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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I'm looking for someone to sell me the arch's from An Eternal Harvest quest. I got The first 6 steps (20-25), so i just need all the last steps. I can pay you my Orche + kamas or just kamas. I'll be paying 40mk for the last stephs or Orche + 5mk. Feel free to write here if you want to talk about the price or something. The first steps (20-25) costed me more than 8mk so i took that off the price.
  2. I'm looking for anyone who wants to trade all the archmonster souls required for ochre (you) for an ochre + 5mk (me). /w Jaelia (*heikedi) if you're interested or have any questions, thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone, This post is a list of Arch Monsters that i am still looking for. I am willing to buy/trade and at the bottom you will see a list of souls that i have available. If you are interest please message me in game. Lord-Rekop / Ayron-Arciere / Recovery-Word /Master-Pandatak I am looking these Arch Souls 1. Chukoalak the Norris 2. Dregguantico the Trainer 3. Edvushmunch the Screamer 4. Fisheralf the Stewart 5. Floratio the Investigator 6. Follikoko the Tufted 7. Grabbit the Runner 8. Jackoalak the Moonwalker 9. Kanarrie the Reckless 10. Kannirlo
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a price estimate on Father Whupper 4-loot souls. Does anyone know the price range for these once Kwismas closes? I know each 4-loot soul will theoretically grant 1.2PP to Slayhounds and that you can use them to level up to 8 Slayhounds at once (a total of 75 souls required to potentially max up to 8 Slayhounds). And with maxed Slayhounds ranging about 9mk each and blank ones ranging around 2mk, my first estimate would be around 750kk per 4-loot soul. There's also a nice chunk of potentially-overpowered kwismas presents obtainable from these, which should compensate
  5. A stupid question.. if i got a 8 man team and if i am doing a 4-loot DP soul, its telling me loot = -50%. So i got 8 chances to drop a turq with 0.02%*(0.5) = 0.01%. If i got a 4 man team and if i am doing a 4 loot DP soul, its NOT telling me loot = -50%. So its 4 chances to drop a turq with 0.02%. So, is that "equal" ? :blink: If i got a 4 man team and if i am doing 8 loot DP souls it should be the same like 4-loot with 4 man.
  6. Buying for the following prices: DP: 200kk / e SO: 100kk / e Tor: 200kk / e Croc: 250kk / e Contact me IG at: Reapersaurus / Reaper-Surm / Reaper-Revolt. Or Contact me via imps Exo Services: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141626-jewlermagus-exos-only/ Selling Thread: http://impsvillage.com/forums/topic/141649-reapers-selling-thread/
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