jump this cra, you'll end up fighting for your life! Kissmy-astrub - proud goult osa, has been caught stealing girls' hearts on Dofus and at Starbucks Traxex - this sexy fogger is just waiting to pull you close and fog you Ganondorf - is wanted for using dark magic to tear the soul into several pieces and in doing so, murdering innocent people. Also in a relationship with Princess Zelda. His kryptonite is women's tears. Magnolia - catch me if you can! I'm the gingerbread man! Milf-Shakes - this Man In Love Forever, likes to shake up his opponents before utterly destroying them Starchild - careful! This smexy eca is one frisky tiger! (please pm first to arrange a 1 v 1) Boone (Dokubutsu) - Beware of Boney Booner! This bad sram was born in Srambad itself! Brutt-os - le sexy enu - please pm him if you want to fight to the death! Zyonde (Syndicat) - ready when you are! Morcha - this sexy lady cra torments men wherever she goes - warning: she has an explosive temper that matches her hair! Ratio (Jokez) - this panda is one cuddly teddy bear! Just be careful - sometimes he squeezes his opponents to death! Jiniriodan - He may look cute and cuddly, but this cat will hump your leg until you die! (Thanks to Taft for the interesting visual imagery) Black-Divel - is as tempting to nibble on as devil's chocolate cake - after all the icing's been licked off ofc! El-Whisky - El-Frisky has incredible endurance when in close combat - girls, take note! Launi - this maple-syrup-lover will keep you entertained with her streams -- you may end up on twitch.tv if you attack this girl -- she's "wanted" everywhere! Aggressive - careful, this aggressive rogue might pull a dirty trick on you if you get too close! Ultrox - if you don't freeze in terror, when this iop in his spooky mask comes your way, you may have a chance to get out alive -- a small chance, but a chance, nevertheless Mystic-Water - Mystic sacrifices his friends to keep them alive, but beware - he sacrifices his enemies to Lord Cthulhu himself! Envious - beat this warrior, and you'll be the envy of the Incarnum-mites! Zeak - Zeak ain't weak, but he likes to sneak -- he'll make you freak, you'll run away with a squeak Wem - ReWEMber, reWEMber! The fifth of NoWEMber - the Gunpowder treason and plot! I know of no reason, why WEM's favorite season - should ever be forgot! Stoggy - the sexiest xelor. ever. Chems - pull this eca close and you'll feel the chemistry -- just don't get too close or you might melt in his paws -- like liquid chocolate Drakior - this aggressive eca won't just take your life -- he'll take your soul and steal your heart Arrow-Fire - this fired-up cra is ready to disperse your soul into many pieces Power-Clutch - this incredibly powerful xelor will clutch you closely with his wandering hand... Sparta-Xx - make no mistake, by facing this assassin, you may end up trapped in paralysis and silence -- permanently Talentz - Warning: This talented scrub will attack you with all the dank memes he's got up his sleeves Arianne - this red-haired beauty is more than she seems. The mystery? It's up to you to uncover her secret identity! Tezar (Fezar, Terro) - this feca may have descended from the outer reaches of heaven - but he is no angel, as you can see by all his hanky-spanky! Careful not to get caught in his paralyzing and aggressive glyphs, or you may need chocolate sauce and a jar of whip-cream... Rukai - this powerful, tempermental eca will kill you before you have a chance to discover that he has an oedipus complex anjulica - this bright, bubbly pink eni is usually busy with not paying attention. But beware, she is haunted by her alter-ego "naughty anj" who causes all kinds of chaos and mischief -- and you may be her next victim Netflix - he has the stamina to keep you occupied for hours every evening -- however, portals go both ways. Make sure you disable the shower cam before turning on the water... Killr - don't be fooled by his innocent expression or smurf-style hat -- this eni is a killr 420 times over! Dydisounet - this old fossil, is as spry as they come! Don't be fooled by his innocent appearance, he is danger extrodinaire! Tabu - Beware when aggroing this osa, or he will gang you with multiple personalities! Warning: he is never alone We will try this event for the month of February and see how it goes. Anyone interested in donating prize money for the game, please post below or pm me in-game. In order to win prize money, there must be at least 10 Headhunters on the Leaderboard Headhunter Leaderboard (click here) Prize Money (Donations) INT Alliance - 5 mk Fleekhits (Nihil member) - 3 mk Hoping to see some exciting fights this month! anjulica
  3. Oto Mustam question

    Hi, I am new to the Heroic Server; and I was wondering where you can or cannot get aggroed by players? Thanks! (Also, are there any English players out there? ;n;)