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Found 22 results

  1. Buying Vulbis Dofus

    As title says looking for vulbis dofus starting price is 800m but its negotiable pm me here or in game and we can deal on it. El-Whisky Bought from Capslock
  2. msg me here or in game and we deal on price. 70 turq sold.
  3. Hi everyone ! I'm an old player, started Dofus in 2007 when level 100 was unreachable and wearing a gelano was our biggest dream. Throughout my experience, I played almost every character then I tried the Iop and fell in love with it. I'm only playing fire and air thanks to nomarow's set. I used to be hungry for achievements but I dropped out over the updates. I had a team that I left because of the lack of time and kamas. Now I'm just a lone player raising dragoturkeys ! For those who know more or less french servers, I exclusively play on Amayiro. For two years, I have been the leader of a medium-sized guild with a well defined goal : playing together rather than each one in its own corner. It wasn't usual on our server, most guilds were looking for power and fame while we were looking for the real personnality of each player. We were supporting values such as respect and solidarity. Unfortunately, the adventure is now over but it was a great experience. Here is a picture of us, beware of the swag excess ! One of our main activities was providing in-game events for the community. Therefore, we organized a few beauty contests, riddles, runs, hide-and-seek... It was much fun for both competitors and organizers. Here is an example with a zelda-related event conceived by tofusy, one of my guild members. Following this communal play, I've been through the english forum and created a character on Rosal months ago and I'm deeply convinced that your community is much better than ours. This is mainly due to the targeting from ankama in my country, which mainly adresses the game to preteens. Therefore, the community is quite young and I don't feel at home anymore. I'm waiting for an allowance to transfer my main character to Rosal, This is the main reason why I'm here ! Thanks for reading.
  4. I have a load of collectable junk/cosmetic stuff that I want to flog, most of it is up for serious negotiation Here is a list of what I have Black ninja set White ninja set Vampyre set Diplo set imako set tetra set domestic set noh set sushi set adora set ugo set brazilian huehue set sweetheart set godfather set pineappi set black wabbit set hax or set (without pet) posh set shincha set pacman set hir set karnival set brrito set I also have some of the kroz sets as well, some items might be missing I can't remember exactly what I have left behind or not, but if you message me before weds this week I can bring it over if that is the case.
  5. Selling tons of F3 resources

    msg me here or in game. El-Whisky
  6. 249 Vit 54 Str 49 Int 29 Wis 8 Neut dmg 8 Earth dmg 8 Fire dmg 2 Heals 2 Lock 7% Water 7% Air Msg me here or in game El-Whisky.
  7. So yeah, I need to beat some frig3 bounties for sexy achievement points. The list aint very long: Bearendizer psychopump the ice knight erotegg I am willing to pay 1.5mk for each of the bounties. Find them -> pm me -> defeat them -> get kamurz -> be happy IGN: Ron-Stoppable
  8. Buying Ap kringlove

    Hello looking for AP one pm me with price and stats in game. El-Whisky
  9. Frigost 3 leeching service

    Hello as title says im leeching nileza/sylargh/klime 2,5m each and count is 5m pm me here or in game. El-Whisky Added Count Harebourg Achievements! 7m per one.
  10. Best Perc Areas

    Hey There always seems to be a lot of free perc slots in my guild and i have never really used perc's expect for when i was grinding mats for my sets. Whats a good area to pop a perc or two down to sell the mats(raw mats not to make into items) if you got any ideas feel free to reply with them:) thanks! ~Gamb
  11. G5 2014 Drama Thread

    Ok so since everyone else is doing it, maybe we should too. These are the people that I see would fit perfectly as Rushu's top selections for each of the classes. Keep in mind that this is my opinion and no one else's. Feel free to put up your own picks, but remember to keep this civil ok? Iop; Mayor Lycaa Demolisher Cra; The-Wanted Caseala Snipeyoball Rogue; Wombat Masqueraider; El-Whiskey Eneru Foggernaut; Coopers Samus-Aran Pandawa; Mr-No Archipanda Meheecan Absollution Sram; Hell-Shadow Sacrier; Taxi Shrike Osamodas; Kissmy-Astrub Aleister Xelor; -Frootloops- Noraxi Ecaflip; Nudity Black-Divils Eniripsa; Fruitstar Blood-Quencherx Baalzebub Rozmyrn Feca; Vallerie Vicabarca Sadida; Hardwood-Happiness Swaantjuuh Enutrof; Malteser
  12. Buying Spell Point Scrolls

    Hey paying 480kk each msg me here or in game. El-Haxx
  13. B> 16 ch turq

    BOUGHT Hello looking for 16ch turq msg me here or in game. El-Haxx
  14. Ok, so I haven't been logging Dofus and I don't think I will be logging any time soon, so I'll be selling my Vulbis Dofus. This is going to be an auction. Here are the rules: Starting price: 600mk (taken from topic I originally posted in.) Minimum increments of 10mk Bidding stops when I deem there is little activity. I will wait a few days after the most recent offer before closing it. Winning bidder must buy from me on Shika. I am too lazy to go to you. Once I say bidding has stopped, I will NOT accept higher offers. The winner will most likely need to make a server transfer, so I'm not going to be a douche and go to a higher offer after they have made the transfer. For me to consider your bid, you MUST post a picture of yourself with a shoe on your head. You may put a bag over your head or wear a mask if you do not want to show your face. You must be holding a piece of paper that has your imps name written on it. You only need to do this once. Picture obviously has to be in the topic. I do not accept PMs! Here is an example picture of me doing this. It is ok to get jealous, I know I am wonderful:
  15. Close AP Bearbaric Wedding Ring for sale stats are : 1AP 226 Vitality 58 Chance 59 Agility 37 Wisdom 1 Range 9 Water dmg 9 Air dmg 356 Initiative 4 Lock 7% Neut res 7% Earth res 7% Fire res Price is around 60m we can make a deal Msg me here or in game El-Haxx.
  16. S> AP Missiz Freezz's Ring

    Already sold. As title says i would like to sell AP Missiz Freezze's ring Stats are: 282 Vit. 48 Str. 42 Int. 41 Cha. 3 Ch. 9 Neut dmg. 9 Earth dmg. Price is around 70m Msg me here or in game El-Haxx. -9 dodge and AP
  17. B>Broucey ring MP maged

    As title says looking for MP maged broucey ring msg me here or in game we can make a deal about price. El-Haxx.
  18. B> Bearbaric Band

    As title says i would like to buy AP Bearbaric Band with perfect or near perfect stats heals and pp are not necessary. Msg me here or in game El-Haxx. Also sorry for the mistake in the title :)
  19. Ok so the question is which would you prefer: A partner who can cook, but doesn't have sex or a partner who has lots of sex, but can't cook? Given the following conditions: 1. You are married. 2. You work full time and your partner doesn't. 3. You didn't sign a Prenup. If there is a divorce, it is divided 50/50. I added an age question. No need to vote on that one if you don't want to (not like I can make you anyway). I just thought it might be a bit interesting.
  20. It has been awhile since I have bought any crims and fkr pleb doesn't giwe them back when I want dofuses, so Iam need more menz. I'm definitely buying 1, but I am missing 4 good ones, so maybe I'll buy more than 1 if there are multiple selling. I'm not too sure about prices I am willing to pay yet. I'll need to talk with some people about what these higher rolls have been selling at recently. I saw that the feca menz sold his 49% for 55mk, so I'll keep that in mind. Still need to talk to other feca menz though. I actually bought one of my 48s for 35mk ~6-9 months ago, but I already know that that is undervalued... Well Iam go sleep. If you have a 48-50% that you might think about selling, post here or contact me please. BYE MENZ! Also, I'm buying vulb for 255mk. FKR U DAVID MENZ HHHHHH My offers: 48%: 47mk 49%: 55mk 50%: Negotiable
  21. Ah herro, NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA As of today, for the first time since Storm Troopers was resurrected on Shika, we are opening our doors to recruitment. Storm Troopers is currently Level 126 with 158 members, all of which are very nice people (Prosaa excluded). We are looking to recruit to further expand our guild to accommodate nice new people through a small application system that is as follows: NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA You must be a minimum of level 175. Your Name Your Age Current/Previous Characters Recent Guilds (if you were in one, why did you leave?) What makes you think you'd fit in well in ST Can you do a barrel roll (Y/N answer) NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA For now your best bet is to send your application to me via IV, do not post it in this thread. NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA Upon joining, you are given perc rights for our 15 500pp percs. We are not a guild that will take shit seriously, the general tone of things is pretty chilled, quiet at times. To clarify, if you're looking for a guild to run dungeons/find a levelling group with, we're really not the guild. For the most part everyone will mind their own business, but if you need a favour (eg running otomai dungs for reset/checking banks/logging alt for profs) that would probably happen. NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA Thanks, NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA Fearless Dictator Coopers. / (All must praise)