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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I have slowly become more and more solo as alot of people have and I am just looking for a bit of advice regarding a good team, I currently have 3 accounts with various characters; 1. 200 str iop (main) 2. 190 int osa / 185 int eni / 185 cha enu / 184 str sadi 3. 131 int/cha cra (in training) Im just looking for some advice as to which team i should run with and if i should have a different character in any of my accounts, basically I solo alot, i enjoy completing achievements and running dungeons but I also need to make some kamas to keep my team subbed, any advice is much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  2. Hi everyone, right now my team consists of; Cra (200) Panda (200) Iop (200) Elio (200) Eni (198) I am happy with my team, and I am really excited to try out all the dungeons once my eni is level 200 as well. But I am scared Eliotrope won't fit in with the rest... the portals are awesome and can help me deal great amounts of damage but considering very different dungeon strategies, would elios be useless in certain dungeons? I am kind of nervous for that. Maybe I can xp a rogue on Elio's account... give the agi set? But I feel like Rogues are even more situational.
  3. I currently run with 200 Str Iop 12/5 199 Int Eni 11/6 198 Agi Elio 10/6 196 Cha panda 12/6 I am currently only done up to Kolosso due to my extended break. Panda usually supports so I was wondering what kind of class could work well for helping to cover chance damage. Or is the element coverage I have now fine? I've narrowed down the 5th choice to Sac/Ougi/Enu/Cra.
  4. So, wondering what would be the most flexible team, can be from 2-8 man team, need team to be ready for any dung in dofus(200lvl ofc), and also wondering what would be the best team for buck soul spamming and which idol setup to use, 200's and leecehr to fit in...
  5. Hello everyone.I need to ask you about best team for PvM. I would like to know which characters together will be best choice for making hard dungeons ( Frigost 3 for example). Actually I've got : 200 enu str 200 iop str 199(almost 200) panda 200 sadida,(on the same account 199 xelor as well) 200 eni int 200 sac agi 187 cra leech 199 enu chance . I just need to make new dungeons easy as possible. what classes are best for that? Notice that i am able to change everything only for get my point which is complete f3 dungeons. Thanks for help !
  6. I've recently returned from a bit of break and I'm potentially looking to take advantage of the class change service. Currently I have a 18+ cha/wis Enu as my main, which I'm considering changing for something that would synergize better with my 15+ Sram. I'm leaning towards a Rogue but I'm open to suggestions. Primarily I only PVM so I'm wondering what would be the best class/build to go along with my Sram. Also a suggestion for a good Str/Agi set for my Sram wouldn't go a miss. Thanks
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