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Found 1 result

  1. You will not be given free things everytime you ask, you will be given helpful advice on how to advance through the server by yourself. This is because on Oto-mustam you must be able to be self-sufficient. We're a friendly, helpful and encouraging English guild, one of few that still stand on Oto Mustam. We're currently level 143 and leveling up every day. We've one of the only lv 200 English Players, and few other high level English players Haxx : Level 200 Sacrier(2nd strongest Sacrier on Oto Mustam as told by the FRENCH players of the server. Moee : 199 Sac Crunchie : Level 199 Rogue Crunchie-Smack : Level 198 Iop Physician : 198 Eni Insane-Bane: Level 196 Iop Things the guild can offer experienced players: The guild can offer experienced players the ability to rush around Frigost due to the guild owning three frigost area houses. One closer to the top gate, and one closer to the bottom gate. One of the houses is RIGHT(literally one right) next to the frigost zaap, making it real easy to get to the zaap without getting killed. Things the guild can offer new players: The guild can provide leech, material dropping opportunities, and the teachings of how to play the server Oto mustam to its full extent. Astrub being the only safe place with no alignment the new players are restricted quite alot, but with the help and guidance of an experienced player, me and my guild can make you a better player too. LEECHING: The guild can easily leech you given certain circumstances, in saying this, do not BEG for leech as the people who can provide leech will ONLY leech those who NEED it the most, and they will leech the people when they themselves are ready. Things the guild holds: The guild has 4 Paddocks: Cania Fields [-34,-47] Cania Fields [-36,-48] Brakmar [-26,33] Koalak Mountain [-14,5] 5 Houses: Frigost Island(The Village) [-74,-43] Frigost Island(The Village(Handyman House)) [-75,-38] Frigost Island(The Village) [-77,-41] Brakmar [-30,-37] Canopy Village(real good house) [-54,21] Perceptor Strengths: The perceptor stats are based solely for loot, providing that the x3 drop rate also affects perceptors. 5860HP 143 Damage Bonus 500 Prospecting 0 Wisdom 5000 Pods 10 Number of Perceptors How our English alliance stands as compared to others: We own and are apart of the alliance English Crusade [ENGL] We have had successful prism battles in which we've claimed a high prized territory named 'Asse Coast' We have also claimed a territory in Bonta, which being 'Lumberjacks Quarter' We have taken over 'Astrub Rocky Inlet' now gone anyhow. SADLY :( We have lost those prisms to the more superior alliances BUT!!!! We do plan to fight for more prisms in due time. UPDATED: I am proud to announce that ENGL has succesfully conquered THREE prisms, all three being minor :) Jewellers Quarter in Brakmar Butchers Quarter in Brakmar Handymans Quarter in Brakmar